Adopt the composition-dependent strategy in blackjack and bag more money at Springbok Online Casino South Africa now!

By now you are probably aware that Blackjack has the lowest edge at an online casino South Arica.  That’s awesome – but did you know that there are ways and means of lowering the edge even further?  Here is what you need to know about winning more frequently when you play Blackjack at Springbok Online Casino!

What is the Edge? 

The house edge is basically the statistical method of measuring and expressing Springbok Casino’s advantage over the players.  It is a presentation of the profits we take on all Blackjack bets over the long term.  If there was no edge, it wouldn’t be feasible to run any online casino South Africa, because as with everything, income needs to be generated to cover expenses.

All the casino games at Springbok Casino have measurable edges.  What remains of the wagers is paid out as winnings in what is termed as the average return to player or RTP.  Together, the edge and the RTP represent the total turnover on the game, which in this case is Blackjack.

Edge vs RTP in RTG Blackjack  

In statistical terms, the RTG developed online Blackjack that you can play right now at Springbok Online casino South Arica has an edge of just 0.54% and an RTP of 99.46%.  Together, these two figures equal 100% – and that reflects the whole sum of all the bets placed by all the players on Blackjack.

In real terms that means you can expect to lose R0.54 for every R10 you wager over the long term at Springbok Casino – and that my friends is a pretty meagre figure and one that you should focus on when you fire up the game engines at the number one online casino South Africa!

The Uncomfortable Truth – Strategy is Required to Exploit the Edge 

There is one uncomfortable truth – and that is you have to memorise and implement the mathematically correct way of playing the game if you want to the enjoy the benefits of the rock bottom house edge on Blackjack.

That may seem like a mammoth undertaking but as you are playing at an online casino rather than a land-based one, it simply means downloading the basic blackjack strategy chart and referring to it in play.  That way you will be able to keep the edge way below the 1% mark… and that is a good thing!

A Quick Recap 

To recap.  The advantage to the house in Blackjack is theoretically only 0.54%.  To maintain the slimmest of edges you have to adopt the basic blackjack strategy.  What is the basic blackjack strategy?  It is a chart that outlines exactly when to hit, stand, double down or split according to total score of the cards in your hand and the dealer’s up card.

Tips to Lowering the Edge 

In our introduction we talked about lowering the edge even further.  If you are already playing the game in the theoretically perfect way, how can you slash the edge and maximise the RTP?  Well, the basic blackjack strategy isn’t the only strategy that you can adopt at Springbok Casino.  There is another, more complex system that actually looks at the composition of the cards in your hand rather than simply the combined total.

The Composition-Dependent Strategy in Blackjack  

This system is rather unsurprisingly called the composition-dependent blackjack strategy.  It spells out a number of different moves that you should make on each hand total, depending on the individual values of the cards that create a specific total.

Say for example, the dealer’s up card is 7 and you are holding 15.  In the normal course of events, you would hit on 15 against dealer 7, regardless of the cards that make up the total of 15.  In the composition-dependent strategy, however, you would hit on some hands and stand on others.

Different Actions for Different Card Combinations of the Same Total 

Here's how it works when you are holding one of the following combinations totalling 15:

  • 10 + 5 – hit
  • 9 + 6 – hit
  • 8 + 7 – hit
  • 4 + 5 + 6 – stand

Why would you stand on 4-5-7?  That is simple.  Your hand includes a low value card in the form of the 4.  That of course means there is one less low card in the pack.  Based on that information, it is safer to stand on 15 rather than hitting for one more card in the hope you get a winning hand or, in the best-case scenario, a total of 21. 

That is the bare bones of what can be a winning strategy when you play Blackjack at the best online casino South Africa – and that of course is Springbok Casino.  Why the best online casino south Arica?  Well besides our comprehensive selection of games and ever-ready team of customer support consultants, we offer some of the best casino bonuses online!

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The only way to lower the house edge in Blackjack is to play the game.  At Springbok Casino you will find our casino games are available in the free play and real money modes.  That of course means you can finetune your blackjack strategy, whether it is total-dependent or composition-dependent, without having to part with any real cash.

Once you are playing perfectly – theoretically in any event – you can register an account at Springbok Casino, grab a welcome bonus and put your blackjack strategy into practice.  If you have got things taped, you will lower the edge… and that is how things roll at the leading online casino South Africa!