Adopt the Parlay betting system when you play Blackjack online for the best online gamble real money profits!

How do you double your online gamble real money without busting your bankroll?  By playing Blackjack according to the Parlay betting system, of course.  When you parlay, you profit by using the house’s own cash as a juicy portion of the stake!

A Low Edge Game with a Quick Turnover of Hands

Blackjack is the smart gamblers go-to game.  It is quick and easy to play and has an edge as slim as a courtesan’s waist… provided she is wearing a whalebone corset!  When you take the time to absorb basic blackjack strategy you can beat the edge and end up with a pile of online gamble real money safely tucked away in your Springbok Casino account.

Blackjack Strategies Have a Limited Impact Online

In the days when Blackjack was played with a single deck, counting the cards proved to be an effective gambling strategy.  Those days are long gone.  Not only are there are up to eight decks in the virtual shoe, but the cards are automatically shuffled after each game round.

Online casinos have effectively made the concept of easy online gamble real money a bit harder, and you consequently have to take a different approach to earn your winnings at Springbok Casino.  The question is – what does that mean in the practical sense?

A Hybridised Gambling Approach is Required

What we can tell you is it entails much more than basic blackjack strategy.  In fact, it involves a hybridised approach to gambling online.  A combination of strategy, tactics and a betting system is required to keep the online gamble real money sessions rollicking along!

Now we know there are all sorts of betting systems like the Martingale, D’Alembert, Labouchere and Paroli.  Some are positive progression and others are negative progression systems.  That said, there is one system that was popularised in sports betting but has since jumped across to online casino games.  It is called the Parlay betting system.

Why the Parlay Betting System is Special

What makes the Parlay so special?  Firstly, it enables players to steadily build a positive online gamble real money balance by using the winnings from the previous hand or hands.  That in essence means Springbok Casino’s own funds are key to driving a profit.

Secondly, it is a positive progression system that allows you to keep the betting stakes at manageable levels.  In fact, you can start with any chip value you want and increase the stake according to a defined system that we will touch on a little further down the page.

A Wide Chip Range Suitable for All Blackjack Players

When you play Blackjack at Springbok Casino you have a choice of five chip values – R2, R10, R20, R100 and R200.  You can bet one or more chips of the same value or a combination of values.  As a result, betting starts at R2 and extends all the way to the Blackjack table limit which is R500 per hand!

The consequence of the wide chip range is both risk-averse bettors and high rollers can parlay with the stake they feel comfortable with.  As a rule, we would recommend staking the lowest available chip value.

Why would we suggest betting low? The fact is the Parlay is a positive progression system.  That of course means you have to increase your stake every time you win.  Choosing a low initial stake leaves you with more wriggle room when you happen to hit an extended hot streak!

How Does the Parlay Betting System Work?

When you win, you increase the bet by leaving the original stake on the table together with the winnings from the previous hand – a process known as parlaying the bet.  When you lose you revert back to the initial stake and begin the system again.

That way you are only ever risking a small percentage of your own online gamble real money in the form of initial bet – be a R2 or R10 chip.  The growth – when it occurs – is generated by the winnings.

A Practical Example

Here is a practical example of how the Parlay betting system works on even money bets.  What are the even money bets in Blackjack?  They are the bets with the 1:1 odds paid for a winning hand that is not a natural blackjack.

Right back to the Parlay betting system:

  • You open the betting with a R2 chip. Your hand beats the dealer’s and is paid at 1:1 odds to generate total winnings of R4.
  • You then double the stake to R4 for the next round.
  • If that hand wins, you leave the initial bet (2) and the accrued winnings (R6) on the table to generate a total stake of R8.
  • If that hands a winner, you parlay the R16 and continue in that fashion until such time the hand loses.

When that happens, you start the process all over again with R2 as the opening wager.

A Natural Blackjack Requires Adjustments to the Stake

The winnings – and consequently the total of the next stake – obviously changes somewhat when you hit a natural blackjack.  Why would that be the case?

Blackjack pays at odds of 3:2. If, for example, you won the first hand with a two-card blackjack, the stake would increase to R5 (R2 initial bet plus R3 in winnings) and the betting system would progress along those lines.

Why the System is Best for Generating Online Gamble Real Money

The standout feature of the Parlay betting system is the limited risk.  For as long as you are winning, you are only risking the initial bet which, in this case, is R2.  It is the 1:1 and/or 3:2 payouts that are responsible for delivering the online gamble real money profits.

The Parlay betting system is a system based on small bets and limited losses.  What is more, any profit that is derived from playing Blackjack online is largely thanks to the Springbok Casino funds that are paid out to you in the form of the winnings!  Seriously?  What more can you ask?