Blackjack has a player-positive win probability and low edge – it’s the #1 game at Springbok mobile casino South Africa!

Odds, probability, edge and RTP are all key indicators of a good or bad casino game.  They are statistical representations of how often you can expect to win and lose at the mobile casino South Africa.  In some casino games, the stats are stacked against you.  In Blackjack, the opposite is true.

How Accurate are the Odds?

How do we know whether the calculated odds and probability are accurate?  In certain circumstances, it is difficult to tell.  Take the slew of slots featured at our mobile casino South Africa, for instance.  All feature numerous game symbols, three or more reels and a wide selection of paylines, many of which follow unconventional payout patterns.

Just figuring out how many possible positions there are on the reels is a challenge.  Let alone the probability of hitting two or more matching symbols on any given spin.  Calculating the odds and associated probability in multiline slots can be done – but only if you are a bit of maths boffin.

Blackjack Has a Defined Set of Variables

When it comes to standard Blackjack, the task is infinitely easier purely because we know there are 52 cards in a standard deck.  We also know there are four cards of matching rank in ace through nine and 16 ten-value cards.

That is the breakdown of the cards in a single-deck.  When it comes to multi-deck Blackjack, like the six-deck game we play at Springbok Casino, all that is required is basic multiplication skills.  Once we have done that, we know there are 96 ten-value cards, 24 aces and a grand total of 312 cards.

Why Pursue a Natural Blackjack?

When you play Blackjack at our mobile casino South Africa, your first objective is to get a natural blackjack.  That is an ace and 10-value card in the initial two cards you are dealt.  The reason for your pursuit of two-card blackjack is it pays at odds of 3:2.  All other winning hands pay even money.

What is the Probability of Hitting a Two-Card Blackjack?

As the breakdown of the cards is finite, it is relatively easy to calculate the probability of hitting a natural blackjack.  Now we don’t want to bore you with the actual calculations.  What is more important is the outcome and here it is:

The probability of hitting a natural blackjack at the mobile casino South Africa is just 4.75% – and that is precisely why is pays out at the highest odds in the game.

What is the Probability of Beating the Dealer in Blackjack?

Hitting a two-card blackjack is clearly a long shot – but how about a winning hand?  What are the chances of that occurring?  Here's the good news.

When you play Blackjack at Springbok Casino the probability of beating the dealer is 42.22%.  When you take the tie out of the equation, that figure soars to 46.4%.  In theory that means you will win almost half the hands you play!

On the downside, you are paid out at 1:1 even money odds and that is exactly the same payout you get for 50/50 bets like a coin toss or the outside bets in roulette – red or black, high or low and odd or even!

Besides the relatively high probability of beating the dealer, Blackjack is a game of skill – and one of the few casino games where you can have some actual influence.  When you understand the odds and learn the finer points of the game, you can boost the win probability and lower the house edge.

What is the Edge in RTG Blackjack?

There is another reason why so many players at Springbok Casino play Blackjack online – the extraordinarily low advantage to the house.  That is another term for the edge that is built-in to all casino games, online and at the B&M casinos.

A low edge effectively means the casino takes less in long term profits.  In other words, the bulk of all the blackjack bets at all the RTG casinos is paid back to players as winnings.  What remains is used to cover our expenses – payroll, software maintenance and new game launches.

What is the edge in the six-deck Blackjack featured at our mobile casino South Africa?  A meagre 0.54% and that of course means the RTP is 99.46%... and who is going to quibble about that?

Beating the Dealer in Blackjack Requires More Than Guesswork

Lowering the edge in Blackjack takes a lot more than guesswork.  It involves learning how to play the game in the theoretically perfect way.  That is one important step towards achieving optimum results.

Another is to practice what you have learnt until the decisions to hit, stand, split or double down are quick and intuitive.  Ideally, you want the freedom to make mistakes and learn from them.  If it means losing money in the process, however, that is tough to bear.


Play Blackjack for Free at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa

Fortunately, we have the answer and it is a perfect one at that.  Besides featuring casino games in the real money mode, we have developed a free-play platform.  That of course means you are more than welcome to play all the Springbok Casino games for free.

As Blackjack is available in the fun mode on all our gambling channels, including our highly responsive mobile casino South Africa, you can fine tune your Blackjack strategy – no costs involved.  Once you are primed and ready for the big time, it is a matter of signing up and settling in.

There is even a Springbok Casino bonus to amplify the value of your first and second and third cash deposit!  Now how’s that for a cash bonanza?