Learn how to double down in online blackjack now and use the Springbok Casino login as the key to the vault!

The double decision is one of the best-kept secrets behind the Springbok Casino login.  When implemented correctly, it can improve the overall win rate.  The difficulty lies in knowing when to hit the ‘Double’ button in online blackjack.  Here is what you need to know about manipulating the stakes…

What is the Double Decision in Online Blackjack?

When you double down in blackjack, you increase the stake in exchange for one additional card.  At Springbok Casino, the move is only active for the opening hand – the initial two cards you are dealt.  When you click on the Double tab on the gaming interface, a second casino chip of the same value as the initial bet is added to the table.

If your hand wins, both chips are paid out at 1:1 odds – thereby doubling the returns.  If the dealer’s hand wins, you incur double the losses.

What is important to note is the double option does not automatically increase your probability of winning.  It simply gives you the opportunity to capitalise on strong opening hands… especially when the dealer’s up card reveals a potential poor hand.

The Springbok Casino login is not a magic wand as we simply provide the platform for you to be the captain of your casino ship!  We may enable instant access to our multi-channel online gaming platform, but this doesn’t automatically set you up to win.  That is left up to you… and there are easy ways to ensure a more lucrative end result.

Learning the Basic Blackjack Strategy is Essential!

First and foremost – If you have any intention of making more money than you lose – pay close attention to the following three words: basic blackjack strategy.  The only way to get anywhere near the 99.46% average payout rate of RTG online blackjack is to use the strategy as your move-by-move playing guide.

If you rely on the strategy chart and only double down when the conditions are right, you have a better chance of meeting, or even beating, the average payout rate.  When that happens, you may just have a little bit extra to play with the next time you engage the Springbok Casino login tab.

The Rules of Doubling in RTG Blackjack

Before we get into the best double down hands, here is a heads-up.  There are rules that apply to the double option in blackjack.  That said, not all online casinos implement the same rules.

At some online gaming platforms, doubling is only allowed on hands of 9, 10 or 11 and never after the split.  These rules are obviously not favourable to the players.  In this instance, the Springbok Casino login does weave a bit of magic.  The double rules in online Blackjack developed by Real Time Gaming (RTG), and offered at Springbok Casino, are as good as it gets.

At Springbok Casino, you are more than welcome to:

  • double on any two initial cards
  • double after the split
  • double only once

When to Double Down in Blackjack Online

Rather than presenting you with the basic blackjack strategy chart, we have isolated the best double down hands in blackjack.  The trick is to weigh up the value of your cards against the dealer’s up card, taking the dominant number of 10-value cards into account.

Here is when doubling down is a sound strategy:

Hard 9 – When you hold 4-5, 3-6, 2-7 or any other hand totalling 9 without an ace in-play, it is a good time to double the stake.  The only caveat is the dealer’s up card is 7 or less.  You can’t bust on one extra card but the highest you can get is 20.

10 – Any 10-value hand is a great proposition in online blackjack.  As there are five ranks in the pack that can push your total to either 20 or 21, doubling is a no-brainer.  The only time to play it safe is when the dealer shows 10 or ace.  In that scenario, your best move is to hit.

Hard 11 – 4-7, 5-6, 9-2 and so on is the strongest opening hand in blackjack.  It is the Holy Grail of gaming and one that can easily be found via the Springbok Casino login.  Why is 11 such a great hand?  For one, you can’t bust.  Secondly, there is a good chance of getting either 20 or 21 due to the excessive number of aces and 10-value cards in-play.  The only time to reconsider is when the dealer’s up card is an ace.  Under those circumstances, the optimal move is to hit.

Soft 16, 17 and 18 – When you have any one of these totals and one of the cards is an ace, it may be a good time to boost the stake.  The key determining factor is the dealer’s up card.  When the dealer shows 6 or less, double the bet.  If he shows 7 and up, hit.  The only exception is when you have soft 18 (A-7) and the dealer has 7 or 8.  Under those circumstances, the best play is to stand.  Why?  According to the dealer rules in Springbok Casino blackjack, the dealer hits on soft 17!

How to Use the Springbok Casino Login to Your Advantage

As you know, the Springbok Casino login is a secure way of accessing our games and bonuses.  It protects the individual’s online casino account, personal particulars and banking data.  To ensure you get the very best out of the Springbok Casino login, it is important to play the online casino games with the highest payout probability.

Notwithstanding the genre, there are titles loosely categorised as good, better and best.  Ideally you want to play the best games, which are the games with the most favourable payout rate.  Blackjack is one such option.  So too is video poker.  The outside bets in roulette and online slots with multiple bonus features are also right up there in terms of expected returns.

Start in ‘Fun Mode’ and Level Up to Real Money

What we recommend is you try out as many games as you can in the fun mode.  Once you have identified the best options, you can register an account.  Then it is simply a matter of using the Springbok Casino login as your access point to premium gaming in the real money mode!

It is also the ideal way to put your blackjack knowledge into practice, and to get a feel for how and when choosing the Double option will serve you best.  See the Fun Mode as a full view of a test that gives you the answers!  Once you’re confident with your skills, engage the Springbok Casino login, fund you account and enjoy promising blackjack sessions at SAs number one online casino!