Learn how to play blackjack without going bust now at Springbok Casino, the number one online casino South Africa!

When you play blackjack at the best online casino South Africa, you have one objective.  To beat the dealer.  To do that, you need a score as close to, or matching, 21.  Here is how to avoid busting your hand… and consequently, your chances of winning.

Dealer’s Up Card is a Key Indicator for the Next Play

The answer to maximising your online blackjack payout rate lies with hit button.  When you stand on a low score, the odds of winning are poor.  Hit too hard and without restraint – and the probability of a bust looms large.

As with all the online casino games of skill available at Springbok Casino, smart and strategic blackjack gameplay wins the day.  What is important to keep in mind is that you are up against the dealer.  It is not only your cards that determine the next move.  The dealer’s up card is a vital indicator when it comes to what should happen next, strategically speaking.

The truth is you can never predict the dealer’s hole card.  That said, there are occasions when you can play aggressively and aim for a score of 17 and up.  These occasions are defined by the dealer’s visible card, or up card – and we will tell you why.

In a nutshell, it all boils down to the dealer’s theoretical bust rate.  This is the statistical turning point for your prime adversary in the game.  A high bust rate means an almost certain win for you, the player – unless your hand busts too!

When to Hit Hard in Blackjack at an Online Casino South Africa

When should you hit hard in online blackjack?  Taking only the dealer’s up card into consideration, you are strongly advised to chase 21 when the dealer shows 7 through ace.  Why?  The probability of the dealer going busting is low.  In fact, it is half that had he shown 2 through 6 instead.

In this scenario, the best online blackjack gameplay is to hit until you have a total of 17 or more.  When you stand on 15 or 16, the risk of losing hard cash at the online casino South Africa is that much greater.

On the flipside, when the dealer shows 2 through 6, the bust rate is notably higher – hence, there is no need to play aggressively, and possibly bust yourself.  The odds are you will win the hand purely because the dealer’s hand has a higher probability of busting from the get-go.

Why Dealer’s Ace in Online Blackjack Carries High Risk

What is the worst possible dealer up card to face at the online casino South Africa?  That would be an ace.  The reason for this is there are 16 ten value cards in a single deck – four times the amount of any other card value.  Your odds of winning are pretty much on par with the odds of South Africa’s petrol price decreasing anytime soon!

When you consider the Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed online blackjack at Springbok Casino uses six decks, the odds of dealer blackjack are shorter still.  All in all, there are 96 possible cards to create a definite win for the dealer.

What is the best move to make when the dealer show an ace?  You go for broke and try and get the most competitive hand you can, given the poor odds on your end.  That of course means is hitting… and hitting hard.  Since strategic play essentially goes out the window, the best you can hope for is a bit of luck with low value cards being dealt your way...  and if you bust, so be it.

When to Stand in Online Blackjack

When you play blackjack at the number one online casino South Africa, it is easy to get carried away.  There is always the temptation to stretch your luck.  That usually involves hitting for one more card – and another and another – until you inevitably go bust.

As we have already covered in detail, the dealer’s up card is of utmost importance.  When in pursuit of 21, your cards are equally significant.  There are times when the best move in online blackjack is to ignore the hit button and stand instead.  That way, the bust is out of the equation… for you, in any event.

When is standing the smart option in online blackjack?  When you hold a hard 17 or more, stay with what you have got.  The same rule applies to soft 18, soft 19 and soft 20.  Standing on totals of 12 and 13 is also advisable but only under certain circumstances.

Let’s recap our blackjack tips so far… When the dealer is holding a low card, it is a good time to stand on any total of 13 and up.  Theoretically, the worst card in terms of the dealer’s bust rate is 5.  With 5 as the up card, the dealer goes over 21 nearly 43% of the time.  That of course means your next move is based purely on the cards in your hand.

The next time you play blackjack at Springbok Online Casino South Africa, be sure to adopt a blackjack strategy of not hitting when you hold the following opening hands and the dealer shows:

Your Hand

Dealer’s Up Card

12 and up

4 through 6

13 and up

2 through 6

Hard 17

Any card

Soft 18 (A-7)

2, 7 or 8

Soft 19 (A-8)

Any card

Soft 20 (A-9)

Any card

When you follow our play-by-play online blackjack strategy, you can avoid going bust and forfeiting your bet.  It does not guarantee you a win – but it does give you the best chance of beating the dealer at his own game!

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