Forget Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes and play Match Play 21 online with bonus pays, sweet odds and favourable rules!

if you can’t use Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes on blackjack bets, what do you do?  You find the best blackjack variant to play online.  Here is a hot tip.  Match Play 21 has great odds.  Pair that with the generous rules, and you have a great game of ‘21’ on your hands!

More Ways to Win but No Springbok Casino No Deposit Bonus Codes Allowed

Match Play 21 is like any other blackjack game.  As with other variants in the same category, your objective is to beat the dealer.  Play blackjack – any blackjack – right here at Springbok Online Casino and there are two ways of winning.  They are when…

  1. the first two cards you are dealt equal 21
  2. the total in your hand is higher than that of the dealer’s… without going over the magic number!

Besides sharing the same rules, the genre offers some of the hottest odds in real money gaming.  It’s right up there with games such as poker – and video poker – that also offer excellent odds.  If that is not enough to spur you on, listen up…

As a rule, the average payback percentage for SpinLogic-developed online blackjack games clocks in at more than 99%.  Flip the stats around and the edge is less than 1%.  That is about as good as it gets at any casino, anywhere!

The upshot of the meagre advantage to the house is characterised by the word ‘compromise.’  You get to win back close on a rand for a rand when you play blackjack online.  Thus, we restrict the use of free money on online blackjack bets.

In other words, players benefit from an attractive long-term return to player (RTP).  This, however, is at the expense of being able to use Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes to bankroll the action.  As an informal arrangement, that seems fair to everyone!

That is the generic overview of online blackjack as a category.  Now to the specifics of Match Play 21.  The RTP for this particular variant is 99.27%, which means that the house advantage equates to just 0.73%.

Match Play 21 Blackjack Odds

How about the odds?  What are patrons paid when they hit a natural blackjack or get a better hand than that of the dealer?  In this instance, the odds are standard across all our online blackjack variants – 3:2 and 1:1, respectively.  The optional insurance bet pays 2:1.

Besides the conventional ways to win, there are 10 bonus hands in Match Play 21.  One specific hand pays out a wad of big bucks and it is rather fittingly called ‘Match Play 21’.  Hit the required combination – and the odds of 40:1 are all yours!

What is the required combo?  Three sevens of the same suit in your hand plus the dealer’s up card needs to be a seven… any seven.  With the lowest R2 chip in play, the payout is R80.  Bet the R500 table maximum and you will have R20K more in your online casino account!

That is quite the payday… even without the Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes juicing the action!  Now to the remaining bonus hands.  They are split into three categories, each of which pay out winnings at different odds:

  • 3:1 odds – seven-card 21, 7-7-7 of spades and 6-7-8 of spades
  • 2:1 odds – suited 7-7-7, suited 6-7-8 and six-card 21
  • 3:2 odds – any 7-7-7, any 6-7-8 and five-card 21

That is the story with the pay table.  Now on to the Match Play 21 rules.  What are they like – and how do the rules differ from classic blackjack?

Benefit From Player-Friendly Blackjack Rules Online

A key feature available in this online blackjack variant is the surrender option.  It allows you to forfeit your hand at any time in the round – even after doubling.  This is a rarity and, if you are familiar with blackjack in general, it is a real boon for players who want to cut their losses.

In fact, here’s a little side note on the surrender option.  It is so scarce that you won’t find this rule as a prominent option in online blackjack variants, including those featured at Springbok Online Casino!  The only exception to the rule is Match Play 21.

Yet another player-friendly rule has to do with doubling down.  In some forms of blackjack, such as Face Up 21, you can only double on 9, 10 or 11.  This is not the case with Match Play 21.  In this special variant, you can double your wager on any two cards.

What is more, you can split any two cards of the same rank and play up to three hands simultaneously.  It gets even better!  You can also re-split aces – something that is strictly not permitted in the classic version of the game.

As for the dealer rule, it applies to all the blackjacks at Springbok Casino.  It states that the dealer hits on soft 17.  There is one last rule that has the potential to boost the win rate.  In Match Play 21, player blackjack always beats dealer blackjack.

A Unique Game with a Unique Deck

What we’ve shared with you thus far is that Match Play 21 appears to be the perfect game of 21 with its player-friendly rules.  Of course, the game developers needed to find a way to recoup some ground for the casino.  To create a bit of balance, the 10 value numerical cards are removed from the pack.  The face cards however remain.

What that naturally means is that there are 48 cards in the slimmed-down deck – as opposed to the standard deck of 52.  That said, the SpinLogic blackjack games at Springbok Casino are still played with 6 decks in the virtual shoe.

Finally, the burning question on everyone’s lips…  Where can you find this exciting version of blackjack online?  At the full download platform of our multi award-winning online casino!

Springbok Online Casino Free Bonuses Are Exclusive-Use Incentives

As for the Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, they are exclusive-use incentives.  They also come with a standard wagering requirement of 60 x.  To clear the bonus, you have to wager sixty times the value of the bonus on online casino games specified in our promotional terms and conditions.

These games are online slots, scratch cards and bingo games, Keno, European Slot Poker, Pai Gow Poker and 7 Card Stud Poker.  Bets on any of the other games, including blackjack, do not count towards the playthrough of our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

If you want to exploit our free bonuses, we suggest you sign up and hit the 2x Comps tab.  By playing Khrysos Gold, Sweet 16, Cleopatra’s Gold and Storm Lords online slots, you automatically earn double comp points!

You can also clear a portion of the wagering requirement corresponding to the Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes at the same time.  Now that is a bonus all on its own!