Find 5 kiff reasons to play blackjack online at Springbok Casino – it has to do with winning more ZAR!

South Africans may love the hype and hullabaloo of online slots but smart okes play blackjack online.  It is not only the payback percentage that is hot, or the odds… or the fact blackjack is vrek easy to play...  It is all that – and more!

Blackjack at Montecasino, Sun City or Grand West is nothing like blackjack in the virtual space.  In the live casino environment, everything is different – even the rules.  On the plus side, you may be eligible for free drinks… but only if you bet at high stakes!

Play blackjack online and you get drinks at cost – your cost.  A bevy of online casino bonuses, promotions and comp points more than make up for a few complementary brandies and coke… even ‘met eish’ thrown into the equation.

Here is why people who know a thing or two choose to only ever play blackjack online!

One Opponent & a Quick Turnover of Hands

What is the key difference between the live game and blackjack online?  At brick-and-mortar casinos, your opponents are all the other players seated around the table.  That immediately impacts the probability and your chances of winning are consequently greatly reduced.

With more players pursuing a win around a ‘real life’ blackjack table, it is not only the probability that is negatively affected.  Dealing and concluding each hand is tedious and time consuming.  That is time that could be better spent.

Play blackjack online and you only have one opponent – the dealer… aka the online casino software.  That limits the action per hand to only three possible outcomes:

  1. Your hand wins
  2. The dealer’s hand wins
  3. The hand is a tie

Given the speed at which the software deals the cards in blackjack online, there is only one time impediment.  That would be you – and how quickly you make the decision to hit, stand, double down or split.

The faster you play, the more hands you’ll fly through.  That immediately points to a higher probability of ending the gaming session with a positive balance.

Get Anytime Access to Multiple Blackjack Games

The blackjack available online spans several different variations.  All the games are consistently playable, right around the clock.  You do not have to wait for the table to reach the required player allotment.

There is also never an enforced break in play.  That is part of the live gaming experience every time the croupier changes shift.  This can be particularly annoying if you’re on a hot streak.  Jislaaik, talk about poor timing!

At web-based gaming platforms, such as Springbok Casino, classic blackjack is only the side show.  Exciting variations like Blackjack and Perfect Pairs along with Suit Em Up Blackjack are instantly playable in your browser.

Not only is blackjack quicker and more agile at Springbok Casino, but it is more versatile too.  Better yet, all the games are neatly catalogued in one place.  There is no need to move from one table to the next.  You simply click to close and click to open the next riveting version of blackjack online!

Benefit from More Favourable Blackjack Rules Online

The rules of blackjack are as important as the long-term payback percentage.  In fact, the two concepts are inter-related.  When the rules favour the players, the average return to player (RTP) is higher.

According to conventional wisdom, the rules of blackjack at online casinos are easier on the players.  That may well be true, as is demonstrated by a few key examples.  These rules represent what you can and can’t do when you play the Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed blackjack games featured on our site.

Take for example the double down rule.  At some land based and online casinos, you can only double the wager when the initial two cards you are dealt equal 9, 10 or 11.   At the blackjack featured online at Springbok Casino, you can double down on any two cards.

You can also split multiple times, with the exception of splitting Aces.  As for the dealer rule, that speaks volumes.  In our games, dealer has to hit on soft 17.

What do all these rules have in common?  They are seriously fab for players by virtue of the fact they instantly increase the odds.  Better odds mean you have a good chance of winning more hands than you lose!

If you think the favourable rules are the best reason yet to play blackjack online, here is another...  The payouts are often more generous too!

When you hit a natural blackjack, for instance, you are paid at odds of 3 to 2.  That is markedly better than the 6 to 5 odds routinely available around the green felt tables!  Now do you see why the smart okes always play blackjack online?

Play Blackjack for Real Money and for Free

There is literally nowhere in the world where you can sommer saunter into the casino and play blackjack for free.  Every table has a minimum and maximum stake and you need to bet ZAR to win ZAR.  It’s like those laanie people who make money with money.

At Springbok, all our games are available in two modes – real money and free play.  When you play free online blackjack, we give you complementary credits to bankroll the action.  Everything else – from the rules to the odds and the probability – is matched.

What that means is you can learn how to play the game in the practical sense.  Best of all, there is no risk involved.  If you win playing free online blackjack, credits are allocated to your betting balance.  The only downside is credits are not cashable.  It’s essentially funny money!

Free online blackjack is also like an in-house training app.  You can try out different strategies, tactics and betting systems.  Once you have complete confidence in your skills, you can switch across to the cash version of blackjack online.

In our estimation, free online blackjack is almost a must for all new players at the casino.  It allows you to learn invaluable lessons… at no cost at all!  If you are serious about mastering the art of playing blackjack, you can start by hitting the ‘Try It’ button on the game’s thumbnail.

Refer to the Best Blackjack Strategy Chart in Real-Time

The greatest advantage of playing blackjack in the privacy of your own home is to do with strategy.  This is a set of defined moves you must make in order to get the best returns.  It is a theoretical blueprint of how to play the game… and win.

When you play any of the games at a casino in Cape Town, Joburg or Gqeberha, there are cameras monitoring your every move.  Referring to a cheat sheet is actively discouraged.  The same fortunately does not apply to mobile or PC gaming at Springbok Casino.  There is no-one keeping an eye on you.

What is even more gratifying is the basic blackjack strategy has conveniently been condensed into a chart.  This chart is readily available on the internet.  You can literally print out the chart and refer to it… as you play.  That should be enough to prompt you to sign up at Springbok Casino, make a deposit and play blackjack online!