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Venture into the lobby at Springbok Casino and what have you got? Dozens and dozens of colourful thumbnails arranged under various gaming categories. Some represent Springbok Casino blackjack. Others are online slots. The question is which is the better bet?

Now, there are many gaming categories in-between… but we’re focusing on a showdown between slots and blackjack here. Why? These are hands down to of the most-played and most popular online casino games at Springbok and beyond!

7 Unique Comparison Criteria

We are aware that is a bit like comparing witblits with tequila or bokkoms with biltong. Blackjack is not remotely like slots. One is a game of skill, whilst the other is a pure game of fortune, luck, chance – or whatever you want to call it.

That does not absolve us from answering the question, hence, we have rated each category of games according to seven different criteria, or ‘points’. That way you can get a fair idea of whether it is online slots or Springbok Casino blackjack that wins the betting stakes – no pun intended!

Point #1: Ease of Play

Playing slots online is like starting a car. All you have to do is select a bet value and hit the spin button. That is the equivalent of turning the key in the ignition.

If you own a Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo or Mini Cooper you know exactly what we mean. They are all fitted with push button ignition! Once the slot’s engine is purring along, the rest of gameplay is fully automated.

Symbols drop on the reels. Prizes are paid out. If you are in auto-spin mode the process recurs without any disruption at all!

Play Springbok Casino blackjack instead and your interactivity with the gaming interface is ramped up. First, you select a chip value. Then you whack the deal tab.

Once your two cards and the dealer’s up card are revealed you have to make your move. That of course involves engaging the hit, stand, double or split buttons. When the dealer shows an Ace, the insurance option is on the table, so in this case it is Yes or No!

That is a typical example of the input requirements for each and every hand of Springbok Casino blackjack! Phew! It sure is a lot to get the head around.

Verdict: Slots win the ease of play category hands down!

Point #2: Fun Factor

Now to the fun element of slots versus Springbok Casino blackjack. We are sure you agree slots are visually attractive. The graphics are superb. The themes are even better. The audio can add to the effect or detract from it altogether.

Play slots online at Springbok and one thing is for sure. You will have plenty of fun whether you win or lose. It goes without saying that if you scoop up a super big win or progressive jackpot, it will be fun factor x 10!

Load blackjack on your phone and it is less about fun and more about cogitation. You have to deliberate about the next move. That takes an elevated level of seriousness.

It is not to say you won’t have fun. You will. That is especially true when hit a natural blackjack or double and split and beat the dealer!

Verdict: Slots are more fun while blackjack is more cerebral.

Point #3: Versatility

By now you know there are literally hundreds of online slots with different themes, reel structures and special effects. There are even three different categories of online slot games. They are classic 3 reel slots, 5 or 6 reel video slots and progressive jackpot slots.

Shimmy across to the table games tab – that is where Springbok Casino blackjack has its home – and there are just three options. The available games are Blackjack and Perfect Pairs, Suit Em Up Blackjack and Classic Blackjack.

Verdict: Based on a head count of 194 versus 38 online slots are clearly tops in terms of versatility!

Point #4: Skill

As the ease of play suggests, there is zero skill required to play slots and win. The converse is true for Springbok Casino blackjack. It is a game of skill and sound strategic thinking is required to consistently beat the dealer.

What is good to know is card sharps have put together a basic blackjack strategy. It informs players in no uncertain terms on exactly which decisions to take. Moves are tabulated according to two variables – the sum of the cards in your hand and the value of the dealer’s revealed card.

When you learn how to play blackjack according to the strategy, you will – and we mean will – win more hands than you lose. That is over the long term and you have to take variance (luck) into account.

Verdict: Springbok Casino blackjack snaps up the skill category with no problems at all.


Point #5: Winnability

In the context of the casino, winnability is not a nebulous term. It is the statistical likelihood of winning against losing. Theoretically, the win-to-loss ratio of any online casino game is determined by the odds and measured by two key statistics – the average return to player (RTP) and house edge.

In reality the RTP and edge are two sides of the same coin. Together they equal 100% - and that is the perfect 1 to 1 return. When it comes to these vital statistics how do slots and blackjack compare?

Due to the variability of online slots, the RTP is not a fixed percentage. It typically ranges from 94% to 97%. As a consequence, the edge hovers between 6% and 3%.

What does that mean in practical terms? Bet R10 and the average return to all players over hundreds of thousands of spins is between R9.40 and R9.70. That is the hypothetical winnability index of slots.

Now to online blackjack. At Springbok Casino all three blackjack games have the same rules and hence precisely the same statistics. The average payout rate is 99.56% and the edge is just 0.54%.

Verdict: By those stats alone Springbok Casino blackjack is the most winnable game of the two – and by a country mile!

Point #6: Payouts

It is common knowledge that the odds reflect the probability of winning. That sentiment applies equally to horse racing, F1 and baseball as it does to online slots and blackjack. Payouts directly correlate to the odds.

If an outcome is highly unlikely the potential winnings are super high in value. Similarly, when there is a strong probability of a horse winning or a player being dealt a stronger hand than that of the dealer, the payout is lower.

In slots you can win a lot of cash for hitting 5- or 6-of-a-kind. Special symbols like the wild and scatter typically offer mega amounts of money. Oftentimes there is a random or progressive jackpot in play.

However, the probability of dropping a full set of wilds simultaneously on a grid or hitting a jackpot is slim. You have a similar chance of winning the lottery. It is not going to happen very easily and certainly not more than once.

Springbok Casino blackjack on the other hand has fixed odds. You win 3 to 2 for a natural blackjack and even money for a winning hand. The insurance side bet pays out at 2 to 1. That is nowhere near the mega bucks payouts you can find on the pay tables of slots.

Verdict: If you want a chance of winning crates of cash, play online slots at Springbok Casino.

Point #7: Extra Ways to Win

One of the major drawcards of online slots is the bonus features. These are special effects that can kick in during the game. They can be cascading wins, respins, expanding symbols, free games, wild symbols, prize multipliers and instant win prizes.

As for Springbok Casino Blackjack? There are extra ways to win and the payouts are pretty impressive. In Suit Em Up Blackjack for instance, you are paid out at odds of 60 to 1 for a pair of suited aces. That is over and above the winnings for the conventional blackjack bet.

The key difference is in slots bonus features are free. In Perfect Pairs and Suit Em Up Blackjack an additional side bet is required to even have a chance of unlocking the really big wins.

Verdict: The fact the extra ways to win in online slots are free skews the result in their favour!

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At Springbok Casino, it is not an either-or situation. Imagine being able to support the Sharks and the Blue Bulls… It’s sort of like that, without the fist fights! Once you are a registered patron you can play any of our games whenever you want. Plus, there are plenty of bonuses to beef up your betting account.

If it is fun, ease of play, versatility an extra ways to win you are after online slots are number one. If you want to test your skills and win more money over the long term, Springbok Casino blackjack is the way to go! As for which game is the better bet? That is up to you to decide!