blackjack myth

There’s all kinds of myths floating around when it comes to gambling industry, be it online or land-based. No matter which game is concerned, people are sharing “facts” which should be working either in your favour or against you. A useful thing to know before you engage in a game of Blackjack, or any other casino game for that matter, is which of those you can trust and which ones you shouldn’t. To help with the latter, we’ve collected the most common myths related to online Blackjack and have explained why they are completely untrue. We invite you give our mobile casino a shot and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. Welcome to a world where gaming is possible anywhere, anytime- on the go or at home.

#1: Objective of the game is to get as close as possible to 21

Well, this is what the game is about, so it must be correct, right? However, you don’t need to hit 21 in order to win. What you do need to achieve is a hand better than that of the dealer, whether it means getting a higher total without going over 21, or maintaining a qualifying hand while the dealer busts. True, the closer you are to 21, the bigger your chances to outperform your opponent. However, chasing this sum at all costs will more likely result in a quickly shrinking bankroll and prematurely ended gaming session. 

#2: According to the odds, I’m bound to win NOW

While overall odds in your favour are just below 50%, it does not necessarily mean you’ll win at least 4 hands out of 10. And consequently, it certainly doesn’t mean that if you lose 6 times in a row, the next hand is a guaranteed win. Stated odds apply long-term, across many, many more hands than just 10. So don’t make a mistake of over-betting on the aforementioned 6th hand convinced you’ll recuperate your earlier losses. You’ve got just as good a chance to go bust. 

#3: Applying betting progression guarantees I’ll end up winning

Among many Blackjack “strategies” you’ll find around, there is one that says you should increase your bet after a winning hand, and decrease it when you lose. This advice is based on the assumption that there are such things as winning and losing streaks, and that playing by this rule is therefore bound to end the game with a profit. While you might have experienced a number of consecutive wins and/or losses, do remember there were also long periods of time where they were more or less continuously alternating. 

#4: Blackjack is a game of luck and there’s nothing I can do about it

If it’s my lucky day, I’ll win, and if it’s not, I’ll lose – as simple as that. It could be true that, for some obscure reason, some people are a bit more lucky than others. You’re sure to know someone, or to have heard of someone who’s frequently winning different kinds of prize games. There are even people who’ve made participating in sweepstakes their day jobs! Don’t forget, though, that lucky draws are, as the name says, a matter of luck and nothing else. Blackjack, however, is also a game of skill, and using (or not) the right strategy can significantly impact the outcome. So there certainly is something you can do about it. 

#5: Online games are rigged and I can’t win even if lucky

Many players believe that when playing online table games, Blackjack included, “the dealer” can come up with whichever card they want in a specific situation. Perhaps you yourself have got irritated more than a couple of times when your Blackjack was matched by the dealer’s Blackjack, or when your excitement over hitting 20 was quickly crushed by a totally unexpected dealer’s 21. They’ve done it on purpose, the cheats!!  While it’s quite human to react in such a way, you do know that you’re playing against the software and not a live dealer, and the software in question uses an independently-tested Random Number Generator which makes it impossible to deliberately cheat. 

#6: Since the dealer has better odds than me, I’ll just follow the same rules he plays by

Sounds quite logical at first, doesn’t it? The dealer will normally keep hitting until they reach 17, and then inevitably stand, so why not follow their lead? There’s only one problem here, and that’s the fact it’s  YOU who always goes first. This of course means that if you bust, they will automatically win, regardless of what their following card(s)  would do to their hand. There’s no benefit in copying anybody when you play. You can certainly observe what the other players are doing and learn from their successes and failures, as you can by learning about the correct Blackjack strategy from many credible sources available online. But eventually, it’s your cash and it should be your decision how to stake it. 

While the above are most common myths we’ve identified, it’s possible you’ll come across other untrue “facts” while trying to learn how to play and win. Generally, you should only accept advice from trustworthy sources, and even then take them with a grain of salt. Even those coming from us! The best thing you can do is give them a try, but eventually make up your own mind about what works and what doesn’t by playing the game yourself.