Casino-themed movies are a great way to pick up tips for your roulette gaming action.

You don’t have to study the no deposit casino bonus betting sheets to learn new strategies for your online casino roulette gaming entertainment. Over the years Hollywood has released numerous casino-themed movies where you can gain valuable insights in how to play roulette and other casino games or simply enjoy the atmosphere of casino entertainment.  

Some of the best movies about roulette and casino gambling include:


The story depicted in Casablanca takes place in Rick’s Cafe Americain, where there is a "fixed" roulette wheel that hits the number 22 more frequently than other numbers. That wheel becomes the ticket to one desperate couple’s bid for freedom.

The action takes place at Rick’s Café, a Casablanca bistro owned by American expatriate Rick. Rick only cares about keeping his café out of the line of fire as refugees from Nazi-occupied Europe attempt to elude the Germans. Many of the refugees gather in Rick’s café while they wait for the exit visas that will allow them to make their way to Lisbon. 

As the refugees pass time at Rick’s Café, some gather in the back room to play roulette. One refugee couple is Annina and Jan. Jan was a resistance fighter in Czechoslovakia and he is trying to get him and his wife to America.  They lack the needed funds for exit visas and Jan tries to win the money at the roulette table. As he loses again and again, the situation becomes more and more desperate.

Annina believes that her only option is to give in to Captain Renault. Renault controls the exit visas and wants Annina to spend the night with him. Annina is prepared to sacrifice herself to Renault in order to escape. However, she tries one last appeal, asking Rick to help. Rick rebuffs her but then joins Jan at the roulette wheel where he hints that Jan should put his money on number 22 which, Rick knows, has more of a chance of coming up than other numbers.

When two spins hits 22 consecutively, Jan finds that he has enough money to get his exit visas. He and Annina leave for Lisbon, thanks to the roulette wheel which has become the couple’s ticket to a new life of freedom. 


The 1998 Croupier wasn’t the blockbuster epic that Casablanca turned out to become but it’s a satisfying portrayal of a man whose casino job places him in-between the interests of the casino bosses and the bettors.

Croupier focuses on Jack as he calculates the odds of defrauding the casino at the roulette table. The suspense begins when Jack’s father lines up a job for him as a roulette croupier at a London casino. Viewers watch the dealers as they cope with their strange hours and their relationship with the players, for whom they seem to hold disdain. 

The film is a convincing portrayal of a small London betting venue where the gilt and plush furnishings don’t cover the sadness of the players or the cynicism of the dealers. That’s the setting in which Jack tries to control his life and create a healthy balance between his dreams and reality.


The film Bugsy doesn’t focus on the roulette table but roulette, always a casino favourite, plays a big part in the film. Bugsy follows the real life story of Bugsy Siegel, a small-time gambling racketeer who is credited with envisioning – and then starting – the casino industry in Las Vegas. The film was nominated for 10 Academy Awards and collected two Oscars. 

The movie follows Bugsy Siegel, a small-time gangster who comes to California to gain control of the state’s betting parlors. Siegel goes into partnership with another mobster, Mickey Cohen, who takes over the local casinos. Bugsy decides to join forces with Cohen and expand his operations. On a trip to Nevada, Siegel decides that combining a hotel and a casino will be a good business proposition. Siegel uses $1 million in funding from fellow mobster Meyer Lansky to start building the Flamingo Casino. As the project expands beyond $6 million Siegel becomes increasingly indebted to more mobsters.

The opening of The Flamingo is a failure but Lansky’s continued investment and his faith that America’s one gaming state could support a casino industry sets the stage for the future of the Vegas casino industry.