If you play casino games on a regular basis you most likely will have tried a number of different techniques to try and win playing roulette. Gamers who take the game seriously try to master the basic roulette strategies which they employ to boost their chances of winning.

Some strategies have better rates of success than others. Regardless of whether you’re a new roulette player or an experienced gamer who is simply looking to adopt a strategy that works for you, you’ll find a number of techniques that can help achieve good results at the roulette wheel.

These are strategies that are widely used at both online and land-based casinos by players of all betting and ability levels. Don’t forget that, essentially, roulette is more about luck than skill. The ball drops where the ball drops. Any strategy applies to the betting side.  So if you’re serious about applying a strategy to your gaming event, check out the three most well-known techniques.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is the most commonly used system among players who are applying a strategy to their roulette game. It’s ideal for novice players as well as for gamers who are looking to adopt a new method.

Basically, the Martingale Strategy involves doubling your bet after a loss. For instance, if you bet on a color, you should continue to double your bet after every spin. You continue this process until you recoup your losses and achieve an additional profit.

If you’re going to try the Martingale Strategy, you should start your betting at a low level so you  increase the chance that you will pick up a profit over the long run. For instance: place your bet on one of the outside bets -- either red or black, even or odd or 1-18 or 19-36. If your bet wins, stick to the strategy. If you lose, start to double the bet until you hit a win at which point you’ll recover all of your losses.  That's the theory.

James Bond Strategy

Anything that evokes the image of James Bond playing at the casino is bound to have something good going for it. The James Bond strategy is arguably one of the most famous roulette strategies used today. Players using the James Bond strategy bet $10 on the zero, $140 on high numbers (19-36) and $50 on numbers 13 through to 18.

If numbers 1-12 come up, you lose. However, the profits that you generate if any of the other numbers come up can make the loss worthwhile. That’s because if you win with numbers 19-36, you collect $80. If any number between 13 and 18 comes up, you win $100. If the zero lands you pick up $160. This technique is best for gamers with a  large bankroll who can keep the bets high. The winning amounts vary, depending on how much is bet at the beginning.

Paroli Strategy 

The Paroli betting system is similar to the Martingale strategy but many users see it more as a  progressive form of betting. Many knowledgeable roulette players feel that the Paroli strategy is preferable to Martingale because it’s simpler and offers a better chance of winning.

The idea behind the Paroli Strategy is to maximize three consecutive wins in a row. It can only work if the player doubles the bet with each win. For instance, if you place a $2 bet on black/red and it loses, you continue putting down the same wager until you win.

Once you win, you start wagering with $4. When that wins, you’ll be ready to place $8 bets. And so on and so forth. The Paroli system is based on the premise that wins and losses tend to come in streaks, or patterns. That allows players to maximize their bets when enjoying wins that increase in value over time.