Try roulette betting tricks for a more entertaining and satisfying game event

Every modern brick-and-mortar and online games casino features a roulette table where players can enjoy the centuries-old game of “little wheel.” The game of roulette is also featured at the online casino where gamers can play roulette machines, or at casinos that feature live dealer games, compete against a live dealer. 

Roulette is one of the casinos’ oldest games. The origins of this game can be traced back hundreds of years. The game has changed dramatically over the last century but in many ways, it’s still the same light-hearted predict-the-numbered-pocket-where-a-tossed-ball-will-land game that it was when it first appeared in the early French Riviera casinos in the 1700s.

Seasoned roulette players stick with some basic techniques but you can get the most out of your gambling adventure by learning a little about roulette tricks and systems.

Tricks and Systems

First, you need to understand the difference between gambling systems and gaming tricks. Roulette experts regard a roulette gambling system as a more complicated type of approach to roulette. Roulette tricks offer a shorter, simpler methodology to approach the game. A system requires a certain level of discipline to follow while a trick is short and sweet and doesn’t involve a lot of effort.

Big Number Repeater Strategy

The Big Number roulette strategy is one that is often employed by roulette aficionados. The roulette big number repeater system is a straight number strategy in which you bet directly on the selected number/numbers. 

If you look at any roulette scoreboard, you can identify numbers that have repeated. That’s par for the course in any type of random game. The Big Number roulette tip involves the advice that you should focus your bets on any number that’s a repeater.  If there is more than one number, you should place wagers on each of those numbers.

Bet Level

Basically, you need to maintain your normal bet level for the wagers that you place on Big Number bets. For more than one number, bet your minimum bet on all repeaters. The usual number of repeaters is one, and sometimes, two. A situation in which there are three repeaters is rarely seen. 

When betting multiple Big Numbers, if you’re accustomed to betting more than the table minimum, you should apportion your wagers in a way that ensures that you don’t bet more than the amount that you usually deposit on a single bet.

For instance, a $60 player could break up his bet $30/$30 on two Big Numbers. 


How long should you bet a big number? If you’re using the Big Number roulette trick, your wagers are parallel with the scoreboard. Stop betting on a number once that number disappears from the scoreboard.

If no number repeats, don’t bet until a repeater shows.

Negative Bets

Some players have a strategy of their own – they wager against numbers that have hit, or they bet numbers that have not yet appeared on the scoreboard. These betting methods are called “negative betting strategies.” While they are valid bets, they are in a different category than the positive bets.

One of the reasons that roulette experts advise that you go with the scoreboard’s numbers instead of against them is that betting with the numbers is simpler than wagering in the negative category. In the negative category, the player needs to keep track of the numbers that have not hit and those are more numerous. Therefore, stick with the positive bets for an easier strategy.


If several numbers appear, each with a different frequency, you might want to bet more on the numbers that repeat more than once. That’s not always recommended since larger bets are dangerous to the bankroll.  It’s recommended that you go with one bet on the repeating numbers.

This doesn’t mean that you are more likely to win. Over time, you are simply decreasing the overall amount that you are expected to lose. Again, most analysts suggest that you go with one bet on the repeating numbers since the more money you wager, the more money the house edge has with which to play.