Number roulette tips can make a big difference in your roulette outcomes

What are some of the biggest and best number tips from the online casino for South Africa?  Every pro has his or her own favorite tips but one tip that’s not very well known relates to repeating numbers.

The statistics say that if you place your wagers on positive single repeating numbers, they have more of a chance of coming up than do negative repeating numbers.

For instance, if a specific number repeated once and another number repeats twice, how should you treat them? The knee-jerk reaction would probably be to bet more on the number that repeated more than once, but roulette pros say that that’s not a good strategy since it can be dangerous to your bankroll. Instead, they say, you should go with one bet on the repeating numbers.

Why is this a good strategy? Because you don’t enhance your chances of winning when you bet more money. You simply increase the overall amount of money that you’re expected to lose over time. It’s true that if the number on which you have more money hits, your prize will be bigger. However, that doesn’t mean that, over time, the house will win less when you wager this way. By betting more money, the house has more money at which to grind away.

Keep in mind that, regardless of the betting system that you use, you won’t change the fundamental mathematics of the game of roulette. If you’re playing American roulette (with the extra double zero pocket) you will always have a one in 38 chance of your number hitting. If you’re playing European roulette you will always have a one in 37 chance of having your number hit. There’s no change in those probabilities, regardless of your betting method.

Straight Up Bets

It’s good to remember that you don’t have to bet straight up on the numbers. It might be discouraging to wait, since, with a one in 38 chance of winning on the American double-zero wheel, it could be awhile until your number hits.

By using the American double-zero wheels as an example, one can postulate other ways to play big numbers. For instance, it turns out that the European single-zero wheel is almost twice as good as the American double-zero wheel. That’s because on the American double zero wheel, the house edge is 5.26 percent while on the European wheel, the house edge is 2.7 percent. Obviously, you’ll do better if you search out the casinos that give you the option to play European Roulette – some casinos only offer the American roulette wheel.  

You can avoid straight up bets by making outside bets on a few of the outside proposition bets. These include the odds/evens bet, the high/low bets, the black/red bets and the 1stdozens, 2nd dozens and 3rd dozens bets.  

In this way you reduce waiting times – which are sometimes quite long -- between decisions. If you’re one of the players who prefers more frequent hits to fewer, higher value hits, these are the bets for you. You can also make various combinations of the outside bets. And if you want, you can wager both outside AND straight-up bets.

“This and That”

Let’s say that you look at the scoreboard and see that the number 10 has repeated. The number is low (1-18), black and even.  In addition, 10 is one of the inside dozens numbers.

Since the 10 is a repeater, you can:

  • Make an even bet -- 1:1 payout
  • Make a low-number bet -- 1:1 payout
  • Make a black bet -- 1:1 payout
  • Make an inside dozen bet -- 2:1 payout

In addition, you can combine two or more of the bets. And/or, you can make a straight-up bet on the number. Ambitious players could, theoretically, make five bets.

Roulette pros don’t encourage players to make too many different bets but they do say that it can be advantageous to go with one or two of the propositions. That’s because, by breaking up a single bet into five, you have 5 chances to hit a win.

The maximum should stay your maximum, regardless of whether you’re making one bet or five. It’s not advantageous to toss too much money into the game at once. A losing streak could wipe you out. 

One final note – house edge is 7.89 percent on five bets on the same spin. Not really worth it.

Outside Propositions

There are some issues to be aware of when betting on such outside propositions.  Some of the points include:  

  • When there are two numbers of different colors, don’t place a colors bets
  • When there are two numbers and one is high and one is low, don’t bet at all
  • When there are 2 numbers on two different dozen lines, bet on one or the other
  • Keep an eye on other combinations on the inside numbers so that you’ll spread out your betting.


The pros suggest that you protect your money even as you wager your money.  Your best strategy is to play a conservative game.

  • Don’t make too many bets at one time.
  • Don’t “go out on a tilt” – the term used for increasing your bets to make up for previous losses. If you’re on a losing streak, take a break and come back later.
  • Make sure your bankroll is sufficient to cover your bets.
  • Keep a separate bank account for gambling entertainment. You NEVER want to use money that you need for household expenses for gaming entertainment – that’s a sure recipe for disaster.
  • Recognize that casinos are in the business of making money and that they have a built-in advantage. Roulette is structured to give the house a significant edge. Players need good luck to win.
  • Once you’ve had a streak of good luck, take a break.  The longer you play, the more chances you have to lose what you’ve won.