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The natural inclination of any roulette online games player is to bet on as many numbers as possible.  The logic is that, sooner or later, you’re bound to win.  The truth is that this is a expensive and risky tactic. In roulette, there are only a handful of methods that are profitable. One of them is the 3/2 technique.

What is the 3/2 System?

The 3/2 roulette system is designed to generate modest profits through high frequency wins. The tactic uses a combination of column bets with black/red bets to increase the likelihood of keeping a healthy bankroll for longer periods of time than you would use in other roulette systems. In the 3/2 system you aim to achieve at least one win per bet each round. The rules are easy to remember and fairly simple to follow. The frequency of wins makes the game more exciting and entertaining than ever. 

With the 3/2 technique, you need to make two bets per spin. The first bet must be placed on a column and the second on either black or red. This way, your bets cover 26 pockets on every spin:

  • Place a  2 unit bet on the third column and a 3 unit bet on black
  • OR place a  2 unit bet on the middle/second column and a 3 unit bet on red 

Either way, you'll be betting a 3/2 ratio on a column and a color with the larger bet always falling on the color.

For example, you could bet $10 on red and $5 on the second column OR $10 on black and $5 on the third column.

3/2 System Bets

As mentioned, in the 3/2 system, two types of outside bets are used: black/red and columns.

  • With a Black/Red bet, players bet on either all 18 red or 18 black during a round. This bet gives you an even-chance of a 1/1 payout
  • In a column bet, the player bets on 1 of 3 columns, each of which contains 12 numbers each. Columns bets offer a payout of 2/1.

To Play

Look at these examples to get an idea of how to play this system:

  • Start out with $3 on red and $2 on the second column for a total bet of $5. Spin the wheel.
  • If the ball lands in the 16 red pocket which falls under the first column, you’ll receive a $3 payout for your bet on red and a $2 loss for your bet on column 2. This leaves you with a net profit of $1.
  • On the second spin, you get 13 black which falls under column 1. The resulting $5 loss leaves you with a $4 net loss.
  • Round 3 proves lucky. You hit 23 red which falls into column 2. You receive a $3 payout for your bet on red and a $4 payout for your column bet. All in all, you walk away with a net profit of $3.

As with any roulette system, you’re best off keeping each session short.  


The 3/2 system makes it possible for you to cover a 68-70% majority of numbers on the roulette table. This increases your chances of achieving a winning outcome.

In essence, the goal of the 3/2 system is that a combination of unit wagers will  cover as many pockets as possible during each round. In this way, you can increase the likelihood of achieving a win on every round when you combine black/red bets with column bets.

Look at the 3 available columns on a standard roulette table. You’ll notice that, while the first has 6 pockets of each color, the second and third have a skewed distribution.

The second column displays 4 red spaces and 8 black spaces. When the 8 black combine with 18 red, you are able to cover a total of 26 pockets. Thus, you can cover about 70% of a European wheel or 68% of an American wheel.

Similarly, when the third column and black are selected, the third column will feature 8 red spaces and 4 black. When those 8 reds combine with 18 black, the bets cover 26 out of 37 or 38 pockets. The two combinations share the same odds  even though they are reversed. This gives equally valid options that maximize each spin's potential to award wins.


The biggest benefit to using the 3/2 system for roulette is the fact that your bets will cover the widest range of numbers. Even though the payouts are relatively low, your odds of achieving wins are much higher than they would be if you placed a single unit bet on every odd/even number or only on a column.


As with any system, there are disadvantages to the 3/2 System as well. One of them is that multiple bets per spin add up so your total cost can rise more quickly than you think. Therefore, you need to be aware of the total cost before you begin a session. In short, each total bet will amount to 5x, regardless of the unit that you choose. 

In addition, the payouts for these bets are only 1/1 for black/red or 2/1 for columns. Those are among the lowest paying of all possible roulette bet options. The 3/2 technique can offer a good solid win rate but you shouldn’t expect to 'get rich quick' using this system.