For fans of the 3/2 roulette system, several variations of the system can be tried

The 3/2 roulette system has been touted as one of the best in the world. The system works, proponents say, for both novice and veteran roulette players.  It's easy for roulette enthusiasts and online slots aficionados to understand and gives roulette gamers a different type of gaming experience.

There are a number of 3/2 roulette variations that roulette experts suggest.

3/2 System

In short, the 3/2 roulette strategy combines two bets on each spin. Colors and columns bets are combined with the goal of guaranteeing frequent wins that bring modest profits. 

The 3/2 system works by either combining a 3-unit bet on red plus a 2-unit bet on the middle column or a three unit bet on black plus a 2 unit bet on the right-most column 

In short, there's a five-unit combination bet that always involves either the red or the black one of of the 3 number columns. The advantage of this system is that you can always cover 25 numbers – 68% or 70% of the numbers on the wheel.  The payouts are modest but consistent and the player wins most of the time. 

The 3/2 strategy is a safe strategy and is suitable for both big and small bettors. No betting progression is involved yet it covers as large on area of the betting layout as possible.  

18 High/18 Low

Some people believe that the 18 high/18 low system is superior to the original 3/2 strategy.  Players are instructed to place equal amounts of bet units on high 18/low 18 and dozens. This, proponents say, increases odds for a win. For example, you would place $5 on high 18 and $5 on the third dozen. This allows you to cover 30 pockets which is about 80% of the numbers. The payouts are the same with low 18/high 18 paying 1/1 and dozens paying 2/1.

Critics say that you're less likely to profit with this system.  There are no overlapping wins between the two bets. 3/2 allows black or red or black to win simultaneously with column bets. There's no possibility for low 18/high18 to win together with the third dozen. The original 3/2 offers more profit potential, even though there's 10% less coverage.

Red Color Plus 2/1 Columns

This variation requires you to place 3 equal bets on the color red plus the first and second columns. Now, you're covered for 32 pockets which is 84% to 86% of the numbers on the wheel.  Veteran players who suggest this method advise that you play for at least 10 rounds for it to succeed overall.

Some observers say that this system is less likely to profit. They note that there are no overlapping wins between the two bets. 3/2 allows column bets to win simultaneously with black or red. High 18/Low 18  cannot win together with the third dozen so the original 3/2 has more profit potential despite the fact that it offers 10% less coverage.

Does the 3/2 System or Any System Variants, Really Work?

In general, the 3/2 strategy is geared to ensure that your bets cover up to 70% of the numbers.  Hypothetically, at least one of your wagers should win 7 out of 10 spins.

What's hypothetical doesn't always hold up in the real world. Mathematically, the probability that the ball will land in each pocket is equal. However, in real-life experience, there's a big variance in the numbers that are selected. You would identify these variances as losing or winning streaks when a single number isn't selected or all or seems to be favored.

If you examine the statistics, you'll notice that each column and each outside bet has a 5.26% house edge (American table) or a 2.63% edge (European table). Say that you were to spin the roulette wheel thousands of times. You would see that, in reality, each black/red bet pays out at around 47% of the time while each column bet pays out at approximately 30% of the time. Betting both on a spin gives you about a 10% chance of achieving an overlapping win which would give you a profit of 1.4x the total bet. 

Cushioning your Losses

What the 3/2 system is good for is to cushion your losses. By placing 2 units on the 2/1 payout and 3 units on the 1/1 payout you can balance your losses with wins. Mathematically, the probability is in your favor. Remember however, that the unknown element in the equation is the variance.  That's where luck and personal experience come into play.


If you're going to give the 3/2 strategy a shot, remember: 

  • For optimum results, choose tables with low minimum bet requirements.
  • Some casinos may require high total bets, so its best to stay away from those casinos with this method
  • To ensure that you reduce losses and keep your profits, sett a personal loss and time limit on your game

The 3/2 system relies on intermediate bet amounts, low payouts from outside bets and high number coverage. The system is best suited to roulette players that have a moderate budget, who don't mind if the payouts are relatively low.