Today, roulette is more popular than ever

Regardless of whether you visit an online casino or a brick-and-mortar Vegas casino, you’ll usually find a large crowd standing around the roulette table. Roulette has always been popular but in recent years, its status was reduced, thanks to Asian players’ preference for baccarat and the excitement of poker tournaments. 

Today however, roulette is retaking its place along online slots as a casino favorite. There are a number of reasons for this resurgence in interest in the simple “Little Wheel.” 

Fair Play

At one time, it was possible to cheat at the roulette wheel.  Players were able to identify wheel bias, dealers had tricks up their sleeves and there were a number of cases where dealers conspired with players to beat the house. 

Today, such hanky-panky is all but impossible.  Players can be assured that casino technology, security cameras and other safe-guards are in place to prevent any deviations from random results. 

That’s especially true of online roulette where random number generators keep everything on the up and up.  


Roulette is an easy game to play. You simply toss a ball into a spinning roulette wheel and wait to see if your bet coincides with the final landing place of that ball.  On the other hand, players are challenged by a betting table that offers both simple, easy bets (colors, odds/evens, dozens) with more complicated bets.  It’s also possible to combine these different bets and develop a technique which adds excitement and an element of strategy to the game. 

Thus, nothing can be taken for granted in a roulette game which is an appealing prospect for gamers who want some thrills in their gaming event.


Because of the mix of gaming options, roulette is a game that appeals to veteran players and novice gamers alike.  The rules of the game are easy enough for anyone to understand, but challenging enough to engage players on any level.


Similarly, roulette has multiple betting levels so gamers who wish to place low or moderate deposits will have the same fun-filled experience as players who are looking for a high-rolling VIP game.

The multiple betting options on the betting table ensure that everyone can find a betting level that suits their own individual needs and expectations.


Roulette appeals to players who are looking for a game of suspense. The randomness and prolonged suspense of each spin of the wheel make roulette a game that players return to time after time after time.  There’s nothing flashy about roulette – no bells and whistles. Just a good solid gaming adventure that combines experience, betting strategy and luck.

Live Dealer

Roulette is one of the only online casino games that can be played in the Live Dealer mode. Players who want the convenience of playing online, but are also looking for the interaction that comes from competing against a live dealer, can play roulette with the online casino’s live dealer.  The player can chat with the dealer as she places the chips on the betting table as directed by the gamer, spins the wheel, throws in the ball and declares the win.  This is a much more interactive roulette experience that most online games and it’s available at every casino that features a live dealer mode.

No Table Minimum

There’s a roulette table minimum at many land-based casinos but it’s easy to find an online casino that allows you to play at any level, with no table minimum.  That means that there’s no obligation to make any minimum deposit in order to play ….. players can bet at a level that’s comfortable for their personal budget and get the same high-quality roulette gaming event as if they were playing at a VIP table.


Games like poker and blackjack have gamers competing against other players in many land-based casinos but in roulette, you compete against the house. That’s because in roulette, everyone bets for themselves, not against each other.  That’s one of the reasons that it’s so popular – it’s a friendly game that doesn’t demand  that the player compete against his fellow gamers. 

Mix and Match

You can mix and match your bets to your advantage. There’s no obligation to place ONLY a low-risk outside bet or a high-risk inside bet.  You can place both bets so you have more of a chance of winning.  

This mix and match is also attractive to gamers who want to strategize and use their experience and gaming savvy to get the most out of their gaming adventure.