Hedge those bets – play European Roulette according to the 3/2 betting system and cash-in at the best online casino NOW!

Having said that, there are tactics you can adopt to enhance the probability of winning a few rand here and there.  You won’t break the proverbial bank but there is a good chance you will profit from your roulette betting sessions at the best online casino.

The so-called 3/2 betting system is a betting tactic that provides maximised cover of the numbers on the layout.  In other words, it is a system based on the concept of hedging your bets.  When you get it right – with a fair bit of help from lady luck, of course – the odds of banking money at the best online casino ZA is very much in your favour.

Are you wondering how it all works?  Well, here is a brief breakdown of the system and how it actually panned out for me when I tried the same tactic over 20 spins of the little wheel!

How the 3/2 Betting System Works 

In reality the 3/2 betting system consists of two different bets.  The first is a wager on the so-called outside bets that pay out even money.  The second is a column bet on one of three columns.  This time the payout is made at odds of 2:1.

Your objective is to cover both sections on the layout every time you bet.  It doesn’t really matter which outside betting option you choose or which column you bet on.  In other words, you have complete freedom when it comes to your choice of wagers, provided you stick to those two areas of the board.

What are the outside bets?  They are bets located on the outside of the layout that pay at odds of 1:1 – red or black, odd or even and 1 to 18 or 19 to 36.  Columns are located next to the outside bets and are sequentially numbered from 1 to 36.  Each column consists of 12 numbers and is clearly labelled 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

Payout Reflects Probability  

At this point it is worth mentioning that the higher the payout, the lower the probability of the bet paying off.  At the best online casino - and by that we mean Springbok Online Casino, of course – you have got a better chance of hitting an outside bet than you do a column bet.

The most conservative wager, the one with the lowest risk, is on the outside or even money bets.  It is the safest bet in terms of long-term results.  Column bets obviously carry a higher risk as they pay out at odds of 2:1.

What is important to bear in mind is the fact that the first column has 6 red and 6 black numbers, the second column has 4 red and 8 black numbers and the third column has 8 red and 4 black numbers.  This should be taken into account when you are placing your outside bet on red or black.

In other words, when wagering on red, a good tactic would be to bet on the column with the greatest amount of black numbers.  As you now know and can see from the layout, the second column has the majority 8 blacks.

Right, now your strategy is to place three chips on red or black, odd or even and so on and two chips on one of the three columns.  The chip value is essentially up to you but until you are familiar with the system, we suggest you keep it the lowest denomination… which at the best online casino in cyberspace is R1.

Why Play European Roulette at the Best Online Casino? 

Although this system is suitable for all types of online roulette, we strongly advise you to concentrate on European Roulette.  Why?  It effectively all boils down to the house edge, or the percentage of all wagers the casino takes as profit.

In American Roulette the house edge is 5,26 percent compared to just 2,78 percent for European Roulette – and that means there is less money to share amongst all the players in the form of winnings in the American or double zero version of the game.

Statistically, you need at least half the spins in a session to provide a win in order to generate a profit.  On that score it is nice to know that even a winning outside bet and a losing column bet deliver R1 in profit.

3/2 Betting System - The Real Results 

After being tried and tested, how did the 3/2 betting system work when in actual play?  Pretty darn well, actually!  Firstly, we wagered three R1 chips on red and two R1 chips on the second column.  After 20 spins with exactly the same wagers in play, payouts were landed on 17 out of the 20 spins – and this resulted in a decent profit of R23!

A word of warning however – there is no guarantee you will have the same payout rate.  In fact, there is no guarantee that you will win anything at all… although that is highly unlikely.  Remember – it remains a game of luck!

As with all the casino games you can play at the best online casino, you can expect to hit extended winning streaks and prolonged losing streaks… and you have to be prepared to take the losses in your stride.

That is exactly why we recommend low stakes gambling – it is inevitable that you will lose money at some point while playing real money games at the best online casino.  How much you lose comes down to whether Lady Luck is on your side!