Labouchere in a nutshell - predict the payday, draw up a list, stick to the outside bets at the mobile casino South Africa.

One of the most popular games to play at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa is roulette.  It is an icon of the casino and has the uncanny ability to hold players deep in its thrall.  Perhaps it is the mesmerising click of the ball as it finds the pocket or maybe it is the multi-bet layout that infects players with a special kind of excitement.  

Whatever the reason behind the game’s ubiquitous presence at all gambling destinations – from the online casino to its land-based equivalents – roulette is for many the essence of gambling.

It’s a Zero Strategy Game  

What is remarkable is unlike games like blackjack, Caribbean stud poker, craps or the even the vast number of video poker games that you can play right now at the best mobile casino South Africa, roulette is a game of fortune.  In other words, there is no strategy or skill that you can adopt that will have any impact at all on the house edge.

Having said that, there are ways and means of enhancing the probability of winning more money than you lose every time you load roulette onto your PC or phone.

Basic Roulette Playing Tips for the Mobile Casino South Africa 

Before we get into the Labouchere betting system, a betting system that has been around for centuries, let’s remind ourselves of a few key roulette playing tips.  The first relates to the type of roulette that offers the best odds of winning.  In this respect, it is the single zero game known far and wide as European Roulette that comes out tops.  Why, you may ask?  

Always Opt for European Roulette   

Well, unlike American roulette that has 38 numbered slots and hence offers a 38:1 chance of winning, the European version only has 37 slots.  Believe it or not, that tiny discrepancy in the structure of the wheel means the advantage to the house plummets from a high of 5.26% for the American version of the game to just 2.78%! 

What that of course means is when you open Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa in your browser, it is always best practice to tap on the European Roulette game icon!

Base Your Betting Strategy on the Even Money Bets 

The second tip relates to the kinds of roulette bets you should ideally focus on – at the online casino or right here at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa.  Although the bets on the inside of the layout pay out at sumptuous odds of 8:1, 17:1 and even 35:1 they are not the best bets.  Remember?  The odds are an indication of probability.  The higher the odds, the lower the probability of that particular outcome actually happening. 

In roulette the outside bets that pay at odds of 1:1 – even or odd, black or red and 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 – are your best buddies.  They may not deliver large sums of money and you will have to spend more time at the virtual tables in order to realise a return but if you are patient, there is a better than average chance that your online casino account will tick gently upwards.

A Beginner’s Guide to the Labouchere Betting System

Right, now to the Labouchere betting system.  This is a system based on a list of numbers that collectively add up to the total amount of money you intend to win playing European Roulette at the mobile casino South Africa.  Huh?  It may sound complicated but it is really quite simple, so here goes. 

Your task is to pre-determine a sum of money that you would like to win.  It can be any amount, but to illustrate the point, let’s say R250 is what you are aiming for.  Remove the zero and you have a more manageable 25 to work with.  Next, break the total down into a list of single figures that equal 25; something like 12334552.

A Systematic Work-Through of the Numbers on the List 

According to the system, your first bet would be the sum of the first and last numbers on the list – 1+2 = 3.  Pop the zero back on and you’ve got a wager of R30 which you place on an outside bet.  If the bet wins, you cross the first and last numbers off the list and you are consequently left with 233455.  That of course means your second bet is 2+5=7 – which in reality is R70.  If that bet wins, you cross the first and last numbers off the list and are left with 3345.  

If the bet loses, however, you add 7 to the bottom of the list, which will now look like 2334557.  The idea is to systematically work your way through the list – either crossing off two numbers when you win or adding one number when you lose – until there are no numbers left.  When that happens, you would have reached the R250 target you set before you opened Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa on your phone or tablet!

The problem of course arises when you happen to hit a cold streak at the online casino… and that, as we all know, can occur quite frequently.  Losing often means you have to have the luxury of a large bankroll and plenty of time on your hands to see you through the tough times. 

The Labouchere Betting System in a Nutshell 

  1. Determine your total winnings
  2. Draw up a list of numbers that equals that total
  3. Add or cancel out the numbers based on winning and losing bets
  4. When the list is devoid of numbers, you are a winner! 

Is the Labouchere Roulette Betting System Effective? 

Although it may take some time to reach your goal playing roulette at the mobile casino South Africa, the general consensus is that you will.  The beauty of this system is that you don’t have to win more than one third of your bets in order to hit your pre-determined money target.  Seriously?  Who wouldn’t want to gamble at the online casino with that kind of inside information stashed away in the head?

Sign Up at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa - Give the Roulette Betting System a Go! 

If you are not convinced a system as simple as the Labouchere system can help you win lots and lots of rands and cents, why not give it go right now.  Once you have registered an account at Springbok Mobile Casino South Africa you can play all the casino games, including European roulette, in the fun mode. 

There is no better way to test out a strategy than to do it in a no-risk environment, where no real money changes hands.  Once you are ready to level up to the real deal, you are more than welcome to claim an online casino bonus to help you on your way.  Sign up at Springbok Casino now and get to grips with the ins and outs of roulette for free… it is the sensible thing to do!