Observe, find the hot number and bet, bet, bet – that’s how to play roulette at the top ranked online casino South Africa!

Who would have thought chaos and roulette could be used in the same context?  One speaks of disarray while the other is one of the more perfectly structured games at our online casino South Africa.  Both are however grounded in the concept of unpredictability and both are linked somewhat loosely to the idea of patterns.

Confused?  Well, according to Chaos Theory, there are underlying repetitive patterns in overtly random and chaotic events – and this is the crux of an extraordinarily simple betting system known as the Andrucci roulette betting system. 

Key Steps in the Andrucci Betting System

What Andrucci was basically banking on was the idea that certain numbers on a roulette wheel come up again and again.  With that concept in mind, he devised a betting system based on:

  1. Observation
  2. Identification
  3. Recurrent betting

What does that mean in terms of gambling on roulette at the #1 online casino South Africa?  In reality that means observing a certain number of spins based on the variant of roulette you are playing at Springbok Online Casino South Africa.  In the land-based context you can obviously watch other players at the table, but in the remote gambling environment it is even easier to observe, as you have the advantage of being able to play European Roulette or American Roulette right here in the free play mode.

Watch the Action First for a Precise Number of Spins 

Right, back to the seemingly chaotic betting system.  In the context of this system, observation means watching 37 consecutive spins of the wheel in the European or French variant of roulette and 38 spins in the American version of the game.  Why those precise number of spins?  Simply put, they correspond with the number of pockets on the respective roulette wheels at the online casino South Africa.  

While observing the spins, it is important to make a record of each winning number.  That way you can identify which of the numbers recurs the most or, in other words, which numbered pocket on the wheel the ball lands in repetitively over those 37 or 38 spins.

Bet on the Recurring Number for Up to 35 Spins 

Once the predominant number has been identified, the idea is to bet on it continuously.  In this system the only bet to make is the straight numbers bet that pays out at odds of 35:1.  You also have to bet on that same number for 30 to 35 consecutive spins or until the bet wins before the 30 or 35 spins have elapsed. 

What that effectively means is you only have to hit the hot number once in 30 spins to make a profit, or once in 35 spins to break even.  What happens after that?  You in essence start all over again, as it is back to the first step in the betting system – and that of course is ‘observation’.

Top Tip: Adopt the System and Play European Roulette  

How effective is the Andrucci betting system at the online casino South Africa?  We put it to the test and the results were pretty interesting to say the least.  At this point it is worth mentioning that if you do play roulette at a top ranked online casino South Africa such as Springbok Casino, your game of choice should always be European Roulette or what is sometimes referred to as the single zero game.  Why?  That is because European Roulette has a much lower house edge, which effectively means the theoretical average return to player or RTP is higher than that of American Roulette.

Multiple Recurring Numbers Per Session 

Now back to the test.  As we were playing European Roulette in the fun mode, we decided to make things a bit more interesting by placing a few even money bets on the layout for the duration of the 37 observed spins.  Some paid out, others did not but we managed to end the session with a few virtual coins in the pocket.  How did we record the winning numbers?  We didn’t have to!

One of the major benefits of playing roulette at Springbok Online Casino South Africa is that the software automatically records all the winning numbers and displays the information in a window on the gaming interface.  How did the numbers pan out?  What was interesting is that over the mandatory 37 spins, there were several recurring numbers.  The out and out winner on that score was, however, the number 19 – it showed up six times – or 16.22% of the time!

Finding Profit at the Online Casino South Africa 

What is even more remarkable is once we started betting in the real money mode, the number 19 showed up again on the 20th spin – and this time it paid out at 35:1 odds.  In just the first betting session we were essentially ahead of the game.  What happened over multiple sessions?  After repeating the same betting system over five consecutive rounds, we walked away with a clear profit of R75.  Not bad for putty a crazy theory to the test.

Does the Andrucci roulette betting system work?  If you are prepared to be patient and take the wins with the losses, the odds are in your favour.  If you are risk averse, you can I always wager with the lowest available casino chip denomination, which at Springbok Online Casino South Africa is R2.  That of course may well be a solid strategy when adopting a system such as the Andrucci roulette betting system.  One of the drawbacks of this particular system – and many others too – is you have to have a large bankroll to see your through the lean patches – and there will be plenty of those...

Would we recommend the Andrucci betting system to players at Springbok Online Casino South Africa?  The quick answer is ‘yes’ but there is one proviso – this kind of high-risk, high-reward strategy is not the best way to start out on a gambling journey.  Having said that, if you are a seasoned gambler and know how to manage your bankroll, Andrucci may just have known a thing or two about finding patterns in random events… and there might be some order in chaos after all!