Play combination bets for fun and single bets for big win… that is how you play online casino games called roulette!

What is the best course of action to take when playing online roulette?  Combination bets or single numbers bets?  The truth lies with the edge; the advantage to the house that is built-in to all our online casino games.  Whatever tactic you choose, it is best practice to be properly informed… and at Springbok Casino we focus on providing our players with useful information!

What is a Combination Bet in Roulette? 

One of the key features of American and European Roulette is the vast number of bets available to players.  Unlike blackjack and baccarat that are essentially one bet per round online casino games, there is no limit to the type or number of bets you can place in roulette.   A combination bet basically consists of a number of different bets that:

  • allow you to cover a large portion of the layout
  • pay out at different odds
  • guarantee you will win at least something on every wager

How to Place a Combination Bet in Roulette 

Selecting different bet types lies at the core of a combination bet.  When adopting this tactic you would, for example, place a straight up numbers bet on black 17.  You would follow that up by effectively hedging your bet by wagering two or even three times the original numbers bet on even, red, 19 to 36 and perhaps a split bet on two adjacent numbers like 8 and 11 or 10 and 13 on the layout.

That way, you have basically covered as many probable outcomes as you can.  Although the odds vary dramatically from 35:1 for a numbers bet, 17:1 for a split bet and even money for the outside bets, there is a better than average chance that at least one of the bets would pay off.  That is basically why we play online casino games… or is it?

Why Combination Bets Are Not the Best Way to Play Online Casino Games 

If a combination bet can virtually guarantee a win, what is the problem?  The issue here is that the odds reflect probability.  The lower the odds, the higher the probability of achieving a positive outcome.  What that effectively means is when your combination bet does pay out, it will usually pay out at the lowest odds. 

What are the lowest odds?  The even money odds linked to the outside bets.  Although at least one bet in the combination will come off, it is unlikely to cover the cost of the total wager.  Combination bets may be more fun but they are not the most lucrative way to play the online casino games that fall into the roulette category.

Combination Bets and the House Edge 

We mentioned the house edge is the most revealing factor when debating the subject of combination bets versus single straight up numbers bets.  What is the house edge?  It is basically a percentage of all the bets placed on a particular online casino game that is retained by Springbok Casino to cover our costs.  In the case of American and European Roulette the house edge is 5.26% and 2.70% respectively.

In some online casino games, it is possible to lower the house edge by implementing an optimal game strategy.  When it comes to roulette - which is a pure game of chance - there is no way to impact the advantage to the house, positively or negatively. 

That includes the number and types of roulette bets you choose to make on every spin of the wheel.  Although it may appear as though you are beating the house by winning frequently, in reality you are probably not even covering your costs… and that means you are losing money over the long term.

Here is the truth about combination bets.  They can increase the frequency of wins but they cannot reduce the house edge.  What that means is at Springbok Casino we keep on getting the same 5.26% or 2.70% whether you play combination bets or straight up single numbers bets. 

Combination Bets are More Fun! 

Having said that, the frequency at which payouts are generated by combination bets provides a more entertaining online casino games experience.  If your intention is to have fun, a combination betting system may suit your gambling style.  It is the kind of system that is not only destined to provide plenty of excitement, it can extend your roulette playing sessions right here at Springbok Casino!

If, however, you are on a serious quest for a big win, a better option would be to take what you would have spent on a combination bet and place proportionate chip values on a few more straight up numbers bets.  The elusive element here is luck and there is no way of knowing when you are in line for a lucky break.  The most important factor to bear in mind is the more money you wager on online roulette - and any other online casino games for that matter - the greater the losses are likely to be.

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