Play European Roulette, exchange outside for combination bets - grow the balance in the online gamble real money account!

Roulette is a game of fortune, right?  That essentially means you can’t do anything very much to improve your chances of winning… or does it?  If you want to maximise your online gamble real money returns playing roulette at Springbok Casino, there are a few golden rules that can help you achieve exactly that!

Roulette Has More in Common with Slots 

Roulette may be classified as a table game but in reality, it has more in common with slots.  In both cases, it is the random spin of the gaming hardware - the wheel and the reels - that determines the outcome of each round.  There are no decisions to be made other than the size of the stake and in the case of roulette, what bets or combinations of bets you want in-play for the spin.

At the Mercy of the RNG 

When you play games of fortune you are excluded from taking any sort of action to improve the probability of winning.  You are, as it is were, at the mercy of the random number generator (RNG).  What is the RNG?  An inanimate, though animate, piece of gaming software.  It produces the unpredictable sequences of numbers that decide where the ball lands on the wheel or which positions the reels come to rest.

How to Grow Your Online Gamble Real Money

As you can’t change the game in any material way, how do you get your online gamble real money to grow when you play roulette at Springbok Casino… or anywhere else for that matter?  Seasoned pros will tell you that there are a few cardinal rules you should follow when you load roulette onto your PC or phone.  These rules may not necessarily have an immediate impact on the balance in your online gamble real money account.  When you persist and play like a pro though, it can pay off over the long term.

The Golden Rules of Online Roulette 

What are the cardinal rules of roulette?  Here are the top 5 in no particular order:

  1. Only play the European single zero game
  2. Opt for the outside bets… most of the time
  3. Try combination bets when you are ahead
  4. Adopt a roulette betting system
  5. Always exploit the En Prison or La Partage rules… if you can

Always Play European Roulette at Springbok Casino

As you have probably gathered, European Roulette only has a single zero on the wheel.  That means there are a total of 37 numbers that you can bet on.  American Roulette on the other hand has a double zero in-play.  Believe it or not, that tiny discrepancy in the game mechanics can have a major effect on your long-term win rate.

The odds obviously rise from 1:37 in European Roulette to 1:38 in the American variant.  Along with the odds, the advantage to the house rises - or should we say soars - from 2.70% to 5.26%, respectively.  What does that tell you?  The European single zero game is the better option… by far.  When you play European Roulette at Springbok Casino it has the potential to boost your online gamble real money account a lot quicker than the American version!

Outside Bets Have the Highest Probability of Winning 

What are the outside bets in roulette?  They are the even money bets on the more generic attributes of the wheel.  In other words, rather than betting on a number of a small set of adjacent numbers, you are betting on the probability of the ball landing on a red or black pocket, an odd or even number of a high or low number. Although the odds for outside bets are only 1:1, there is almost a 50% chance of your bet winning – and that is a good bet, provided you are content to dabble in the small online gamble real money segment!

Go for the Combination Bets When You’re on a Winning Streak 

When the balance in your Springbok Casino account is on an upward trajectory - largely thanks to the slow but steady inflow of winnings generated by the outside bets - you may want to up the ante a bit and along with it, the level of risk.

In roulette there is no limit to the number of bets you can place at any one time.  As a result, it may just pay you to wager on one or more inside bets - straight numbers bets, split bets, corner bets and so on - simultaneously with one or more outside bets.  That way you will cover a larger section of the wheel and have the chance of getting paid out at odds of 35:1, 17:1, 8:1 and so on!

Roulette Betting Systems Can Be Fun 

There is a wide selection of roulette betting strategies that you can adopt.  Some are progression systems and others are seemingly based on chaos.  Although a betting system cannot change the outcome of the game, it can inject a bit of fun and anticipation into proceedings.  Who knows?  A good betting system may even help you keep your online gamble real money losses in check!

Going to Prison Isn’t Necessarily a Bad Thing! 

Some European and French Roulette games operate according to the En Prison or La Partage rules.  Both apply to the outside bets when the ball lands on zero and both offer some level of bet protection.  These rules bear a strong resemblance to the insurance bet in blackjack but with one major exception.  In roulette, no extra money is involved.

In games with the La Partage rule you only lose half the value of your outside bet when the ball lands in the zero pocket.  The En Prison rule, on the other hand, gives you the opportunity to get your original stake back.  As the name suggests, your original bet is basically imprisoned on the layout for one more spin of the reels.  In this scenario, going to prison isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  Here is how it works.  When the ball lands on zero, your outside bet is retained on the same place on the layout for the next spin of the wheel.  If your bet wins, you get your stake back.  If it doesn’t, you forfeit the bet.

What is important to mention is the fact that these rules are rarely found online.  More is the pity as according to the number crunches who calculate stuff like average return to player and house advantage, the La Partage rule has an edge of just 1.35% and an average payout rate of 98.65%!