Avoid common misconceptions and only play online casino roulette at Springbok Casino based on hypothetical probabilities!

Roulette may be one of the staples at Springbok Online Casino but it is shrouded in misinformation.  Do betting systems really work?  What is the probability of winning inside bets versus outside bets?  Is chasing losses a good, bad or indifferent tactic?  If you need straight answers you have come to the right place!

Exploit Multiple Bets in Online Casino Roulette  

When you play roulette online, the bets, layout, game mechanics and payouts precisely match the land-based equivalent.  Your objective is to predict where the ball will land on wheel and bet accordingly.  Unlike most other online casino games where you have the opportunity to bet on only one outcome, in roulette it is open season when it comes to the quantity and diversity of wagers that you can make on each and every spin of the wheel.

Probability is Fundamental to a Successful Betting Strategy 

What is fundamental to the potential success of any roulette bet is probability.  In other words, what are the hypothetical chances of hitting a specific number, a set of adjacent numbers, a column or, better yet, a red or black pocket?  When you are aware of the calculated probability assigned to each bet type, you can make properly informed decisions when you play roulette online at Springbok Casino.


How do you find the theoretical probability of each bet type in roulette?  As an online casino consistently rated right up there with the best, we like to offer that little bit extra to our players.  That is why we have gone to the effort of crunching down the numbers to come up with a European Roulette betting probability chart

Why European Roulette?  The advantage to the house is much lower than that of the American version of the game… and that is ‘strike one’ for the players at Springbok Casino!

European Roulette Bet Types: Probability and Payouts 

Roulette Bet Type 





35 to 1



17 to 1



11 to 1



8 to 1

Six Line 


5 to 1



2 to 1



2 to 1

Even / Odd 


1 to 1

Red / Black 


1 to 1

High / Low  


1 to 1

The Correlation Between Probability and Odds

When you glance at our European Roulette probability chart, you will notice a correlation between the hypothetical chance of winning a particular bet and the odds.  The higher the probability, the lower the real money pay out and vice versa. 

What that tells you is the even money or 1 to 1 bets are statistically the best bets.  They may not pay out much but if you persist with an even money betting strategy, you may just end your gambling sessions with a bit of extra cash in your online casino account.

The straight numbers bets, with their 35 to 1 odds, may seem like the obvious choice.  In reality, they occur less than three percent of the time – and that is not the kind of statistic you want when you are striving for cash wins at Springbok Casino.

Do Roulette Betting Systems Work at the Online Casino?  

Now to the question of roulette betting systems.  Do structured betting systems like the Martingale, Fibonacci and d’Alembert actually work at the online casino?  They certainly add to the gambling experience but do they have any real impact on the outcome of the game?

The key to any successful system or strategy is its ability to lower the house edge.  In games of skill like poker and blackjack it is possible to learn how to play the game in the mathematically perfect way.  When you do that, you obviously lower the in-built advantage to the house and in doing so, enhance your chances of winning.

Every Spin of the Roulette Wheel is Random and Unpredictable 

The problem is roulette is not a game of skill.   There are no decisions that you can make to influence the outcome of the game.  Every spin of the wheel is random and unpredictable.  Why?  A sequence of numbers generated by a random number generator determines the point at which the wheel comes to rest – and no strategy or betting system can beat the random number generator!

Although betting systems may be fun to try spin things in your favour at our online casino, they make no difference whatsoever to the average return to player (RTP) or the house edge.  Those figures are cast in stone – and nothing that you do as a player can change that.

Chasing the Losses in Online Roulette: Yes or No?

When you are losing consistently at the online casino, should you persist playing in the hopes of recouping your losses or cut and run?  The mistake many players make is to believe that cold runs are always followed by hot streaks.  In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.

The outcome in roulette is a random event, so there is no way of knowing where the ball will land.  At the end of the day, betting on roulette at our online casino is more guesswork than anything else.  

The smart players at Springbok Casino know when to quit…  That means taking the losses on the chin, never gambling with money you can’t afford to lose, and sticking with the stake you are comfortable with – rather than going all-in on high paying bet that has one of the lowest probabilities of winning.

Play Roulette Online Now at Springbok Casino 

Now that we have debunked the most common myths and misinformation relating to online roulette, it is time for you to play the game.  At Springbok Casino we feature American and European Roulette in the free play and real money modes.  

Why not give the little wheel a go in a no risk environment?  When you are more familiar with the layout and bet types, you can sign up at Springbok Casino, fund your betting account – and claim the first of three welcome bonuses!  That way, you can use the proceeds to play roulette online in ZAR.