When you play online roulette at Springbok Casino – or online slots for that matter – it all boils down to risk!

Online roulette shares many of the attributes of online slots.  It is fun, fast moving and easy to play.  The one variable that requires your input is the betting.  In online slots, the question is how many coins to bet per payline.  In online roulette, it is how many numbers to bet per spin.

Best Online Roulette Betting Strategy: Few vs Many Numbers

What is the optimal betting strategy to adopt when you play roulette online at Springbok Casino?  Logic dictates that the odds of winning are greater when a larger portion of the wheel is covered.  That may well be the case – but is it the wisest decision?

Some pundits believe that betting on multiple numbers subjects players to the house edge.  That is of course true in one respect.  When you bet on many numbers your total stake per spin is usually higher than had you bet on just a few.  As European Roulette has a built-in edge of 2.70%, your long-term losses are also obviously greater… or are they?

Adjust the Chip Value to Control the Stake

Having said that, you can easily mitigate the impact of the stake by lowering the chip value.  That is exactly the same tactic you would apply when playing online slots at Springbok Casino.  In that instance, you would reduce the coin denomination per payline bet.

In theory, the volume of numbers bets on the layout does not have to influence the advantage to the house one way or the other.  You can bet R100 on a single number or R1 on 20 numbers and the stake, and consequently the exposure to the edge, is exactly the same.

Now that we have sorted out that debate, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the few versus many roulette bets.

Betting on Many Numbers in Online Roulette

The easiest way to bet on multiple numbers is to go for the outside bets.  These are the bets on the outside of the layout – red or black, high or low and odd or even.

When you take the single zero out of the equation, the outside bets cover 50% of the wheel.  The probability of winning is thus equal to a coin toss and the 1:1 odds reflect that probability.  What that in essence means is the hit frequency is high but the payouts are low.

Low Risk, Low Variance Bets in Online Roulette

The outside bets in roulette are strikingly similar to the low-value symbols in online slots.  When you play online slots at Springbok Casino, you will find the low-value icons form paying combinations on the reels on virtually every other spin but the real money rewards are meagre to say the least.

Whether you play online slots or online roulette, the low variance bets may win 50% of the time but seldom generate a profit.

That does not mean playing many numbers in online roulette is not the best approach.  It simply means you can expect more wins than losses but the wins may not be sufficient to cover the losses.  This is a low-risk online roulette betting tactic and one that can extend your gambling sessions at Springbok Casino.

Betting on a Few Numbers in Online Roulette

When you take the other approach and bet on just a few numbers, the opposite dynamic kicks in.  As only a small percentage of the wheel is covered, the probability of winning is low.  That said, the odds range from 35:1 for a single number to 6:1 for a five-number bet.

High Risk, High Variance Roulette Bets

When you bet on a few numbers, you can anticipate extended cold streaks interspersed with one or two big wins.  These are the high risk, high variance bets that pay out wads of cash but only once in a while.  If you want to pursue this type of online roulette betting tactic, you had better have a large bankroll at your disposal and loads of patience.

The Number of Bets In-Play Does Not Lower the Edge

What is worth emphasising is one approach is not better than the other.  In fact, neither tactic can lower the advantage to the house.  What that of course means is you are going to lose R2.70 in every R100 wagered on online roulette at Springbok Casino… whether you bet on many numbers or just a few.

Best Online Roulette Betting Approach? It’s Up to You!

Right, back to the question posed in the title of the article – how many numbers should you bet on in online roulette?  It depends on a number of factors, such as your individual playing style, appetite for risk and, of course, the size of your bankroll.

If you are the kind of player who gets a kick out of winning more often than not, then betting on multiple numbers is the way to go.  Conversely, if you are prepared to play the long game and wait for a nice big win, then the numbers bets, split bets and neighbours bets are where you should be placing your chips on the layout.


As for online slots?  Well, we all know betting max is the best tactic – especially when there is a progressive jackpot in play.  You can however reduce the risk by choosing the lowest available coin denomination.  That, my friends, is how you play real money casino games at Springbok Casino – with risk at the core of your betting tactics!