Bet on your lucky numbers at the online casino, either singly or in combos – it’s the best roulette betting tactic by far!

When you visit an online casino, it helps to have the stars aligned in your favour.  You also need a sense of what works and what doesn’t.  In online roulette, it is the numbers that count… but which numbers are hot?  That is if there are any hot numbers at all!

For as long as roulette has been around, there have been rumours of hot and cold numbers.  Some pundits believe the bias of the roulette wheel leads to a high hit frequency of particular outcomes.  If the wheel structure is even slightly skewed, it stands to reason the ball will only land on one section of the wheel.

Others theorise that when a number does not show up for tens of spins, it is only a matter of time before it does.  The problem with both these hypotheses is neither one nor the other applies to an online casino environment… and we will tell you why.

The Virtual Reality of an Online Casino

The roulette you can play at an online casino, like Springbok Casino, is virtual.  As a result, nothing onscreen is real or tangible – neither the roulette wheel nor the layout.  What you see is simply an animated graphical representation of the game.

As the roulette wheel is not real, it cannot be biased.  It’s totally digitised with zero mechanical parts that could physically alter the outcome.  That puts paid to the first theory.  Now to the next.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

There is nothing to suggest that winning and losing occurs in perfect synergy.  The idea that an outcome, which has not occurred recently, is more likely to happen in the immediate future is merely an assumption… and a poor one at that – as outcomes can’t be influenced at an online casino, per say.

When you transpose the idea to the online casino, it is figuratively full of holes.  Besides the fallacious deduction outlined above, all the outcomes at a remote gambling platform, such as ours, are reliant on random generator software results.

What that essentially means is the results of all the casino games at Springbok Casino are completely random, including the numbers that come up in roulette.

Random Numbers Do Have Patterns


What may pique your interest is that, although the winning numbers in roulette are computer generated, there are subtle patterns that can be observed over an extended period of time.  In the context of the casino, that translates to several hundred spins of the roulette wheel.

If you are patient enough and record each outcome, you may be able to detect the so-called hot numbers – the ones that occur more frequently than most.  Even then, there is no guarantee the pattern will recur without some kind of minor modification.

How to Choose the Numbers in Online Roulette

If you can’t rely on hot numbers, what can you use to inform your roulette betting decisions at Springbok Casino?  You can select numbers based on major events in your life – your birthday, wedding anniversary or an auspicious date in your professional career.

Or you can pick lucky numbers according to your horoscope, culture or nationality.  If you are at a complete loss as to which numbers are considered lucky, here is a quick overview of a few of the numbers to bet on at Springbok Casino – either singly or by adding two or more together.

Lucky Numbers for Online Casino Roulette

Number 3 – you have no doubt heard the old adage ‘good things come in threes.’  If there is any truth to that, the number 3 is clearly a lucky number.  It is also one that you can wager on at the online casino.

If you need any more convincing as to the efficacy of betting on the number 3, the Chinese consider it lucky as it represents the three stages of life – birth, marriage and death.  In the Christian bible, it also denotes the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Number 4 – over on the Emerald Isle, the number 4 is hot.  According to the Irish it represents the four-leaf clover and we all know that is lucky, along with horse shoes and rabbit’s feet.

It is, however, not an auspicious number in China – as it apparently sounds remarkably similar to death in Mandarin.  That’s a bit confusing as death seems to be OK when it is paired with birth and marriage… but not so when it stands alone!

Number 7 – the number 7 represents all sorts of exceptional stuff and can easily be integrated into your roulette betting strategy.  For one, it took seven days to create the universe.  That is pretty amazing considering the universe is estimated to be 46.5 billion light years in diameter!

The number 7 also denotes the seven classical planets; the heavenly bodies that were visible to the naked eye during antiquity – the Sun, the Moon and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Wouldn’t the ancients be surprised to hear that we have already landed spacecraft on six out of the seven!  It is only the Sun that stands in the way of a clean sweep!

Number 8 – if you hail from the Far East, you will know the relevance of the number 8.  It not only represents powerful insight – and at the online casino insight can prove particularly handy – it has a similar pronunciation to ‘prosperity’.

In the context of gambling online, prosperity can only mean one thing… and that is a slew of real money payouts headed directly for your Springbok Casino account.

Is it Worth Betting on Numbers that are “Lucky”?

Lucky numbers are not hot numbers – but they may just give you a head start.  You can play them as-is, as straight up numbers bets, or you can add them together and play several numbers like 10, 12, 18 and 22.  Whether you believe in the luck of the numbers, or not, trying something new to win more when playing online roulette at Springbok Casino is always worth a shot!