At Springbok Casino randomness is guaranteed, so play online slots and roulette for fun and forget about prediction apps!

What do online slots and online roulette have in common?  They are games of fortune.  Even so, there is a growing number of software applications that can predict the future outcomes of roulette with 100% accuracy… or so they claim.  Is there any truth to these assertions?

Online Roulette is a Virtual Representation of the Game

Before we get into the veracity of the marketing blurb swirling around roulette prediction software, let’s get back to basics.  When you play online roulette at Springbok Casino, you are in fact witnessing a virtual representation of the game.

You place your bets on the virtual layout by clicking, first, on the chosen casino chips and then on the spots on the layout where you want the chips placed.  When you hit the spin button, you are presented with an animation of the ball dropping in a pocket on the wheel.

The truth of the matter is it is not the wheel or the ball that determines whether you win or lose.  That is left to the software powering the game.

PRNG Software Determines Win and Losses

The software’s job is to initiate what is known as a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) to generate a random number using a sequence of zeros and ones.  If you happen to bet on that number, or the colour, column or dozen associated with that number, you win.  If not, your bet loses.

This random algorithm is not unique to online roulette.  It is used to determine the outcome of all the casino games at Springbok Casino, from online slots and online blackjack to online baccarat and video poker.  Now the question is; if the numbers that come in on the roulette wheel are indeed random, are they be predictable?

Are Random Numbers Predictable?

In the usual sense of the word random means unsystematic, haphazard and arbitrary.  It is loosely associated with the concept of chaos.  Therein lies the rub.  How is chaos predictable?  According to the guys who develop roulette prediction software and apps, these tools have the ability to predict order out of chaos.

If they are to believed, they use Chaos Theory as the backbone of their software.  What is Chaos Theory?  One online definition describes it as “the science of predicting the behaviour of inherently unpredictable systems.” It is a mathematical process that allows users to identify ordered structures and patterns from a sea of chaos.

Why are There No Prediction Apps for Online Slots?

If indeed apps and software have the capabilities to identify patterns in the random numbers, or sets of numbers, generated by PRNG, why aren’t there any prediction apps for online slots?  The answer obviously has to do with the limited parameters in which random numbers in online roulette are generated.

Rather than identifying patterns in the infinite number of symbol combinations on the reels of online slots, roulette prediction tools have a basket of just 37 or 38 numbers to work with.

Proponents of these apps claim the software can identify which algorithm the PRNG software is using.  They can also determine patterns in the numbers or sets of numbers the software generates, in just three to four spins.

Why Predictability is Problematic

In theory, that may well be the case, but there is one problem.  All random number generators (RNG), including PRNGs, begin with unique seed data – a secret starting point.  The RNG uses that initial starting point to generate huge amounts of random data.

The only time the algorithm in use can be accurately determined is when the seed data is identifiable.  When the seed data is not identifiable or known, the output is virtually impossible to forecast.

In the context of Springbok Casino, what that essentially means is the next numbers in online roulette or winning symbols in online slots are not predictable… even with sophisticated software mining for precisely that information.

It’s All About Where Random Sequences Start

In random number generation, the sequence of the generator is common knowledge – but no-one knows where the sequence of the generation started.  When the sequence is large enough, it is all but impossible to figure out which numbers or symbols are coming up next in online roulette and online slots, respectively.

A good analogy is the spy’s codebook.  Without a copy of the codebook, encoded messages are indecipherable.  Even with the codebook to refer to, it is extremely difficult to decode messages.  How come?  There is no way of knowing exactly which page of the codebook was used to encode the messages in the first place.

What this in fact means is that a good PRNG does not have clear patterns.  Hence the future outcomes in Springbok Casino games, be they online slots or online roulette, cannot be predicted with any accuracy.  Certainly not the 100% accuracy claimed by the developers of roulette prediction apps and software.

The Quality of the PRNG is Paramount

Now back to the original question – are roulette prediction apps effective?  The short answer is ‘maybe’.  As we have already covered in detail, it all boils down to the quality of the random number generation software.

If the PRNG is not up to scratch, roulette prediction apps may well be able to ‘crack the code’.  Once they have done that, they can determine the algorithm in use and the patterns within that algorithm.

The PRNG at Springbok Casino is Independently Certified for Randomness

At Springbok Casino we invest in only the best – the best games, the best bonuses and the best casino software.  The PRNG is part of the Real Time Gaming software package.  It is independently assessed for randomness and duly certified by a third-party testing agency.

That is of course is bad news for anybody who believes a roulette prediction app can enhance their win to loss ratio.  It is simply not going to happen.

You are much better off gambling online with fun and entertainment in mind.  If you do happen to win a few rand here and there playing your favourite roulette games, video poker variants or online slots – and there’s a good chance either way – perceive that as an added bonus!