Where you gamble, which online casino games you play and which roulette bets you choose are key elements to consider.

Can you improve the odds of winning when you play online roulette?  The short answer is ‘yes’.  By putting in the time and making properly informed decisions, you really can give yourself the best possible chance of turning a profit.

An Unpredictable Game of Fortune

We all know roulette falls firmly into the category of online casino games known as games of fortune.  In these games, the results are completely unpredictable.  There are no discernible patterns to follow, cards to count or strategies to implement.

In reality, the ball has a life of its own.  It falls into the pocket on the wheel, based on diminished velocity.  That, of course, is in the live casino setting.  At an online casino, like Springbok Casino, winning numbers are determined by random number generation.

Hot Tip #1 – Where You Play Online Casino Games Matters

If the results in online roulette are random, how on earth can anyone influence the outcome of the game?  In truth, they can’t.  That said, knowing where to play online casino games is the key to a better win rate.

What you have to ask yourself are things like:

  • Which online casino has the best reputation?
  • Can I use the online casino bonuses to my advantage?
  • Are winnings easily cashable?
  • Is there a way to test out the real money gambling mode prior to making a deposit?
  • Which software company supplies the online casino games?
  • Is there a customer support team?  Is it easily contactable?

The Answers Direct You to the Best Online Casino Games Platform

Once you have all the answers, you are perfectly placed to find a legitimate gambling home; one that is licensed, regulated and fair.  Simply by playing online casino games on the best possible platform, you have increased your chances of hitting a few home runs!

The good news is that Springbok Casino has been independently rated the best – not on one occasion, but on two.  The ‘Best Casino in South Africa in 2020’ and ‘Best High Roller Casino’ titles prove the point!

Hot Tip #2 – Play the Original Versions of Online Casino Games

Where you play online casino games is only one aspect of an improved win rate.  Which online casino games you play is as important.  Although there are dozens of different roulette games online, it is the traditional European and French variants that are considered the best.

Don’t be fooled by the games with multiple wheels, optional side bets and progressive jackpots.  They are designed to offer players extra entertainment… but at an additional cost.  The trick is to stick to the good old originals rather than the hyped-up variants.

That brings us to the next hot online roulette tip – and it has got to do with low-risk betting...

Hot Tip #3 – Select the Low-Risk Bets in Online Roulette

When you play online casino games, the easiest way to mitigate losses is to choose the bets with care.  That may be easier said than done – and for one reason.  Roulette is unique in that there are literally 20 or more different bet type available on every spin.

To complicate matters further, there is no limit to the number of bets you can place at any one time.  The danger, of course, is the ease at which players get carried away… at the brick-and-mortar casinos and at the likes of Springbok Casino.

Why the Odds in Online Roulette are Revealing

What you have to ascertain is which roulette bets carry the least risk… and that is where the odds are so revealing.  In the Springbok Online Casino games, the odds are posted under one of the menu tabs on the gaming interface.  In European Roulette, that happens to be the ‘Help’ tab.

By glancing at the odds, you can quickly determine the high risk over the low-risk bets.  A straight up numbers bet, for instance, has odds of 35:1 – the highest in the game.  It also has the lowest probability of occurring.  When you play the numbers bets, the chances of banking money at Springbok Casino are slim at best.

The Best Online Roulette Bets Are…

Conversely, the outside bets like red or black, odd or even and high or low, have even money odds.  What that tells you is the outside bets carry the lowest risk.  They are the bets that have an almost 50% probability of hitting.

With that in mind, the best online roulette bets are the bets that enhance the odds of winning. We now know these bets are arranged on the outside of the online roulette layout and pay out at odds of 1:1.

Hot Tip #4 – Practice Playing Online Roulette in the Fun Mode at Springbok Casino


The odds are you would never ride a horse or drive a car without practising in a safe environment first.  That sentiment applies equally to gambling and, in this context, gambling is playing online casino games at Springbok Casino.

Practice Betting Systems and Experiment with Bets

Rather than anteing up in rands and cents, you can use virtual coins and play online roulette as you would in the real-world setting.  By doing that, you can practice the different betting systems featured on our roulette gambling tips page.

You can get a feel for the different chip values and experiment with single wagers and combination bets.  You can get a better idea of how the bets pay out and assess the frequency and length of the hot and cold streaks.

Get a Practical View of Things

Playing online casino games in the fun mode affords you a practical view of things but without having to pay a cent for the privilege.  Once you are fully prepared and have your game face on, it is time to make the best move you have made in a long time.

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