Give the 666 betting system a go – play European Roulette in the free play mode at Springbok, the #1 Kiwi online casino.

How do roulette aficionados win money at the Kiwi online casino?  They literally blanket the layout with casino chips.  The tactic is to cover every conceivable number on the wheel – and that is where the 666 betting system steps in.

What is the 666 Betting System?

The 666 online roulette betting system is based on the concept of ‘hedging the bets’.  The idea is the more bets there are in-play, the greater the chances of winning.  By covering as many positions on the layout – and by extension the numbers on the roulette wheel – you will maximise the probability of achieving a positive outcome.

This particular ‘strategy’ achieves near blanket coverage of the wheel.  It involves 10 separate online roulette bets at a total cost of R66 per spin.  One of the bets is an outside bet.  The remaining nine are inside bets.

As all our players at Springbok Casino are no doubt aware, outside bets pay even money.  These types of wagers have the highest probability of occurring, hence the short 1:1 odds.  The inside bets, on the other hand, are more difficult to achieve.  As a result of the lower probability, the odds are significantly longer, and thus more desirable.

How the 666 Betting System Works

The R66 stake per spin is divvied up as follows:

  • R36 on red
  • R4 on each of the following split bets – 0-2, 8-11, 10-13, 17-20, 26-29 and 28-31
  • R2 on any three of the following straight up numbers bets – 35, 33, 24, 22, 15, 6 or 4

A quick glance at the layout tells its own story.  When playing European Roulette at our top ranked Kiwi online casino, you will notice almost all the numbers, 0 through 36, are covered by casino chips.  The only exceptions are the four numbers excluded from the straight up bets.

Break the 666 betting system down and you are wagering:

  • R36 a spin on an outside bet, with odds of 1:1
  • R30 a spin on inside bets, divided into R24 on split bets with 17:1 odds, and R6 on 35:1 numbers bets

Similarity to the French Bets in Online Roulette

What is worth noting is the French bets, available in the European Roulette variant at Springbok Casino, are truncated versions of the system.  Voisins du Zero, for instance, consists of seven bets covering 17 numbers.  Orphans is a five-bet option, covering eight numbers.  Tiers du Cylindre consists of six bets.

The bets in all three race-track wagers mentioned above are exclusively inside bets.  They include split bets, streets, corners and numbers bets.  Together they cover the entire inside layout and pay out at odds ranging from 8:1 to 35:1.

Where the so-called French bets do differ from the 666 betting system is in the outside bets.  These ‘easy to achieve’ even money wagers are left right out of the equation.  Whether that is a good or bad thing is up for debate.

Is the 666 Betting System Profitable?

The vast majority of players at the number one Kiwi online casino gamble with an expectation of winning at least some of the time.  That is precisely why all sorts of strategies, tactics and betting systems have been devised over the years.

Covering as much of the wheel in online roulette obviously makes sense.  The only problem is the high risk and even higher costs associated with the tactic.  The elephant in the room is a little something called ‘gain’ or ‘profit’.  In other words, what is the most you can win playing the 666 system at our highly rated Kiwi online casino?

The first factor to be aware of is the role luck plays in winning and losing.  In reality, online roulette is similar to online slots.  It is a game of chance.  As such, there is absolutely no way of predicting where the ball will land after the spin – other than gazing into a crystal ball.

When you play online roulette at our Kiwi online casino, you can’t calculate the trajectory of the ball.  There are no identifiable patterns in play and there is no truth whatsoever that some numbers are hotter than others.  At Springbok Casino, all our gaming outcomes are randomly determined by RNG software.  No human element is involved at all.

The Potential Gain, Bet-by-Bet

With that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the potential ‘gain’ involved in the 666 betting system.  It is only when we have the facts that we can make informed decisions – at our Kiwi online casino and life in general.  As we have already determined, there are four possible outcomes to every spin:

  1. One of the four uncovered numbers comes up and you lose R66
  2. A red number wins and you are paid out R36
  3. One of the numbers in a split bet comes good and you win R68
  4. The ball lands on one of the three numbers covered by a straight up bet and you are paid R70

How do we arrive at the aforementioned payouts?  A single outside bet of R36 on red pays at odds of 1:1, hence R36.  A R4 wager on split bets pays at 17:1 odds – 4 x 17 = R68.  R2 on 35:1 straight up numbers bets generates 2 x 35 = R70.

These figures reflect the payout including the stake.  As a result, you incur a loss of R30 on the outside bet and a gain of R2 and R4 on the split and numbers bets, respectively.  When you take probability into account, the loss-generating bet is the one that comes good most of the time.

How We Fared Testing the 666 Roulette Strategy at Springbok Casino

Here's how the system panned out for us when we played European Roulette at the best Kiwi online casino.  Of the 28 completed spins, 12 were R30 losses, 11 delivered gains of R2 and only one generated R4 profit.  The remaining four spins gobbled up the R66 stake!

When judging the efficacy of the system purely on financial terms, it is clearly not the most auspicious of tactics.  That said, it does enhance the fun factor of playing roulette online at Springbok Casino.  When you don’t take the bottom line into account, there really is excitement on virtually every spin.  In fact, only three of the 28 spins we bet on failed to deliver a ‘winner’.

Test the Strategy at the #1 Kiwi Online Casino – Springbok Casino!

One way of determining whether a system works for you is to try it out – for free!  At Springbok Casino, all the online casino games on our instant play and mobile platforms are available in the free-play mode.  You don’t even have to be a registered member of the best Kiwi online casino to enjoy access to our RTG games – one of which is European Roulette!