Lucky numbers and Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes – that’s what you need to enhance the online roulette hit rate!

Numbers are ubiquitous.  They denote our ages, identify our homes and appear in Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.  Numbers represent human attributes, cosmic events and pockets on an online roulette wheel.  Here is the deeper meaning of the numbers 0 through 36.

What are the Best Numbers at Springbok Online Casino?

When it comes to player rewards, the numbers 50 and 100 stand out.  They are used in conjunction with the word ‘Springbok’ to denote the separate entities that make up our special welcome bonus.  Enter the respective coupon codes at the cashier and you are deep in the dosh.

Those are not the only lucky numbers at Springbok Online Casino, nor do they correspond with the only cash incentives we offer our patrons.  In fact, one of our best bonuses is not aligned with a number at all.  You will find our free cash giveaway is simply identified by the code ‘Test-Springbok’ instead.

Do all the Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes follow the letters-only trend?  Well, some do and some don’t.  As the most generous no deposit bonuses are personalised and sent directly to your inbox, they don’t require coupon codes at all!

Now, 50 and 100 are undoubtedly lucky numbers.  Together, they unlock up to R11,500 in complimentary cash.  That said, they are not part of the action in online roulette.  As the European version of the game is the mainstay of the instant play platform at Springbok Online Casino, we shall focus on the relevance of the numbers 0 through 36.

Numbers in European Roulette – Hot, Cold and Insignificant

Here are the 37 numbers on the European Roulette wheel, together with their significance in terms of numerology, religion and just plain luck – good and bad:

0 – has no beginning or end.  It is infinite.  The Chinese consider zero to be an auspicious number.  That said, it has nothing to do with theoretical probability.  Rather, it is the similarity in tone and language between the words ‘zero’ and ‘good’ in Cantonese.  How does zero rate in terms of Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes? Truth be told, not at all.

1 – symbolises confidence, action and new beginnings.  If you believe you are about to enter a new phase and it involves getting paid out at odds of 37:1, by all means go all-in on the number 1.  What we do know for sure is Springbok Online Casino is routinely rated the number one casino for high rollers and South Africans!

2 – is associated with harmony, balance, relationships and partnerships.  It is a numerical partner that can help you achieve your goals.  If that happens to be winning real money at Springbok Online Casino, the number 2 can be a game changer.

3 – symbolises divine perfection.  It represents solidarity, wholeness and coming full circle.  The online roulette wheel is essentially a circle.  Does that have any relevance to winning or losing?  You can find out for free via our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes.

4 – is a hugely significant number… but is it lucky?  There are four phases of the moon, four seasons in the year and four weeks in the month.  The question is… is the number 4 an appropriate choice for a straight up numbers bet in online roulette?  That is for you to decide.

5 – represents change, adventure and curiosity.  It also symbolises great wisdom.  On that score alone, it is considered especially lucky.  Can you win a ton of money with all your chips on number 5?

6 – symbolises peace, harmony and unconditional love.  That is in the context of numerology.  In the bible, it represents weakness and the manifestation of sin.  As there is no consensus around the luck aspect of the number, it is probably best to leave it out of the online gambling equation.

7 – is known as the lucky number.  It symbolises everything that is good and positive.  At Springbok Online Casino, we even feature a lucky 7 deposit bonus on the 7th of every month.  As with the best Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, the key to this 100% bankroll booster can be found in your inbox.

8 – is a Karmic number that points to sublunary abundance and success.  It symbolises affluence and material freedom, which you can attain right here at Springbok Online Casino!

9 – symbolises endings and new beginnings.  It is the last of the single-digit numbers and one that is neither lucky nor unlucky.  If it has some sort of personal significance for you, go for it – but maybe as part of a six-line, street or corner bet.

10 – is a perfect number, along with 3, 7 and 12.  It represents confidence, independence and determination, all of which are key attributes of a successful gambler.  Numerologists consider 10 a most auspicious number.

11 – is the portal to personal enlightenment.  It too is a Karmic number that symbolises great insight and inspiration.  That said, its power at the virtual roulette table is largely untested.  If you are willing to give it a go, we suggest you claim one of the available Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes to mitigate the risk.

12 – represents perfection, synergy and cosmic order.  In religion, it is considered a perfect number.  As the number 12 symbolises deep spiritual knowledge, it is deemed to be incredibly auspicious.

13 – is universally unlucky.  It is associated with death, suffering, lawlessness and bad luck.  Some might suggest you would be better off claiming our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes, and playing online slots, rather than betting on 13 in online roulette!

14 – is a spiritual number associated with salvation, friendship and harmony.  It represents success… but only once several difficult challenges have been met.  In Chinese cultures, 14 is considered very unlucky as it is associated with certain death.

15 – symbolises financial prosperity, abundance and great material wealth.  It is the kind of number to integrate into your gameplay over the long term.  That is if you happen to be superstitious, of course.  For the rest of you, a better plan would be to redeem the Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes and use the free cash to fund your gaming sessions!

16 – is symbolic of love, tenderness and loving.  It also represents knowledge and wisdom.  In India, the number 16 is most propitious.

17 – is associated with good fortune in numerology.  In the bible, it represents victory and overcoming the enemy.  Together, luck and victory can be a formidable pair that can win the day Springbok Online Casino.

18 – represents good luck in the Jewish faith.  The Chinese associate the number with overwhelming success.  That is about the most positive reference yet, so be sure to include 18 in your online roulette betting strategy.

19 – symbolises optimism, success and happiness.  It signifies a goal that has almost been realised.  If that goal involves increasing the balance in your Springbok Online Casino account, you are very nearly there.

20 – is not the ideal number to play in online roulette.  It is a symbol of adversity and deprivation and is considered most unlucky.

21 – is infused with magic.  It is the sum of the first six numbers and the product of 3 x 7, lucky numbers in their right.  It is a number with infinite potential and one that you can exploit at our online casino – whether you use our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes or not!

22 – symbolises insight, adaptability and accuracy.  It is considered to be one of the most powerful numbers in numerology.  Whether you can harness that power at Springbok Online Casino is debatable.

23 – represents diversification and development.  It is a prime number that has been worn on the shirts of some of the legends of sports – Shane Warne, Michael Jordan and David Beckham.  Can it translate into cash winnings at the casino?  With G.O.A.Ts like that in the equation, it is worth a shot.

24 – has a strong esoteric connection to heaven.  It is also considered a magic number by mathematicians.  As for luck, well, there doesn’t seem to be any real connection on that score.

25 – symbolises rapid and positive changes… hopefully in terms of the winnings in your Springbok Online Casino account!  It is considered a lucky number by some.

26 – signifies struggle, accidents, doom and bad luck.  It is not the number to include in your online roulette playbook… even with the financial fillip generated by our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes!

27 – is viewed as a mystical number as it is the sum of 3 x 3 x 3.  It is associated with good news and great personal gifts.  At the online casino, that can only mean one thing!

28 – denotes financial freedom and abundant wealth.  It is a particularly lucky number in China, and one that you should pursue when you play European Roulette at our download, instant play or mobile casino.

29 – symbolises endings and new beginnings.  It is a strong sign that life is going to change for the better… or the worse.  It is an ambivalent number in gambling terms that is neither lucky nor unlucky.  So, go with your gut.

30 – refers to divine inspiration.  That is not quite what is required to win and win big at Springbok Casino.  A fair bit of luck and a suitable betting system is guaranteed to have more of an impact!

31 – is known as a lucky prime number.  It represents optimism and enthusiasm, both of which are invaluable attributes to bring to an online gaming platform like ours!

32 – signifies joy, happiness and reassurance.  It is a sure sign that everything will happen when it is meant to happen.  How that pertains to your online gambling sessions is anybody’s guess.  You’d be well advised to rely on the steady flow of cash generated by our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes instead!

33 – represents the holy trinity.  It is associated with bravery, compassion and personal advancement.  In the context of real money gaming, it doesn’t mean anything in particular at all.

34 – is connected with introspection and advanced intelligence.  It is considered a very fortunate number that bestows lots of good luck.  When you include 34 in your betting strategy, there is a good chance of maximising your win rate.

35 – signifies a progressive change in life.  It also symbolises material acquisitions, which allude to the fact that there is plenty of money lying around.  Money can either be earned or won, so you may just pull off a coup at the online casino with 35 in play.

36 – is strongly focussed on the career.  Unless you are a professional gambler, it doesn’t really bode well when it comes to banking hard cash at Springbok Online Casino.  You may be forced to redeem our Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes simply to stay afloat!