Use a positive progression roulette betting system to exploit the hot streaks at Springbok Online Casino South Africa!

Do you want to win more cash at the online casino South Africa?  You can integrate complex strategies into your gameplay… or you can take the easier route and opt for a progressive betting system instead.  The route you take is strictly game-dependent – and here is why.

Strategies vs Betting Systems at the Online Casino South Africa

As you are no doubt aware, online casino games are divided into two broad categories.  There are games of skill, like online blackjack, video poker and Caribbean Stud – and there are games of chance.  Online roulette, together with online slots, keno and baccarat fall into the latter category.

When you play games of skill at the best online casino South Africa, you can influence the outcome.  By doing that, you can lower the house edge.  When the advantage to the house is diminished, the payout rate increases – and that has a material impact on your bankroll, albeit over the long-term.

In this scenario, the key to success is strategy.  All games of skill have a defined strategy.  These strategies pinpoint the best gameplay for each event.  In other words, there are theoretically correct decisions you can make to enhance your chances of winning at Springbok Casino.

The basic blackjack strategy, for instance, outlines exactly when to hit, stand, split or double down.  It takes the value of your two cards into account, together with the dealer’s up card.  The optimal strategy for Jacks or Better video poker, on the other hand, lists the best ways to play a hand in terms of holding cards to the draw.

When you fully understand the game and implement the skills learnt in the associated strategy, you can improve the odds of winning.

In games of chance, the outcome is completely fortuitous.  There is nothing you can do to improve the odds or lower the edge.  That is precisely why there are no legitimate strategies associated with the likes of online roulette or online slots.

Can Betting Systems Improve the Odds at Springbok Casino?

If strategies are ineffective, what about betting systems?  Do they enhance your chances of banking more money at the online casino South Africa?

Statistically, betting systems have no impact at all on the outcome of the game.  They cannot help you win more game rounds or tame the house edge.   What they do provide is structured gameplay.  Afterall, there are loads of people who thrive on consistency, even as it pertains to playing online roulette at Springbok Casino.

Over the centuries, mathematicians, number theorists, proponents of chaos theory – and even apparently fictional spies – have come up with online roulette betting systems.  They are divided into two main categories, namely progressive and non-progressive betting systems.

Progressive betting systems involve adjusting the stake up or down according to whether the previous bet won or lost.  As you have probably guessed, there are both positive and negative progressive betting systems.

  • In positive progressive betting systems, you increase the wager when you win and decrease it when you lose.
  • In negative progressive betting systems, you do the opposite – decrease the stake when you win and increase it when you lose.

Positive vs Negative Progressive Online Roulette Betting Systems

In theory, a positive progressive betting system allows you to capitalise on potential winning streaks.  It also allows you to cap your losses.

If you are lucky enough to hit a protracted hot streak playing roulette at our top ranked online casino South Africa, you can win a lot of cash.  Similarly, an extended cold streak won’t result in a bust bankroll.  That is the logic behind the system, in any event.

A negative progression betting system obviously carries a lot more risk.  In fact, the whole idea is a bit skewed as it is premised on the gambler’s fallacy.  That, of course, is the warped idea that you will win at some point.  When you do, the stakes, hence the odds, will be significantly higher than the losses.

The problem is there is no guarantee you will ever win.  Even when 10, 15 or 20 consecutive spins of the online roulette wheel end up with the ball on black, there is nothing that says the next number will be red.  The very next spin, and every other spin to follow, has a 50/50 chance of generating a black or red number – and that will never change.

The positive progressive betting system can be fun.  You may even find you end one or two betting sessions in profit.  The negative option, on the other hand, is simply too risky.  Systematically increasing the stakes in the hope that you will ultimately get a win is not the smartest move you can make at Springbok online casino South Africa.

If you do intend to adopt a progression betting system for online roulette, make sure you keep the initial stake as low as possible.  At Springbok Casino that means opening the betting with at least two R2 chips.  Why so many?  Well, if you lose, the betting system dictates that you should lower the stake!

Types of Progression Betting Systems

What types of online roulette betting systems have a positive progression format?  The Paroli system, Reverse Labouchere, Contra d’Alembert and the popular 1-3-2-6 betting system all require you to adjust your stake upward when you win.

As for the high-risk negative progression systems, you will find the Fibonacci, d’Alembert, Martingale, Labouchere fit the bill – that is if you have the nerve to throw caution to the wind!

Adopting any betting system – as with gambling at the number one online casino South Africa – is meant to be fun.  The secret is to only wager nominal amounts that you can afford to lose.  If you are lucky enough to gain a profit, it is a good time to take bask in your success and take a bit of a break.  You could play something like Ghostwire: Tokyo, Starfield or Gran Turismo 7 instead – a bit fun, without the benefit of winning ZAR though.

As the top ranked online casino South Africa, Springbok Casino offers hundreds of Real Time Gaming developed online casino games.  Our gaming portfolio includes instant play European Roulette.  This happens to be the most favourable version of the game, with the lowest roulette house edge.

To Conclude – Roulette Betting Systems: Yay or Nay?

Betting systems are not predictable and cannot be relied on – but it can’t hurt to go into an otherwise completely random game with some sort of plan.  So, if we were to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’, the answer would probably be 50/50, or simply, give it a shot!  Who knows, you might enjoy it, or you might not at all.

If you are sold on the idea of a betting system, we suggest you register an account and login to Springbok Casino.  That way, you can try out the likes of the Paroli or 1-3-2-6 betting systems in the free play mode.  You can also claim our free cash no deposit bonus – a flagship new player perk befitting the best online casino South Africa!