Did you know roulette was around more than 215 years before the launch of the best online casino South Africa?

What is the 3rd most popular game at our online casino South Africa? Nope – it’s not online slots or blackjack. It is a numbers games, a colours game… and a single, double and triple zeros game! What is it? It’s online roulette – and we’ve got a few facts to share!

A True-Blue Casino Classic

To those of you who have never experienced the thrill of playing roulette online, here is a heads-up. You are missing out on a Springbok Casino classic. In fact, roulette was already dominating the real money gaming scene long before the advent of our online casino South Africa.

Truth be told, roulette was the casino game of choice in the time of Ludwig Van Beethoven, Catherine the Great, Jane Austen and the Marquis de Lafayette!

Early Antecedents of Online Roulette

Before roulette adopted its conventional wheel and layout structure, it was available in several intoxicating iterations. It was known as Cavagnole in France and Biribi in Italy. In these earliest forms of the game, stakes were placed on numbers on a game board. Rather than the spinning wheel, winning numbers were determined by a draw.

Napoleon Bonaparte loved roulette so much, he allowed it to be played… but only in the lavish gaming halls of the Palais Royal. Casanova, renowned for breaking hearts, broke the bank playing the French version of roulette. As a dashing young prince, Edward VIII periodically bet on the outcome of the little wheel. That was when he wasn’t cheating at baccarat!

Does Online Roulette Represent the Number of the Beast?

What really got chins wagging was the game’s inherent association with the ‘mark of the beast’. According to the biblical book of Revelations, the number or name of an evil dragon-like beast, which emerged from the sea, was precisely six hundred and sixty-six.

What has that got to do with our effervescent online casino game? Well, when you add all the numbers from one to 36 together, the grand total is 666. At Springbok Casino, we can assure you this is pure coincidence, so even if you lean towards superstition, online roulette is a-okay and fun to play!

The Edge is Derived from the Zero Pocket (s)

In the original version of the legendary online casino game – which is still known as European Roulette at our top ranked online casino South Africa – there was just one pocket reserved for the house. This pocket remains in the equation to this day. It is represented by the single zero.

It is the zero that contributes the mathematical advantage to the house. In other words, the zero is solely responsible for the 2.7% edge in European Roulette. The Americans added a second zero, hiking the edge to 5.25%.

In statistical terms, that is a rise of 2.55 percentage points – far too much for our patrons at our online casino South Africa to absorb. That is why you won’t find the American variant of online roulette on the instant play platform at Springbok Casino!

Why Avoid Triple Zero Roulette

Before the notorious double zero game was introduced at US gaming halls, American Roulette had three house pockets – zero, double zero and the American eagle. That didn’t work out too well. Players soon cottoned on to the fact that the casinos were pulling in the cash at their expense.

Historical failure has not deterred casinos on the Las Vegas Strip from launching their versions of Triple Zero Roulette. As you can imagine, the house advantage is way over the top. In fact, the edge in this bankroll busting variant of roulette is an unassailable 7.69%!

What that of course means is the average payback percentage is just 92.31%. Even by Las Vegas standards, that is a criminally low number! Now can you see why playing European Roulette at the #1 online casino South Africa – Springbok Casino – is by far the best option?

How the Table Layouts in Roulette Tell a Story

It is not only the number of pockets and the respective house edges that differentiate one roulette variant from the other. The actual layout of the table is telling. Here are the key differences to note;

  • In European roulette, the wheel is always on the left side of the layout
  • Either side of the layout is good enough for the American roulette wheel
  • In the French game, the wheel is placed in the centre of the table. It is flanked, on either side, by the standard layout and the so-called race track layout

An Agile Table Layout at the Online Casino South Africa

Thanks to the agility of the responsive gaming platform at Springbok Casino, our table layout is slightly different. In the Real Time Gaming (RTG) developed version of European Roulette, the French and standard layouts dominate the gaming interface.

The online roulette wheel is hidden until such time all the bets are down and the spin button is engaged. When that happens, the wheel appears on the left and play begins. Once the spin is complete, an enlarged pop-up window highlights precisely which numbered pocket the ball has landed in.

How is that for refined online roulette gameplay at our online casino South Africa? We’re could very well feature in the top 10 tech trends for 2022!

Multiple Bet Types

Another factor driving the enormous popularity of European Roulette is the diverse selection of bets. At Springbok Casino, you have the option to place the conventional inside and outside bets. You can also place one or more of the French combination bets:

  • Voisins du Zero
  • Orphans
  • Tiers du Cylindre

Now, everyone who loves online roulette knows about the French bets. That said, did you know there is also a German roulette bet? It is called Zero Spiel and consists of a combination of bets placed on six of the numbers closest to zero.

Then of course there are the Finale bets. These bets are denoted by a specific numeral, such as 2, 3, 4 and so on. They are basically straight up numbers bets on 2, 12, 22 and 32 or 3, 13, 23 and 33 and so on.

You won’t find either of these unique wagers at our online casino South Africa. That said, there is plenty of betting action available… and at a tap of a button. Why not sign up at Springbok Casino and get your fill of one of the best online casino games around?