Deploy a combination of corner and dozen bets and win ZAR playing roulette at the #1 online casino South Africa!

How do you win money at our online casino South Africa playing roulette?  You go for the high probability bets – the wagers statistically skewed in your favour.  Let’s take a look at a few well-placed combination bets in online roulette that can change your fortunes around.

Deploy Tactics at the Online Casino South Africa

As you are no doubt aware, online roulette is a game of chance.  It falls into the same gaming category as online slots, scratch cards, baccarat and keno.  There is nothing you or I can do to change the outcome of the game – that is decided by a random spin of the wheel, and a sizable dollop of luck!

The key to increasing your chances of winning is to cover a large percentage of the layout.  To do that, you need a relatively healthy bankroll and tried and tested tactics.  When most of the numbers on the layout are covered, the chances are you will win a few credits here and there.

Tactics Vs Strategies

One thing we need to make clear is that tactics are not to be confused with strategy.  There is no theoretically perfect way to play online roulette, as there is online blackjack, Caribbean Stud or Jacks of Better video poker.  In these games, you can tip the scales in your favour by deploying mathematically proven strategies.

Tactics are the opposite.  It is simply a ‘way to play’ that might increase your winning chances, although there are no guarantees on the outcome.  The tactics we are referring to in online Roulette can be whittled down to two bet types, which together, could pay dividends at our online casino South Africa.

Roulette Combination Bets Explained

What are these clever combination bets in online roulette?  Collectively, they are known as the Romanosky bets after the guy who developed the concept.  As tactics, they are only effective in the single-zero game which, in the case of Springbok Online Casino South Africa, is European Roulette.

In essence, the Romanosky bets are a combination of dozen and corner bets which pay out at 2 to 1 and 8 to 1 odds, respectively.  In total, the bets cover 32 numbers on the layout, giving you an 86.5% chance of winning on every spin of the wheel.

The remaining five numbers are duds.  Statistically, they account for a loss probability of just 13.5%.  In terms of the games of chance at our online casino South Africa, that is as good as it gets!

The Five Variations of Romanosky Bets in Online Roulette

Now to the actual breakdown of the so-called Romanosky bets.  According to this system, you have to place three chips on two dozen bets and one bet on two corner bets.

There are five variations of this particular combination bet, all of which deliver the same results:

  • Bet 1 – three chips on the 1st 12, three chips on the 2nd 12, one chip on 25-26-29-28 and one chip on 32-33-36-35.  The uncovered numbers are 0-27-30-31-34.
  • Bet 2 – three chips on the 2nd 12, three chips on the 3rd 12, one chip on 1-2-5-4 and one chip on 8-9-122-11.  The uncovered numbers are 0-3-6-7-10.
  • Bet 3 – three chips on the 1st 12, three chips on the 3rd 12, one chip on 14-15-18-17 and one chip on 19-20-23-22.  The uncovered numbers are 0-13-16-21-24.
  • Bet 4 – three chips on the 1st 12, three chips on the 3rd 12, one chip on 13-14-17-16 and one chip on 20-21-24-23.  The uncovered numbers are 0-15-18-19-22.
  • Bet 5 – three chips on the 2nd 12, three chips on the 3rd 12, one chip on 2-3-6-5 and one chip on 7-8-11-10.  The uncovered numbers are 0-1-4-9-12.

All these variations are fundamentally the same.  They consist of eight bets covering 32 numbers and provide you with more than an 86 percent chance of winning real money at our online casino South Africa.  Exactly how much is dependent upon which bet wins, whether it is a dozen bet with its 2 to 1 odds or a corner bet, which pays out at 8 to 1.

There is no system defining which variation of bets to use… and when.  That is entirely up to individual players at Springbok Casino.  You may prefer to stick to just one variation.  Alternatively, you may choose to take the more flexible route and go through each option, one by one.

As the payouts and probability are exactly the same, it makes no difference whatsoever to the bottom line.  What is Important to bear in mind is this…

Top Online Casino South Africa Tip: Bet the Lowest Available Stake

All in all, there are eight bets per round.  Unless you happen to be a high roller with an infinite access to funds – or a beneficiary of one of the most expensive divorce settlements in the world – the trick is to use the lowest available chip value across the board.

At Springbok Casino, the lowest chip value is R2.  It is denoted by the blue online casino chip.  That means the total outlay per round is as follows:

2 x 3 chips of R2 – R12

2 x 1 chip of R2 – R4

Total outlay per betting round = R16

When the winning number is covered by a dozen bet, you win R12.  When a corner bet wins, the payout is R16.  If you are lucky and win a few back-to-back corners bets and manage to avoid the five uncovered numbers, there is a good chance you will end the gaming session in profit.

If not, you can be sure of one thing.  When betting tactically using the Romanosky bets as a guideline your bankroll is sure to last a lot longer.  What that means is there is more time to do what you love doing best – playing real money games at the number one online casino South Africa!

You now know how to maximise your chances playing roulette at our online casino South Africa.  All that is left for you to do is to sign up, login and play.  With a little bit of luck on your side, you may just be able to rack up a few well-deserved wins.  The truth is, you won’t know if you don’t try!