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Roulette is synonymous with our online casino South Africa.  It is an entertaining game of fortune and a firm favourite with punters.  The truth is you cannot learn how to beat the edge.  That said, if you are tech savvy, you can break the bank… like these audacious swindlers.

Why You Cannot Cheat at the Online Casino South Africa

Before we get to the devices, systems and techniques used to cheat at roulette, here is an irrefutable fact.  The digitised version featured at our online casino South Africa is unassailable.  So, before you get too excited, nothing we share today can be used to change the outcome of the game!

The reason?  Everything from the spin of the wheel to the track of the ball is randomly generated.  At Springbok Casino, there is no tangible hardware.  The wheel, ball and layout are all virtual.  The gaming action is powered by software that comprises lines of coding indecipherable to everyone apart from the programmer.

The upshot of a virtual gaming environment is heightened security.  Not even the most sophisticated devices, exhaustive data analysis or complex calculations can predict where the ball will land.  The same cannot be said about real-world gaming establishments and their roulette paraphernalia.

Here is a round-up of a few of the more legendary roulette scamsters.  They used physics and technology to brazenly steal from some of the most reputable casinos around the world!

Richard Jarecki – The Patient Professor

Jarecki cottoned on to the fact that roulette wheels, as with all mechanical devices, show signs of wear over time.  He painstakingly plotted defects and flaws in wheels at multiple casinos.  What he discovered was even the tiniest scratch, dent or uneven surface could deflect the ball from its normal trajectory.

Once Jarecki had identified a bias wheel, he spent months in the gaming establishments observing the action.  He manually tracked hundreds of thousands of wheel spins.  He then spent an equal amount of time analysing the data and earmarking abnormalities along the way.

After months of tedious work, Jarecki devised a system that could accurately determine winning numbers based on the preceding results.  When he implemented what he had learnt in a real-world setting, he knew he was on to something…

Jarecki was so convinced of the efficacy of his system, he borrowed £25k and placed roulette bets every day over the next six months.  His total winnings?  A whopping £625,000 or around R12.7 million!

What is notable is in his quest to beat the casino, Jarecki did nothing illegal.  He simply applied the laws of physics and adapted the results according to the defects and abnormalities on individual roulette wheels.

His successes immediately prompted the casinos to act.  They replaced the old wheels with optimally engineered gaming gear manufactured from quality materials.  Today, you have as much of chance of finding a bias roulette wheel as you would predicting winning numbers at our online casino South Africa!

The Eudaemons – The Shoe Scam

In the 1970s, a group of physics students decided they had the wherewithal to beat the casino.  This time, they took the high-tech approach.  Rather than observing roulette wheels, they invested in a casino-quality piece and analysed its movement using a video camera and oscilloscope.

Using that data, the group developed a complex formula.  It could predict the outcome of a spin with reasonable accuracy.  They then progressed to the next step – building a mini-computer with the capabilities to develop the formula in real-time.

A two-man team, both equipped with wearable tech concealed in their shoes, would enter the casino.  One would ‘observe’ the action at the roulette table.  All the while the onboard computer would be calculating the speed of the roulette wheel and ball to determine where it would land.

It would then transmit the predictions to the second computer concealed on the person placing the bets.  Although the system did work in terms of accrued winnings, equipment malfunctions were all too common.

More than one team member experienced electronic shocks and severe burns.  For the Eudaemons, the equipment of the day was not fit for purpose.  It was the equivalent of the early sawdust gaming joints rather than a top-notch online casino in South Africa!

Monique Laurent – The Cigarette Heist

Beautiful, sassy and with nerves of steel, Monique Laurent pulled off an audacious fraud.  She – together with her husband and croupier brother – netted over $1 million in roulette winnings… in under a week!  How did they manage that?

They manufactured an exact replica of a roulette ball.  Inside the ball was a minute radio receiver.  When the time was right, the brother would swap the real ball with the tampered ball.

Monique would then control the ball using a radio transmitter concealed in a cigarette case.  When the ball was activated, it would fall into one of six numbered slots.  Her husband, who was seated at the table, placed the winning bets.

Monique’s downfall was her dazzling good looks.  She attracted the attention of the owner of the casino who made romantic overtures to her, which she obviously rebuffed.  Stung by rejection, he watched from afar.

The casino boss noticed three things.  Monique:

  1. Always happened to be standing close to the winning table.
  2. Never took part in the action.
  3. Was constantly fiddling with a cigarette case but never smoked.

When he asked Monique Laurent for a cigarette and she could not deliver, the cat was out of the bag!

How to Win Playing Roulette at Your Online Casino South Africa

When you play roulette at the number one online casino in South Africa, the first rule is to play for fun.  Along with online slots, keno, scratch cards and craps, online roulette is a game of chance.  As such, there are no effective strategies or betting systems that can influence the outcome of the game.

What can pay off over the long term is an outside betting strategy.  In other words, focus your betting on the even money bets – the ones that have a 50-50 chance of winning.  When you do that, the chances of building a positive balance in your Springbok Casino account are in your favour.

Why not sign up at a gaming platform consistently rated the best online casino in South Africa?  That way, you can play all the RTG online casino games in the fun mode.  You are also eligible for a slew of great promotions and bonuses.