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At Springbok Casino, we’re passionate about bringing you the essence of classic European Roulette, a gem among our online casino games. Hidden under the ‘Specialty Games’ tab, our European Roulette offers a straightforward yet captivating experience, with the green zero adding an extra layer of excitement.

The green zero, a distinctive feature of this game, isn’t just a number… It’s the heart of many strategies, discussions, and fun-filled gaming sessions! Join us as we discover the real purpose of the green zero and pocket in roulette here at Springbok Casino.

The Origin of the Green Zero: A Brief History of Roulette

Roulette was invented in France in the 18th century. The original version had only numbers from 1 to 36, with no zero. Then, some clever Frenchmen decided to spice things up by adding a single zero, to make the game more attractive and profitable. This became known as European Roulette!

The single zero was not only a way to lure more players, but also a way to lower the house edge. This little modification alone reduces the house edge from 5.26% to 2.7%, making the European Roulette version more favourable for players.

The single zero also adds a unique element to the game, as it creates a special bet called the en prison rule. This rule lowers the house edge even further, to 1.35%, making the green zero a friend rather than a foe. On that note, let’s look at how roulette odds stack up compared to other online casino games!

Understanding the Role of the Green Zero in Roulette Odds

The green zero in roulette affects the odds of every bet you can make on the table. For example, if you bet on a single number, there is only one way you can win, and 37 possible outcomes (including the green zero). Therefore, the odds are 1/37, or 2.7%.

The payout, on the other hand, is the amount of money you get back if you win, relative to your bet. The payout for a single number bet is 35 to 1, which means you get 35 times your bet plus your original bet back.

The green zero creates a difference between the odds and the payout, which is how casinos make a profit. The difference is called the house edge, as we explained earlier. The house edge is the same for all bets in European Roulette, except for the even-money bets with the en prison rule.

Comparing American & European Roulette: The Green Zero Difference

The green zero isn’t the only feature that distinguishes European Roulette from other roulette online casino games. Let’s look at the most notable difference, which is in American Roulette. This version of the game has two green pockets – a single and a double zero.

The double zero increases the total number of possible outcomes to 38, and the house edge to whopping 5.26%. It also removes the en prison rule, making the even-money bets less attractive. If you’re looking for wheel-based online casino games, this is the one to avoid.

Why do we say that? Well, the odds of winning are lower, and the payouts are the same as in European Roulette. The double zero also creates a new bet, called the basket bet, which covers the numbers 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3. This bet has the worst odds and the highest house edge of all, at a staggering 7.89%!

The green zero difference between American and European Roulette is significant enough to have a direct impact on your bankroll. We offer the most play-friendly version, European Roulette, that you can tap into right now via our Specialty Games tab at Springbok Casino.


Strategies for Playing Roulette with the Green Zero

The green zero in roulette is a source of many strategies and systems that aim to beat the game – or at least reduce the losses. Some of these strategies are based on mathematical sequences, such as the Fibonacci or the Martingale systems. Others are based on physical aspects such as the wheel bias or the dealer signature, although this does not apply to online casino games.

Even so, none of these strategies can guarantee a consistent profit, as they all have flaws and limitations. The green zero is the ultimate factor that makes roulette a game of chance, and not a game of skill. While you can try and play with betting systems, the best strategy for playing roulette with the green zero is to manage your money wisely and have fun!

Remember to take advantage of the en prison rule in European Roulette, as it lowers the house edge for the even-money bets.

The Green Zero and The Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy is a common bias that affects many players of online casino games, especially roulette. It’s the mistaken belief that past events can influence future events – insert reasons by not to use betting systems. For example, ‘logic’ might deduce that after long streak of black results, the next spin is more likely to land on red or green…

The truth is that the probability is the same for every spin. The gambler’s fallacy is based on a misunderstanding of the law of large numbers, which states that as the sample size increases, the observed frequency of an event will converge to its true probability.

The green zero in roulette is a factor that makes the gambler’s fallacy more tempting and dangerous. It’s easy to view it as a hopeful number that offers a chance to win big or get your money back with the en prison rule. Green is also the colour of envy! The safest bet? Play online casino games for fun – not to fund your retirement!

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We’ve taken a closer look at the purpose of the green zero in roulette, how it was introduced, what its purpose is, and how it can affect odds and payouts. These are interesting facts to know when it comes to online casino games like roulette where luck is the only winning propeller.

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