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Most of us dig a bit of variation. That is why padel is fire while squash is kind of cheugy. Buzz cuts are in. Comb overs are out. How does online roulette stack up? Is it the oddball variants that grab the attention or is classic Springbok Casino roulette #1?

To be honest, the debate rages on – but it all boils down to one question. Why are you playing? More importantly, why are you playing with real money on the game? This is an easy question to answer if you’re playing at Springbok Casino!

Entertainment With Risk

If it is pure entertainment you are after, there are loads of alternatives. Video games like Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, Final Fantasy VIII Rebirth and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth are options. What is more, there is zero risk of losing your bucks.

Then there are other avenues to explore, like Netflix, which is great for dramarama and reality shows. Think Baby Reindeer and you are on point! With so much happening, why would you get your ups from something weird like Pin Ball Roulette?

Heck people. You can go down to retro joints and gaming arcades at Wild Coast Sun and Grand West and play pinball any day of the week. Better still, it is not going to chomp away at your bills! So then what does make roulette at Springbok Casino such a major attraction…?

Go Classic at Springbok Casino and Get Winnings at Higher Rate!

If it is winnings you are after, here is the deal. When you drill down to the numbers one thing is for sure... Springbok Casino roulette is your top gaming destination! It may not be camp in terms of funky features – but the average return to player (RTP) is slap bang in the centre of fine.

Structurally Modified Springbok Casino Roulette

Let us take a look at a few of the crazy roulettes. These are the games that have been structurally modified with a dash of SpinLogic magic. Depending on the variation, it can be slapping an extra ball into play, replicating the wheel or removing the wheel altogether.

Even with a makeover, one fact remains – nothing can disguise the really important stuff. By that mean the average payout percentage and, by extension, the edge!

Pin Ball Roulette

As you have no doubt guessed, this variation of classic online casino roulette has a pin ball machine integrated into play. The machine has the usual pins, flippers and buffers, but the only difference is there is a horizontal line of numbers scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

Here is a thing. It may be an arcade-style game as far as determining the outcome goes. The layout however is the spitting image of Springbok Casino roulette. In other words, you place your bets as you normally would on numbers ranging from 0 to 36.

Classic European Roulette Bets

Play Pin Ball Roulette and you have the usual range of even money outside wagers and dozen and column bets. Plus, the inside bets are as they always are in classic Springbok Casino roulette. It is the generation of the winning number that is at odds with the rest of the game. Here is how it works.

Once the bets are down you are transported to a second screen featuring a pin ball machine. The ball is released and bounces around the machine until it lands in one of the slowly moving numbered slots.

Stock Standard RTP

This jazzed-up version of classic roulette may be unique but yoh, it really is annoying. Why do we say that? It takes an age for the ball to do its thing. When it comes to playing with your hard-earned South African Rands, that is time and potentially money down the drain. As for the RTP? It is stock standard at 97.30%.

That is an identical match to that of Springbok Casino roulette. Take the time wasted into account and you are losing the equivalent of one wheel spin for every round of pinball!


Key Bet Roulette

Key Bet Roulette is classic Springbok Casino roulette with a side bet in play. You have the option to place an additional key bet at low, medium or high stakes. The key bet is an additional yellow section added to the right side of the layout.

The wheel is a conventional roulette wheel with an extra outer ring. This ring contains the potential winnings of the key bet. Prizes are quoted as multipliers ranging from 20 x to 50 x.

Smack the spin button and lights run around the outer ring until they land on a multiplier. That is the big paying prize that can boost your payout. The only proviso is one or more of your bets must win in the conventional wheel spin that follows!

Big Yikes – The Edge!

Play Key Bet Roulette and you can bank plenty of coin on the side bet, but there is a downside... The average payout percentage clocks in at 94.74%. In this instance, the edge or advantage to the house is 5.26%.

If that doesn’t raise your eyebrows, let’s break that stat down like this – it is 2.56% higher than the edge for Springbok Casino roulette! In reality, Key Bet Roulette is American Roulette with side bet multipliers in the mix.

When you consider online slots have an average payout percentage of around 96%, one thing is for sure… Key Bet Roulette is clearly not the best bet at the casino!

Mini Roulette

As the name suggest, Mini Roulette is a truncated version of classic Springbok Casino Roulette. With only 13 rather than 36 slots, the roulette wheel is a literal springbok compared to a kudu. That would be tiny. So too is the layout.

In this variation of roulette, the highest available odds are 11 to 1. That is for a straight-up numbers bet. Split bets pay out at 5 to 1 odds, rows at 3 to 1 and columns and squares at 2 to 1. Red and black, odd and even and 1 to 6, 4 to 9 and 7 to 12 pay even money.

It may be a dead cute online casino game but, in this instance, tiny comes with a cost. The RTP is around 92.11%. That makes the advantage to the casino a whopping 7.89%. Now can you see why Springbok Casino Roulette is still the best bet in that respect?

The Rest of the Motely Roulette Crew

There is an endless selection of variations to the classic European Roulette game. They are christened with eye catching titles like Multi-Wheel Roulette, Slingshot Roulette, Double Action Roulette and Astro Roulette.

Some have double balls doing the rounds. Others have zodiac signs instead of numbers. When you take away all the fluff, you are essentially left with Springbok Casino Roulette in all but name.

The Verdict: Play Classic Springbok Casino Roulette!

All the madcap variations listed directly above have exactly the same vital statistics as the roulette you can play online right now at Springbok Casino. If you are serious about gaming, the edge is the only information that should matter. The rest is all smoke and mirrors!

Load European Roulette in your browser and you are playing the original version of the game. It is a true blue classic that has been centuries in the making. Sign up at Springbok Casino and play the only authentic version of roulette. It has optional French bets to juice up proceedings!