Multiplayer Roulette

You might be a huge fan of Roulette and still feel there's something missing when you're playing online. Roulette ball spins and either delivers or it doesn't, you win or lose your stake, rejoice when you see your balance increase or mourn the loss. There's no one to witness it except for yourself and the computer, and the only indicator of how good (or bad) you're doing is your bankroll.

Some players prefer it that way, but many would welcome the opportunity to watch how others perform at the same table and have their own winning rounds seen by a an additional pair of eyes or two. At the same time, they're not necessarily keen to leave their homes and visit a brick-and-mortar casino. If you're a member of this group, we've got a perfect solution: Springbok Casino Multiplayer Roulette

The Benefits of Multiplayer Roulette

While having company at a Roulette table in no way impacts the outcome of your bets, it can provide significantly different gaming experience. (like playing in Land-based Casinos) This is a highly social game and people generally enjoy the mutual anticipation as the ball gets released, embrace a chance to comment on the result, and appreciate being congratulated when they score a big win.

Monitoring how others play can be a great learning tool, too. Keep an eye on what kind of bets your fellow players are making, what's the resulting outcome and how stakes are being adapted according to whether they won or lost. Whether you're „sitting“ next to a pro or someone who barely knows what they're doing, you're bound to learn a thing or two. It's quite possible that after a while you'll develop your own strategy based on what you've picked up from other people's gameplay.

When you're a single participant in the game, a number of consecutive losses could have a demoralising effect and make you quit because „you're obviously having a bad day“. But if you can see that the others sharing the same table experience more or less the same, you'll probably think a win is just around the corner and keep enjoying the game as you should. Even if it doesn't come, you'll have someone to share the pain with and they'll totally get how you feel. 

How to Play Multiplayer Roulette

At Springbok, Multiplayer Roulette is found under “Specialty” games. You'll be offered to choose a table by type (open, private or reserved), by betting limits, and by the amount of time available for placing bets (30 to 90 sec). Before taking a seat, one can also pick an avatar and select an alias.

The game plays according to French roulette rules, meaning wagers can be placed on a number from 0 to 37, a certain group of numbers, or one of the colours. „Voisins du Zero“ are 16 numbers on either side of Zero (between Red 22 and Red 25), „Tiers du Cylindre“ are those opposite Zero (from Red 27 to Black 33), Orphelins are two groups between the two previously mentioned wagers (from Red 1 to Red 9 on one side, and Black 17 to Black 6 on the other), „Finales en plein“ refers to bets placed on all numbers with the same final digit (for example Finales 3 would include 3, 13, 23 and 33), and „Finales a cheval“ is the same as the previous one except it includes one additional number (such as Finales 3/4).

To start playing, all one needs to do is decide how much they want to wager and place their bets within the allotted time. Multiplayer Roulette features a timer which counts down to the spin, and once it reaches zero, the wheel will spin and ball get launched in the opposite direction. When it falls into a pocket, result is shown by a marker placed on the table.

Available chat function is a great tool for interacting with other players. Just keep in mind that timer is ticking away and the next round might start while you're discussing various strategies or sharing a joke. No big deal, though; the next one will begin in no time and you'll have enjoyed a social gaming moment which only Multiplayer Roulette can provide.