Play Roulette to Find Your Niche

Roulette is a true game of chance.  As far as strategy goes, it doesn’t require the deep analytical thinking that poker or blackjack require.  Nevertheless, we encourage everyone to follow this continuing blog on roulette tips because there are still things we can all learn about this dynamic game.

Choose the Right Online Casino

There are thousands of online casinos like Springbok, but sadly not all are certified and regulated.  This is very important for you as a player.  Even if you like paying pure games of chance, you want to know that the casino is always going to be fair, that your privacy will be respected, and that your money is safe.

This is less advice on how to bet at roulette than it is advice on how to choose where you would like to bet on roulette.  Many gamers who understand the importance of regulation when they play the games of skill, seem to think that games of chance are all alike.  They are not all alike. 

The key here is the Random Number Generator and the encryption software the casino uses.  The Random Number Generator determines every outcome once it has been activated.  However, the casino has to decide the general return to player rate.  Then the software people calibrate the RNG to achieve that goal more or less.  So, you could be playing roulette at a casino that returns only 80% to players, or a casino like Springbok that returns 97-98% to our players.

Encryption is the way all online financial institutions safeguard your money and your private information.  Not all encryption software is up to the task.  We read often about governments or other organizations that have been hacked.  Recently Facebook was hacked.  Springbok Casino uses the best encryption software available.  This is the same software that the big online banks and investment firms use.

Decide the Type of Roulette Player You Are

Some roulette players like the spinning action.  They like the sound of the virtual roulette ball hitting the sides of the virtual roulette wheel.  For these players, the even money bets or the 2-1 bets might be the best bets to make.

Other players like to add the excitement of the longer-odds bets. 

The difference comes in when you decide how much you’re willing to wager in a single gaming session.  If you set your limit at about 500 Rand, you would likely spend less time at the session if you’re making the longer odds bets than if you had chosen to make even odds bets.

If you make the latter bets and you play European Roulette, you might have a very long gaming session with most of your money still in your hand when you decide to end the session.  In many cases, since you’ve been making bets that win close to half the time, if you’ve been lucky, you’ll be ahead.

The longer odds bets have longer odds and higher payouts but also the chance that your 500 Rand will run out sooner.  This is a choice you need to make before every gaming session: long odds bets or short odds bets.

Avoid Betting Systems

We have covered this in other blogs but the fact remains that betting systems don’t work.  That’s why we at Springbok Casino always emphasize that gaming at our casino should always be fun.  You should always see it as one of the many entertainments you treat yourself to.

There is one playing strategy that does work sometimes.  That is to put aside all winnings.  Even if you are down for the session, if you put aside all winnings, you will be betting only with the bankroll you started with.  You won’t be tempted to tap into your winnings to continue playing.  This is a fallacy that many gamers make: they try to win back what they have lost. 

If you’re making even money bets, it is almost impossible to win back what you have lost but if you put aside all winnings, you might have the same 500 Rand at the end of the session as you had at the beginning of the session. 

This strategy is easiest to do at a land based casino where you can actually put a chip in your pocket.  At Springbok Casino you might have to keep a running tab of all your wins so you know when your original bankroll is gone.  Then you’ll see how much you have left in winnings.

One popular betting system has you increasing your bet whenever you win.  If you are making even money or 2-1 bets, this is a surefire way to end your gaming session early.

Avoid Distractions

At a land based casino there are a myriad of distractions.  These include alcohol, a bevy of beautiful women or hunky men, the overall atmosphere of excitement, adverts for shows, and many others.  When you play online, there are few distractions.  One is the ubiquitous whisky.  Drink after you play.  Another might be the radio or television on in the background.  Listen to the radio or watch the television after you play.  The most common distraction at home is your significant other.  If he or she wants your attention, close the gaming session.  You’re at home.  You haven’t paid for transport and lodging.  You can always play roulette later.