Roulette Fun

Most roulette players start out playing the 1-1 or possibly the 2-1 bets as a way of extending their playing time and getting the most fun out of every gaming session at their favourite online casino.  However, many players go for the better paying bets with longer odds if they have hit a winning streak.

In light of this type of betting strategy, we will review all the possible inside bets in standard European roulette.

Straight Up Bet

This bet is on a single number.  It pays 35-1.  The board has 36 numbers plus 0 so you can see where the house’s edge comes from.  Most players conserve their bankroll when they begin a gaming session.  However, if you have set yourself a betting limit, and when you near that limit, you are ahead, you might take advantage of your winning position and make a straight up bet.

Here we have to remind you that the odds are one in thirty seven spins but that doesn’t mean that the number you are betting on will come up even if it hasn’t appeared in thirty six previous spins.  The Random Number Generator decides all outcomes and at the start of a spin, the RNG doesn’t know that your number has not come up in the previous thirty six spins!  So, expect the odds of winning a straight up bet to be long but they are certainly a lot shorter than the odds of winning a massive lottery jackpot and you probably bought a ticket the last time the jackpot got really big!

To make a straight up bet, you put a chip on the box of the number you want to bet on.  Once again, if you’re ahead a few hundred rand, you might take a portion of the winnings to make this long bet.

Split Bet

This bet covers two numbers that are touching each other.  The reason the two numbers have to be touching is because you make the bet by putting the chip on the line that separates the numbers.  There are a lot of split bet combinations so, even if the exact combination you want is not available, you can still make a split bet.  The payout for winning a split bet is 17-1.

We feel that it’s necessary to point out that the odds of hitting one number are 35-1 so the payout in the split bet should be 17.5 -1.  However, the house shaves off another one half point.

The purpose of this tips article is to explain the longer odds bets you can make.  If you are nursing a limited bankroll, these very long bets should be reserved for when you have had a nice winning streak.

As we said above, the RNG decides all outcomes.  For that reason, it is possible to have a very nice run of good luck making on any of the three 1-1 bets or the 2-1 bets.

Street Bets

These are bets on the three consecutive numbers that make up a row or street. You make the bet by placing the chip on the line at the bottom of the street.  Many gamers ask how it is that they can put a “chip” exactly where they want to without actually “touching” a chip!  The reason is that the graphics in the roulette games from our game provider Real Time Gaming are so good that you actually get the feeling that you’re touching the chips and placing them yourselves! 

In a street bet, you’re betting on three numbers so the odds are much improved over the straight bet or the split bet.  Still, our tip in this article is to conserve your bankroll judiciously in order to get the most fun out of every roulette session.  With this in mind, we recommend saving your street bets for when you’ve had a good winning streak.

In roulette, a good winning streak would mean winning a few more spins against the house.  At that point, it adds a lot of excitement to any roulette session to make a few long bets in the hope of hitting the big roulette wins.

Corner Bet

Here, you bet on four numbers by placing the chip at the corner between them on the roulette table.  The odds of winning a corner bet are about 9-1 so most gamers nursing their bankroll for maximum play reserve corner bets for when they are ahead of the house by a few bets.

Six Line Bet

This is essentially the same as making two street bets.  In a six line bet, you put the chip on the line at the bottom of the row or street and also on the corner where the two rows connect.  Many gamers who have had a good run of luck will begin to extend their bets first by making a six line bet.  The odds of winning are about 6-1 which are pretty good odds overall.

Betting on the Zero

There are two bets that include the zero.  One is called the trio bet which is essentially the same as a street bet in that it includes three numbers but in this case one of the numbers is the zero.

The other is called the basket bet because it includes all three numbers that are adjacent to the zero plus the zero itself.  As a bet on four numbers, it is essentially the same as a corner bet.

Maximizing the Fun

Roulette players love the large array of bets and the action of the wheel and ball as they spin around.  Real Time Gaming has done a magnificent job making their online roulette games seem so realistic that you feel as if you’re in a real casino.

And, as with all online games, you can play for as long as you like and when it’s time to close a gaming session, you have the advantage of being at home so you can go from gaming to whatever activity you wish to pursue next.

Conserving One’s Bankroll

As the theme of this blog has been how to conserve one’s bankroll at roulette, we might finish by pointing out that gaming online at Springbok Casino is a great way to preserve your bankroll since at home you have many other important things to do whilst at any land based casino, you’ll only have gaming to do.