Hedge your Bets in Roulette

There is a term that people use when they are talking about investments that also sometimes apply to online casino gaming.  That term is “hedge”.  Sometimes we think that only the people who actually know how to hedge understand the term.  Actually, the term “hedge” is pretty straightforward: it means accepting the chance to make a smaller profit by also accepting not earning a higher profit. 

We aren’t here to talk about stocks and bonds; we’re here to talk about how we can hedge our bets in online casinos such as Springbok.

At a casino, some casinos hedge their profits by giving players a no deposit casino bonus.  Sure, the player might win a lot of money.  The casino “hedges” the big bonus by allowing the player to play at some but not all of the casino’s games.  For instance, with a no deposit bonus, a player is not allowed to go for a big progressive jackpot.

Hedges in Roulette

Roulette is a perfect game in which to hedge your bets in order to play longer and to accept losing only a small amount of money by also accepting the chance to win just a small amount of money.

Here are the top hedges we suggest in roulette:

European Roulette

In European roulette there is only a 0 slot.  That reduces our edge by half over American roulette.  The rules are exactly the same as in American roulette and you’ll play a lot longer too.

Making 1-1 Bets

This is the classic roulette hedge.  You can bet on 18 of the 36 numbers in three ways: by betting on the first half or the second half; by betting on an odd number or an even number coming up; or by betting on a red number or a black number coming up.

You win 1-1 on all your winning bets and there will be a lot of them.  If you’re lucky in that gaming session, you’ll win a few more spins than you’ll lose.  Over the time you spend gaming that day, you could end up a few hundred Rand ahead.  The reason that you have such a good chance to end up ahead is because you used the perfect roulette hedge by making only on the 1-1 bets.

The most common bets in European roulette are the 1-1 bets.  These are for odd and even, black or red, and first half or second half.  Most players make these bets because they want to extend their playing tine and these are the best bets to do that with.  The only number that can’t win in a 1-1 bet is the 0. 

Make 2-1 Bets

Here you need a bit more luck but it’s not anywhere close to the amount of luck you need to win in a straight bet on one number of a pair bet on two numbers.  The 2-1 bets are the bets on a third of the numbers.  A 2-1 bet is a bet on a column of 12 numbers.  You can easily see the columns on the table and you make this bet by putting the chip on the 2-1 sign.

Make a Combination Bet

This is a very interesting hedge bet.  It combines the 1-1 and 2-1 bets in a very interesting way.  There are actually two different ways to make this hedge bet so we’ll cover both of them.

First and Second Columns

Take a good close look at the roulette table.  The lowest column has six red numbers and six black numbers.  The other two columns have an uneven number of red and black numbers.  This gives players a good chance to make the odds with the house more even.

This bet involves betting on the top column and also betting on black or betting on the middle column and also betting on red.  The alternative way to use this hedge bet is to bet on red with the top column and black with the middle column.

The key is to make one bet on the column and double that amount on the colour.  Let’s assume that you bet R100 on the top column and R200 on black.  Here are the outcomes.  For the purposes of this discussion, we have eliminated the edge the house gets when 0 comes up.

  • A black number from the top column comes up.  You win R400: 2-1 on the column bet and 1-1 on the black bet.
  • A red number from the top column comes up.  You win 2-1 on the column bet but you lose the 1-1 bet.
  • A red number comes up on a different column.

The same type of results can happen if you try the second type of hedge.  Again, we’ll assume a R100 bet on the top column and a R200 bet on the red.

  • A red number from the top column comes up.  You win on both bets.
  • A black number from the top column comes up.  You win on the column bet but lose on the colour bet.
  • A black number comes up on a different column.

Reasons Why Players Like This Hedge

This type of bet makes the game a bit more exciting.  There is very little risk for the extra excitement.  Some players love roulette and make only 1-1 bets.  Some make only 2-1 bets. Some players like to add some pepper and spice to the game by making this combination bet that has very little risk and offers the players who like it a lot more fun.

More about Hedges

Players with limited gaming budgets should always hedge their bets.  This is true in all of our games.  For that reason we always allow very low minimum bets.  In roulette, the bets that pay the most also have the longest odds.  So, if you are a roulette lover and still want to or need to hedge your bets, the three bets we talked about here are the best bets for you.