Roulette Betting Systems Do Not Work

In this article, we will go over as many roulette betting systems as space allows.  We’ll continue next time as well since there are many roulette systems out there.  Spoiler alert: None of these systems work in the long run.  For that reason, we always say that roulette is a pure game of chance and that players should always look at it as such.

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Spreading Your Bets

This strategy calls for you to place a number of bets on different groups of numbers.  For instance, you could bet on the first half of the numbers and then make three other bets on groups of six in the higher half of the numbers.  This is just one of the many "spread your bets" combinations that would cover the table except for the 0.

The 0 means that, in the long run, this betting strategy will not win because you don’t make any bet that covers it.

There is no combination of bets using this formula that puts you statistically ahead.  Let’s say that you bet R10 on the lower half of numbers and R10 on each of the six number bets.  If a six number bet wins, you get R50 and you lose the three other bets for a loss on those bets of R30.  In this case, you win R20.

Next let’s see what happens if you win the lower half bet and lose the other three.  You win R10 for you even money bet and lose R30 for the other three bets.  The total loss in this case is R20.

In effect, you have spread your bets and you’ve ended up with a combination 1-1 bet.  The 0 gives the house its advantage.

Columns and Colours

A slightly more sophisticated system is to bet on unevenly-colored columns and a colour bet.  Some prefer to bet the colour of the majority of the numbers in the column and some prefer betting on the colour of the minority of numbers in the column.

As we shall see, both options are the same even though the proponents of these options claim that they are different and that this is a good system.

A column bet is on one-third of the numbers.  It pays 2-1.  A colour bet pays 1-1.

Whichever column you bet on, you have a 50-50 chance of winning on the colour bet, and a 1-3 chance of winning on the column bet.  Here are the three possible outcomes of a spin with this type of combination bet: 

  • You could lose both the colour bet and the column bet.  If you bet R10 on both bets, you would lose R20. 
  • You could win the colour bet but lose the column bet. 
  • You could win both the colour bet and the column bet.  You win R10 on the colour bet and R20 on the column bet. 

The flaw in this system is that the odds of getting the right colour are the same no matter how many “correct’ colours there are in the column.  You have a 33% chance of winning the column bet and a 50% chance of winning the colour bet no matter how you arrange the combination.

The key to this combination bet is that you have only a 33% of winning the column bet.  Even though you win R30 when both the colour and the column bets hit, the losses from the column bets that don’t come up create an ultimate break even scenario and then you have to deal with the 0.

Double Up System

This has a few different names.  The most famous is the Martingale System.  There are a few variations of the Martingale System as well.  In short, the double up system says to double a losing bet until you win and then to go back to your basic bet. 

This system can only work with the 1-1 bets.

There are a few flaws in this system.  First, you might have a long losing streak and run out of your own chips to bet with.  You might reach the maximum bet limit at the table.  Finally, there is always the 0 to confound any system.

Plusses of the Double Up System

The double up system does have some benefits even if it has a lot of logical flaws.  The first good point is that it makes players concentrate on the outside bets.  The odds of winning an outside bet are a little less than 50% because of the 0.

The 0 might not come up once in 37 tines as the “odds” might say because the Random Number Generator that decides all roulette spins at online casinos like Springbok does not know that the 0 has not come up in a lot of consecutive spins.

The odds of the 0 coming up on any spin will always be 37-1.

Those are also the odds of any other single number coming up on any one spin.  As you go from betting on one number to betting on half the numbers, the odds get very close to 50%.  So, by concentrating on the 1-1 bets, you leave your chances of winning at the statistically top level and only luck will ultimately determine if you win that session or not.

Managing Your Bankroll

Another positive aspect of the Martingale or double up system is that it forces you to look very carefully at your bankroll.  You need a relatively big bankroll to keep doubling your bet if you have a long streak.  You need to be sure that your bankroll meets the challenge of a losing streak.

In the Martingale system, assuming that you bet R10 on the first bet and have a five bet losing streak, you would be down R310 after a five spin losing streak.  If you just bet R10 each time, you would be down only R50.  Keep in mind that the Martingale always tries to get you back to even by doubling your bet.  It still relies on luck to end a session on a winning note.

So, in our opinion, it’s best to keep your 1-1 bets the same and happily take the winning sessions when they come.