Best Roulette Betting System

In this tips article, we will discuss a few more roulette systems that their developers tout as surefire ways to win.  We’ll debunk them all because as we have said many times, there is no system of betting in roulette that gives you the edge over the house.  That means that roulette is a game that you have to play just for fun.

Making Gaming Fun

At Springbok Casino we do everything we can to enhance the fun you’ll have playing our roulette variations.  First, we offer a no deposit casino bonus to all new players so you can go from game to game to see which games you would like to play the most.

We feel strongly that any gamer who tries our online casino will immediately see the benefits of playing online.  There are no travel costs, no waiting for a game, and a lot more games to choose from.  Just please don’t think that there is a system that guarantees winning.  Roulette is just for fun.

Now, you can always play the even money bets.  Over the long run, you’ll win about half the time.  You’ll lose when the 0 comes up so that gives the house a small edge.  With just a little luck, you’ll end up that gaming session ahead.  In any case, betting in this way, you can stretch your bankroll for a very long time.

Graphics are Key in Online Roulette

We do everything we can to keep the graphics in roulette as modern as we possibly can.  That is one of the main reasons we partnered with Real Time Gaming as our game provider.  We have been online since 2012 and RTG has already upgraded our roulette interface.

Playing for Time

There is a system that says that you should play for a very short amount of time.  “Once you’re ahead” you should end the session.  This system works if you get ahead quickly.  If you fall behind a little in the first few spins, you end up playing catch up in this system.

Of course, this system simply ignores the existence of the 0.

Playing the Odds

Keep track of all the numbers that come up.  These are the numbers that would have paid 35-1 if you had money riding on them.  In this system, you bet on a number that hasn’t come up yet.  The thinking is that if a number hasn’t come up after 18 spins then the odds that it will come up now are 18-1 and so on until it does come up.

And since you get 35-1 when the number does come up, you’ll win in the long run.

The big flaw in this system is that the Random Number Generator or RNG does not keep track of the numbers as they come up.  That means that the RNG doesn’t know that the number that just came up can’t come up again.  In real life, numbers do repeat.  In any set of 36 spins, there will be some numbers that appear more than once and some that still haven’t appeared.

On any spin, the odds that the number you have bet on in a straight bet coming up is always 37-1, counting the 0, even if it just came up on the last spin.

Martingale Systems: The Classic and the Reverse

We have covered the Martingale system before so here is a quick review of it.  In this system you double losing bets until you win and thus break even.  It was designed to work for the even money bets only.

There are three glaring flaws in this system.  First, it ignores the 0.  The even money bets lose when the 0 comes up so in the long run, you can’t get all your money back.  The second flaw is that you might quickly get to the last coin in your bankroll.  When you double your bet, you get into the hundreds of coins quickly if you double after every losing bet.

The third flaw is that it ignores the Random Number Generator, again.

Reverse Martingale

In this system, you double your winning bets and reduce your bet when you lose.  The flaw is simply that you can’t ride winning streaks in a game of chance.  The RNG decides on its own what the outcome of every spin will be.  Because of the RNG, every spin is an independent event that has absolutely zero connection to the previous spins.

So, the Reverse Martingale is far worse than the classic Martingale.

By the way, the Classic Martingale is a reasonable system if your bankroll can withstand five to ten losses in a row and your ultimate goal is to play for a long time and break even.  It is not a system for winning but for recouping losses and breaking even.

As such, it is also a good system for playing roulette for fun and not for profit but in no way is it a system for winning at roulette.

The D’Alembert System

This system can work except that it ignores the 0.

The basics of this system are that you increase your bet by one coin when you lose a spin and decrease by one coin when you win.  In the long run, excluding the 0, you would win more “higher” bets and lose more “lower bets”.  The 0 makes this system fail because 0 comes up approximately once in 37 spins.

The 0 comes up more than once in 37 spins sometimes and fewer than once in 37 spins other times.  So, the D’Alambert System works well when the 0 continues to not come up.  In short, this system like all others in roulette relies on luck for its users to win.

As we have said many times, roulette is a pure game of chance and no betting strategy can guarantee winning.  If you love roulette and play for fun without making wild bets with long odds, you’ll have a great time playing it here at Springbok Casino.