Win Roulette with a device to predict when the ball will fall

Just when you thought that there was no way to beat the casino, a method has come to light that may upend the 300-year-old roulette game and allow you to win more payouts and collect more no deposit casino bonus give-aways when you play roulette.   

The newest roulette computers don’t work at the online casino – you have to be sitting at a casino table, facing the dealer, for them to work properly. But these small devices are proving to be a formidable challenge to the casinos and are giving the advantage to the player.

What are Roulette Computers

Roulette computers are hidden electronic devices that predict where a tossed ball will land in a spinning roulette wheel. The computer calculates the deceleration and the speed of the wheel and ball to determine the approximate winning wheel sector. 

Casino advisors say that these devices are the quickest and most effective method to beat the casino at roulette. Over the years, there have been different devices that tried to predict the fall of the ball – some were more accurate than others, some were more complex than others and some worked only on old roulette wheels but not on modern wheels.

Now there is new technology that allows players to achieve high accuracy on modern wheels.


The science behind roulette computers is the same across the board. A basic roulette computer needs three things:

1. Dominant Diamonds

The ball will almost always hit a “dominant diamond” – specific diamonds – more often than others. It happens on almost every wheel. Create a chart to check it on your casino’s wheels. There will be a dominant diamond regardless of the ball release speed. Casinos try to prevent these dominant diamonds but they are almost impossible to avoid since they are usually caused by minor imperfections in the ball track.

2. Predictable Ball Bounce

You are never going to get a completely random ball bounce. Once you know the location in which the ball will first hit the pockets, you can take an educated guess of where it will land. It’s not necessary to be right every time – only a slight accuracy will give you an edge. There are charts that display typical results when observing the distance that the ball bounces so studying those charts will give you a leg up. 

3. Time To Get Predictions and Bet

The computer needs to know the speed of the ball and wheel (rotor) in order to predict the winning number. Depending on the computer’s design, this can take the computer anywhere from 1 to 10 seconds to calculate. The player receives the calculated prediction via a wireless earpiece that is hidden in their ear. Once that information is received, the player needs to bet only one number. 


You might assume roulette computers are illegal but, in fact, they are legal in many casinos. That’s because the casinos haven’t caught up with technology.

Casinos define “illegal cheating” as methods that INFLUENCE spin outcomes. But PREDICTING spin outcomes was never considered. Casinos don’t like to talk about it much but in point of fact, they haven’t come up with a policy about roulette computers.

In Las Vegas, roulette computers are illegal. But in most European countries, there is simply no reference to such technology. Thus, there are no laws to prevent players from using such computers and since they aren’t specifically illegal, they are within the bounds of the law. Eventually, European countries may pass legislation that discusses roulette computer use but presently, it’s not a priority.

Beating Roulette Computers

Casinos are battling roulette computers in two ways. One is through legislation, such as exists in Las Vegas, to make it illegal to enter a casino with an electronic device like a roulette computer in your possession.

The second method is to set a policy that prevents people from placing bets later in the spin. By forbidding late bets, the player won’t have time to measure the rotor and ball speed before placing the wager.

Most players don’t place their bets after the ball release so if someone does it on every spin and wins repeatedly, the casino is going to catch on. That’s why the roulette computer distributors suggest that users refrain from using the method on every spin. That a player who is using such a computer will be able to continue, undetected, for a significant amount of time.

Presently, most casinos allow for late bets because it speeds up the game and results in more bets on the table. If a player is consistently winning significant amounts with late bets, it’s suggested that the casino call no more late bets until the roulette-computer-using player either leaves or loses.

Then, the casino can resume taking late bets after the player has left. That’s a relatively easy countermeasure that works for casinos that don’t want to ban or bar patrons but who need to protect themselves against a professional punter who is using technology to beat the roulette wheel.

The Ritz Team

In 2004 a group known as the “Ritz Team” was able to pull of a £1.3m scam using a laser, a phone and a computer.

Fourteen years later, the event is still murky but it appears that the group – two men and a woman – used a laser scanner that was hidden in a mobile phone and linked to a computer to beat the roulette wheel.

The incident was investigated by Scotland Yard but, since no laws existed that declared the use of those devices to be illegal, no one was ever prosecuted and the money was never recovered.

The casino paid out part of the money in cash and gave the players a check for the rest. But since the win was so big they reviewed the casino’s security tapes and called the police who determined that the gang used the “sector targeting” theory to determine the point at which the ball is released  and the point that it passes after the wheel spins once or twice. The figures can then be used to calculate the ball’s “decaying orbit” which allows the player to anticipate the sector of the wheel in which the ball is most likely to land.

This system isn’t reliable in predicting the ball’s final landing slot but it does sway the odds in favor of the player.

Using a Roulette Computer

If you’re going to use a roulette computer you will need a laser scanner that’s been hidden in a mobile phone.

  • The laser will measure the velocity of the roulette wheel when it is spun.
  • The laser will measure the ball’s speed as it is released. When it passes a second point it will calculate the ball's "decaying orbit."
  • Both figures will be relayed to the computer. As soon as the computer calculates in which sector the ball is likely to come to rest, the prediction will be relayed back to the mobile phone.
  • The bets will be placed before the roulette wheel turns 3 times and wagers are cut off.
  • Everything will happen within two or three seconds.

If you have nerves of steel and the ability to move at lightning speed, you might want to try the roulette computer.