Roulette Wheel Secrets that Casinos Don’t Tell You

Predicting the results of a spin of the roulette wheel is more than a toss of the coin. You need to study the history of the wheel on which you’re playing, examine the wheel’s design and consider manufacturing defects. You should also keep an eye on the dealers to see how they’re behaving.

If you spend some time preparing for your game of roulette you can learn the secrets of the roulette wheel and how to turn those secrets to your advantage.  Also, use your no deposit casino bonus to get some extra free playing time as this will add to your experience and learning time. 

Learn the secrets of the roulette wheel to leverage the game and come out a winner more often. Some elements to keep in mind:

European vs. American Roulette Wheels

Most players are aware that there are two types of roulette wheels. Both roulette wheels have pockets numbered between 0 and 36 and the pockets alternate between red and black. Did you know that the roulette wheel has often been called the “Devil’s Wheel” because, on both American and European wheels, the numbers add up to 666?

That little nugget won’t help you play roulette any better. But it will help your game to know that the main difference between the wheels is that there’s a single zero on the European wheel and an additional double zero on the American wheel (giving the American wheel 37 pockets). That extra pocket gives the American wheel a higher house edge. 

That knowledge makes it pretty easy to choose your wheel when you choose your wheel at the casino – why choose the wheel where the house edge is higher?

Betting Table

The betting table is the place where the bets are placed. Every betting system is based around the table. But if you’re spending your time looking around for the “right” betting table, don’t bother. The betting table doesn’t influence the winning number at all.

Number Sequences

The American and European wheels are laid out a bit differently. On the European wheel, there are 37 numbers – 18 black, 18 red and the green zero. On the American wheel, the extra double zero pocket gives the wheel 38 numbers. Both zero and double zero on the American wheel are green. 

In general, every roulette wheel, anywhere in the world, is laid out in this fashion.  

American wheel: 0, 28, 9, 26, 30, 11, 7, 20, 32, 17, 5, 22, 34, 15, 3, 24, 36, 13, 1, 00, 27, 10, 25, 29, 12, 8, 19, 31, 18, 6, 21, 33, 16, 4, 23, 35, 14, 2

European wheel: 0, 32, 15, 19, 4, 21, 2, 25, 17, 34, 6, 27, 13, 36, 11, 30, 8, 23, 10, 5, 24, 16, 33, 1, 20, 14, 31, 9, 22, 18, 29, 7, 28, 12, 35, 3, 26

Occasionally the sequence and order of numbers is different. For various reasons, some casinos use custom-made wheels. You can see a custom-made wheel at the Crown Casino in Melbourne. The Crown Casino roulette wheel features the European number sequence along with the addition of the American double zero pocket.  

Roulette Wheel Bias

If you think that, thanks to modern technology, roulette wheel bias is an outdated concept, you are mistaken. Every wheel has some type of bias so if a player is able to identify the bias before the casino does so, the player can optimize that knowledge to his advantage.

Today both casinos and players try to uncover wheel bias using computers, artificial intelligence models and other high tech methods. There are some low-tech methods as well. One method involves observation of the reflection on the metallic part of the rotor that intersects with the wheelbase. While watching that section you can monitor the part to see if that particular part of the rotor seems to lie lower than another. If so, on every revolution, there will be a slight reflection flicker. 

Then, watch to see how it plays out on the wheel. There – you’ve found your bias. If you see that before the casino’s technicians catch it you can maximize your knowledge and earn some money! 


The John Huxley, Cammegh and Abbiati companies are the largest manufacturers of roulette wheels. Professional players have discovered that the different wheels have different characteristics, based on their manufacturer. Players who are extremely well-versed in roulette wheel observation can detect manufacturing defects which allows them to optimize those defects for their own purposes.

Automated Wheels

Automated roulette wheels allow players to play more games for more time. These automated wheels feature automated technology that spins the wheel using an automated mechanism. Early variations of the wheel were easily beaten but today, with modern technology, the spins are more random and the automated wheels are harder to beat.

One such wheel is the Slingshot roulette wheel manufactured by Cammegh.  The player can make a bet after the ball is released but as soon betting is closed the rotor will change its speed. This then makes it harder for players who are trying to visually identify the wheel’s defects to see those defects. 

The Cammegh Slingshot is said to reduce a player’s edge by about half. That’s something to think about when you’re choosing your casino.

Poorly Trained or Lazy Staff

Most casinos don’t give their staff much training in how pros can beat the system and, as a result, casino staff has only a vague understanding of how a good player can beat the house at roulette is beaten.

It’s true that the modern, technologically-adept casinos have the ability to know when their wheels are producing predictable spins – at least with older roulette systems. 

However, casinos can’t completely account for their staff. Lazy or inattentive staff members can make the difference between identifying professional roulette players – who are aware of the secrets of the wheel and how to maximize them for their own purposes – and not. If you’re trying to beat the system, try to find a table staffed by a dealer who doesn’t seem to be on the ball.


Casinos are still behind the times when it comes to the latest techniques for beating roulette. For example, most casinos have software that analyzes spins and reveals significant biases. But the casino software requires weeks of spins before there’s enough data to analyze. Professional players identify a wheel bias before the casino even knows about it.

Even with the emergence of new wheel designs and technology, casino observers expect roulette will still be beatable for the near future. If you can gather all the data and figure out how to employ that data to your benefit you’ll be able to tilt the odds in your favor when you play roulette.