You can find free slots at your preferred brick-and-mortar or online casino

Slot machines are the most common and popular type of casino games to be found at both land-based and online casinos. These games are in high-demand by on-site and online players who enjoy the creative storylines, interactive bonus features and high-quality visual entertainment that such games offer. 

A typical casino offers hundreds of slot machines. Land based casinos set aside entire rooms where patrons can find exactly the type of slot machine that they want.  There are thousands of different types of slots and new machines are released every month. There are many different themes and every year the machines become more imaginative, more dynamic and more entertaining. 

As with any casino game, part of the attraction involves the fact that you have the opportunity to win real money prizes when you play. The odds are always in the house’s favor and you may lose more money than you win but all in all, it’s possible to walk away with more cash than when you started playing.

For many gamers, the slots are appealing because of the chance to win big payouts. But a lot of people simply enjoy playing casino slots for free, just for the opportunity to interact with the game’s elements and features. 

When you play slots for free you don’t have to spend a penny. There are 3 ways to play for free – playing in the Demo Mode, achieving game bonuses or using casino bonuses. 

Free Play

To access free slots that require no download and no registration, just open the instant play mode and choose your game from the games lobby. Land-based casinos don’t offer a free play but the majority of online casinos feature a Free mode where you can play for free for as long as you like. To get into the Free Mode, simple open the casino’s website and click into the games lobby. Find the slot game that you wish to play and just start spinning. 

No deposits are required when you play in the Free Mode. Instead, you use virtual coins. You don’t win any real money but, on the other hand, you don’t lose any money. In addition, you can almost always play in demo mode without having to create an account – the requirement to create an account is individual to each casino but most allow guests to play for free.  You also won’t need to download any casino software in order to play the games for free. 

Playing in the free mode is also recommended as a way to practice games and become more proficient so that you’ll be more savvy when you play for real money. 

Game Bonuses

Many of the slots have their own bonuses. There are bonus rounds that you can trigger when you hit the right spin on a regular game play and other types of bonus rounds that come as part of the game. 

The bonus rounds are delivered to all players, regardless of whether they’re playing for real money or are playing for free. Obviously, payouts from the bonus rounds are only presented when the gamer has placed a real money deposit. 

Casino Bonuses

Casino bonuses differ widely, with land-based casinos presenting patrons with mostly casino-affiliated bonuses (discounts on casino meals and hotel accommodations) and online casinos giving bonuses that can be turned into real payouts. 

The online casino awards many different types of bonuses, ranging from bonus money to free spins, cash back deals and more. There are also many different types of Welcome Bonuses that are bonuses – or a series of bonuses – that are presented to new players who have just created a new account and are making their first deposit. 

With welcome offers, you’re typically rewarded with free spins or with bonus money that’s added to your casino account when you deposit your first bet. Some of the top online casinos reward you with a multi-stage Welcome bonus that gives you extra spins or cash on your first several deposits. 

After you finish collecting your Welcome Bonus you’ll be eligible for the casino’s other promotions. Some are only available for a limited time and some are awarded long-term. Some are even available on a daily, monthly or weekly basis. 

For long-term players there are loyalty bonuses and high-rollers are eligible to enter the VIP Room. Such bonuses reward your loyalty to the casino with the option to collect extra rewards for long-time, loyal playing activity.

Some of the most lucrative casino bonuses include:

  • Free Spins – Free spins is a common bonus that allows you to spin the reels for real money without adding additional deposits. Free spins are only available for slots. Sometimes you can use the bonuses for any of the casino’s slots and sometimes they are restricted to specific slot machines, such as new machines where you are rewarded for trying out the casino’s newest slots with opportunities to spin for free. When you claim your free spin bonus you’ll receive a set number. That’s usually a set value so you know exactly how much you’ll be able to win from the bonus. 
  • Bonus Money – Bonus money is similar to real money. It can’t be withdrawn, only spent and is kept separate from your real money balance. When you have bonus money on your casino account,  any deposits that you make on any of the games will use your bonus money first. Once all your bonus money has been used up, money that you have deposited into your account is used. You can play slots for free with bonus money and win real money. The amount of bonus money that you receive from promotional offers is usually dependent on how much real money you deposit.