Slots to watch out for at the Kiwi online casino

Online slots is becoming a sophisticated Kiwi online casino option, thanks to the fast-evolving internet technology. Online casinos that are growing in both popularity and numbers. Gamers have their choice of hundreds – if not thousands – of slot games that they can enjoy without ever leaving their armchair.

From year to year, there are exciting new directions and content in the world of online slots. Now it seems that 2019 might offer the most exciting changes of all. Check out some of 2019’s hottest online slot trends before you sign in to play.


If you think that the level of gamification of slots has increased, you’re right. The increasing gamification of  the slot machines is one of the biggest transformations in the gaming industry. Conventional RNG games are becoming more like arcade games as game designers develop slot machines that offer more of a traditional game-like feel.

The expectation is that, in the coming year, players will have game options that invite them to complete missions and unlock achievements. As the players fulfill these tasks they proceed to higher and higher levels of the game. The bonus rounds will also be different – opening a bonus rounds will be dependent on the player’s achieving certain milestones. 

The concept of gamification has also brought leaderboards into the games. Leaderboards have become a standard expectation among many players who enjoy opportunities to compete with one another.

Finally, some classic casino sites are also now featuring classic video games – an indication that players expect movement on all levels.


There’s more of a push for content in the slots these days. More and more, the slot machines are featuring characters and storylines which are based on favorite movie and TV characters and plots. Gambling operators are taking advantage of  players’ demand for content from pop culture to draw in new customers.

Superhero movies, popular TV show, dramas, comedies and other mass media content is being incorporated into the slots. Many of these slot games include video clips from the films or series. Themed gaming makes the gameplay as entertaining as possible.

Many observers say that they are curious to see which game designers will be the first to incorporate social media into the slots.  

In the coming year it’s expected that the content of online slots will be more abundant than ever before. This trend will inspire the creation of new slots. As the influence of pop culture on slots grows, the games will seem even fresher to the players.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has become so popular among gamers that slots designers have begun to consider how to bring VR into slots gaming. The game developers have acknowledged that it’s time to make slots a more immersive gaming experience and VR technology may be the way to make that happen.

VR technology will almost certainly be coming to slots in the near future. The process is slow but designers are working with software developers to create technology that can be integrated into the slots machines. Experts predict that by the year 2121, overall, the VR gambling market will be worth up to US$520 million and will include VR slots.

Slots enthusiasts are optimistic that this year’s slot trends will bring major changes and improvements to the gaming experience for more immersive and entertaining slots events.