Online slots tournaments pros and cons

Some slots advisors recommend that players give a mobile casino South Africa slots tournament a whirl every once in awhile while others think that they’re a waste of time and money.  What are the benefits and downside of playing slots tournaments online?

What is a Slot Tournament?

The basic structure for a standard Springbok online casino slot tournament involves accumulating points, as opposed to accumulating cash. Tournaments vary, depending on the game and tournament type, but in general, the gamer will be competing to get the highest possible score in the game of the tournament, before the time runs out.  The highest possible score translates to prize money.

You pay a set amount to enter the tournament. The casino gives you credits and you use those credits with which to play. Your goal is to accumulate the highest bankroll possible in the time allotted. Sometimes there are little prizes that you can collect along the way but the main goal is to shoot for the highest ranking which gives you the tournament payout.

The more players who sign up for the tournament, plus the amount that you need to pay for the tournament buy-in, determine the amount of the prize pool. If there are a lot of players in the tournament and the buy-in is relatively high, you can look forward to a significant prize for the winner.  


Playing a slot tournament offers a fun way to play your favorite slots. You have the chance to win a significant prize but, at the same time, you don’t have to worry about losing too much money since you already paid your buy-in.  You know, ahead of time, how much you’re going to spend on this play session before the spins even start. Some casino advisors even say that if you play online slots to win, you should opt for  tournament play over the regular, solo gaming event.

No Deposit Tournaments

Some casino rooms run non-stop freeroll tournaments which give the player the opportunity to win real cash prizes with no buy-in required. 

Free online slot tournaments don’t offer six- or seven-digit cash prizes but such events give you a good way to get started with tournament play so you can get into the habit of winning.

Extra Spins

Tournaments generally give you more spins for your money. Once you pay the entry fee  you get a higher number of spins compared to what your credits would get you in solo play.


When playing a slot tournament, you need to remember that these competitions are all about speed.  You need to be ready to click as much as you can and as fast as you can if you want to win.

Playing Style

If you like to know everything about the mini-games hidden inside the machines or you slow down to enjoy the animations or take your hands off the mouse every time you reach a bonus round, don’t play a slot tournament.

Slots tournaments are all about speed and clicks. Once you join the competition, you won’t have time for entertainment - you need to click and be faster than anyone else to win.

Progressive Jackpots

If you look forward to playing a slot with a progressive jackpot option, the slot tournaments aren’t for you. Whatever money/credits you win during a tournament are points that help you climb the rankings, not ‘real money.’ Remember, if you achieve the highest number of points, you’ll take home the prize.

The prize you take home is the one determined by the sum of the buy-in as well as the number of participating players. The tournaments don’t include progressive jackpot games so, if you look forward to competing for that progressive jackpot prize, you probably shouldn’t be in tournament play.