AI and Slot Machines

AI -- Artificial Intelligence -- is now a part of almost every sphere of our society.  AI technology has the potential to change our lives through empowering people to automate processes via machine learning. 

Over the last decade the casino industry has begun to use AI to improve customer experience.  Some people object, saying that it interferes with a traditional form of entertainment and changes games for the worse. Casinos worry that AI may sway a game’s probabilities and results in favor of the players while consumer advocates level the same claim at the casinos -- that they might use AI to gain a house edge advantage. 

How do AI and  slots with Springbok Casino no deposit bonus codes really interact? 


Artificial Intelligence is a new field that involves the simulation of human intelligence demonstrated by computers. Basically, it involves intelligent machines that work and react like humans.  Students of AI are focused on how to capture the essence of human consciousness in order to make AI replicate human thought and function. 

Some of the activities computers with artificial intelligence are designed for include:

  • Problem Solving
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Speech recognition

It’s almost certain that you use AI on a daily basis, even though you may not even be aware of it.  Some examples of AI technology that you may use include:

  • Ridesharing apps (Lyft, Uber, etc)
  • Translation software
  • Spam filters on your email
  • Email catagorization
  • Location data (WAZE, Google Maps, etc)
  • Plagiarism checkers
  • Mobile check deposits
  • Fraud prevention
  • Credit decisions
  • Facial recognition software
  • Social media (forwarding you material that you are likely to “like”)
  • Etc

People in many fields are researching how to apply AI.  AI processes more data more quickly than humans. For many industries, that makes for a better user experience. Personal assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri, speech recognition software and more testify to the myriad span of achievements of AI. 

AI and Gaming

Almost from the time that research into AI began in the '50s, AI was a part of the gaming industry, in one way or another. That connection has become more pronounced in recent years with a notable example seen in opponents in first-person shooter (FPS) games.  These shooters “think for themselves” as they learn about their opponents movements so that they can develop a strategy to defeat them. 

AI has become intertwined with contemporary video games. Today, it’s impossible to think of a game that doesn’t use some kind of AI to support objects and  non-player characters (NPCs). Many games were used to test breakthroughs in AI which has proven useful in improving varying aspects of underlying AI technology.

AI and Casinos

Concern about AI at online casinos focuses primarily on online casino slots.  That’s because the slot machines seem to be highly exposed and that it would be easier to meddle with them. Slots developers pooh-pooh this worry, saying that, since casino games don’t use artificial intelligence, the gameplay can’t be affected.  They also assure casinos that players can’t use AI to configure the machines to work in their favor. 

AI At Casinos

Casinos are embracing Artificial Intelligence for use in a number of different areas. Many casinos have been using AI to spot transaction or credit card fraud as it happens. Via Machine Learning, a subdivision of AI, it’s possible to build predictive models of credit card transactions based on the likelihood that they are fraudulent.  Then, the system can compare the models against real time transactions.  Once a potential fraud is identified the casino or the bank is alerted.

Speech-understanding comes from the AI subdivision of Deep Learning and can be applied through reliance on pattern recognition.  The Voice technology gives casinos  a change to offer their clients an easy way to make reservations or appointments which is attractive to customers and can entice them to come.

Facial Recognition is the newest security technology.  Through facial technology, casinos can identify or verify a person based on a video frame or a digital image. The technology compares the archived features of someone in the company’s security enforcement to the actual facial features of a  person who is standing in front of the camera.  This allows casinos to deny entry to suspected cheaters or track suspicious individuals based on previous casino visits. 

Deep Learning is also the underlying force behind translation technology.  Today, translation technology includes both reading and writing, speaking and listening.  That’s given casinos an important tool as they interact with visitors from around the world. 

AI has a lot to offer casinos but that doesn’t include interactions with casino slot machines.