New strategies for new slots

People have been sharing tips and tricks for playing slot casino games for many years.  Slots is basically a luck-based game but there have always been those who believe that they can get a boost through a bit of strategizing.

Now, with the new slot machines that play on mobile, feature multiple paylines, multiple bonus games and special features and effects, those old tips combine with new suggestions to give players more chances than ever to achieve wins.


Any slot machine will give you a range of bet choices.  There are minimum bets, maximum bets and options for anything in between. Regardless of the type of machine that you’re playing, you must make sure, from the beginning, that you limit yourself to betting only what you have budgeted to spend. You won’t win if you don’t give yourself a budget and commit to not going over it. If you don’t place limits on your betting it’s almost certain that you’ll keep going and play more than you really have to lose.

So play for a set amount of time at a set budget and stick to that. In addition, if you track your wins and losses every time you play, you will know exactly how much “extra” you have to play with, if you choose to play for an extra period of time.

Bet Values

Some people like to bet the minimum on a larger number of paylines but casino advisors suggest that you bet the maximum. That way, you won’t scatter your wins among a series of low-payout paylines but rather you can go for the big payouts and even the progressive jackpots. 

In addition, betting the maximum amount often boosts your opportunities of getting better bonuses. Some people even say that more wilds appear on the wheels when you place maximum bets.

If you don’t want to place a lot of money on each line, find a slot machine that requires a moderate sum for a maximum bet. Some machines have high maximum bets but not all….do your research and find a machine that fits your personal budget needs.

Bet All Lines

You’d be surprised to know how many times people come “this close” to securing a win…..they achieved the combination but didn’t get a payout because that was the payline that they didn’t enable.

Slots tacticians believe that it’s to your advantage to bet on all the paylines with each spin.  If you want to keep to a tight budget, choose a machine that doesn’t have a large number of paylines.


There’s nothing as depressing as finding yourself playing a slot machine that bores you to tears. Not only is it simply not entertaining, you’ll probably play badly because you’re just not paying attention.

Pick a slot machine that meets your interests and fantasies. Don’t pick a slot just because it seems that it will be easier to win because, in the long run, it’s not worth your time or your money. Find a slot that you enjoy and then you’ll be more likely to throw yourself into the challenge. 

You might decide to try a few different types of slots in order to identify the type of machine that best suits you. You can pick a machine that meets your individual interests which will then motivate you to focus on achieving success.


There’s a big difference between bonuses at land-based casinos and bonuses at online casinos. Land-based casino bonuses generally involve discounts at the casino’s hotel, restaurants and shops.  Bonuses at online casinos are worth cash – the bonuses give you extra playing time so that you can play more slots for more time without adding additional deposit money. 

There are free spins, match bonus gaming points, free credits and more.  All of these combine to give you the chance to spin more spins for free and to take home the resulting payouts. 

Read our promotions page so you know exactly what you need to do to collect these bonuses. Accrue all the bonuses that you can and then use them to boost your payout total.  


There are a number of slots myths that can confuse and frustrate players who fall for these fallacies. One of them is that, if you keep feeding a slot machine money, you’ll be “due” a win at some point.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

Slots wins are determined by a Random Number Generator, a machine that’s within the slot machine and that ensures that the results of each and every spin is random. No spin is dependent on any previous spin.  You have the same odds of achieving a win on your first spin as on your hundredth spin.

What you may want to do, if you are having a run of bad luck on one machine, is to change to a new one.  If you do want to try a “strategy”, go ahead, but do it for the fun and the excitement, not because you’re desperate to win.  Remember, you only bet what you can afford so stick to your budget and have a great time!