Use the free bonus, know what you’re playing for, go for the tourneys – that’s how to win playing slots casino games here!

As a regular at Springbok Casino you will know how easy it is to play slots.  Winning money is however another matter altogether.  We really do want you to pile up the payouts every time you load RTG casino games onto your device.  Having said that, there isn’t much we can do in respect of strategies or tactics that you can adopt to ‘grease’ the reels.  What we can do is provide a few tips on how to manipulate the system in your favour! 

Cash-In the No Deposit Bonus Coupons  

No deposit bonus coupons are essentially free tickets to the casino.  They provide prospective customers with an opportunity to play a couple of casino games without spending money of their own.  At the best casinos, you can even keep a portion of the payouts accumulated during the free game time.  That basically means you can generate income without any outlay… and anyone of sound mind would want to exploit that kind of deal!

That is a brief synopsis of no deposit bonus coupons in general.  At Springbok Casino there are several aspects to our no deposit bonus that make it a particularly gratifying one.  Firstly, the amount.  At many gambling destinations online, you will find the bonuses are limited to just a few rands.  That is clearly not the case at Springbok Casino.  When you claim the free bonus coupon code at the cashier, you are gifted R250 to spend on slots! 

What is more, you are entitled to a maximum payout of R500.  That is double the value of the bonus that you can use to play yet more 3 reel and 5 reel casino games for free.  Seriously?  What have you got to lose?  If you are lucky and hit a few symbol combinations on the reels, you can begin your gambling journey at Springbok Online Casino with a positive balance in your bonus account.  That is before you deposit funds of your own!

Pay Attention to the Paytables 

Using a free bonus to pay for your slots sessions is a no-brainer.  Similarly, choosing to play the slots with the most lucrative paytables can obviously make a material difference to your bankroll.  We all know payouts reflect probability.  The higher the payout is for a particular symbol combination, the less likely it is to occur on the reels.

 One of the best tactics that you can adopt is to play the slots that offer more for the low paying combinations than any of the other casino games.  It is a tactic that is similar to placing the outside bets in roulette.  These bets may only pay out even money.  Their hit frequency, however, is much higher than that of the inside bets that pay out at richer odds.

Where do you find the paytables for Springbok Casino slots?  You can find all the information on the respective gaming interfaces - the payouts, game rules and bonus features.   Although the actual mechanics can differ from one slot to another, you usually unlock the information by clicking on the three horizontal lines denoting the menu icon.  Thereafter, you may have to select the ‘help’ option or information icon to get the data you need.

Find the Feature-Rich Slots 

The paytable represents exactly what you can win in the base game.  When you play the casino games under the slots category, you will soon discover that there are other, more lucrative ways, of winning on the reels.  The symbols that have special powers include wilds and scatters.  One substitutes all other symbols to complete line wins and often doubles or even trebles the winnings.  

The other pays out when it lands anywhere on the reels.  It also unlocks free spins or bonus games that generally have win multipliers as value-added extras.  Then of course there are the casino games with the Win-Win Feature, Feature Guarantee and the fabled RTG random jackpots that can be randomly awarded after any spin. 

If you really want to make your bets count, you have to find the casino games that are rich in bonus features.  That may entail doing a fair bit of homework, as you will have to read the slot reviews or check out the individual paytables for a breakdown of the features and how they work.  Once you have got the information you require, you may just find all your hard work eventually pays off.

Choose Random Over Progressive Jackpot Slots

Contrary to popular opinion, the random jackpots prevalent in RTG slots are the ones you should intentionally pursue.  Although the progressive jackpots are always much, much higher in value, the odds of actually hitting one is slim at best.  Why?  Well the random jackpots are what are known as local jackpots.  They are exclusively funded by players at Springbok Online Casino South Africa.  They are also programmed to activate on the reels more frequently than their progressive counterparts, albeit randomly.

Progressive jackpots on the other hand are network jackpots.  They are funded by a portion of all the bets placed on particular casino games by all the players at all the casinos in the RTG network.  As a result, they frequently reach six or even seven figures.  The downside is you are vying with literally thousands of players for exactly the same jackpot… and that obviously lengthens the odds!

Sign Up for Slots Tournaments 

Slots tournaments are not only fun to participate in, they have the potential to pump up the balance in your casino games account.  At Springbok Casino we offer regular slots tournaments that vary from freerolls to buy-in events with guaranteed prize pools. 

If you happen to outplay all your competitors and top the leader board, you can bank a pretty penny in tournament winnings – and we are not talking Micky Mouse money. 

The Weekly Guaranteed events are known to have prize pools of around R3,000!  If you want a share of the spoils, all you’ve got to do is sign up, download Springbok Casino onto your PC and tap the tournament tab - it’s as easy as that!