Familiarise yourself with witches, warlocks and sorcerers here and play red-hot RTG slots at the best Kiwi online casino!

From Hogwarts and Greendale to our very own Kiwi online casino, witches are omnipresent.  Once considered the devil’s cohorts, our Wicca practicing friends have been sanitised, serialised and re-imagined as seductresses and super-heroines.  Now when you hit the slots tab at Springbok Casino you will find a coven of casino games that offer bewitching big wins… so why not find out more about the title characters?

Witchcraft is Embedded in All Our Cultures 

It doesn’t matter what part of the world you hail from; witches, warlocks and wizards are deeply embedded in all our cultures.  Whether it is the Wuism of China, the Vodou of Haiti or the Mākutu that is chillingly familiar to Maori players at the top ranked Kiwi online casino, the art of witchcraft lives on.  In multi-cultural South Africa - which by the way is the home of Springbok Casino - an umthakathi, igqwirha and heks is the term for a witch in isiZulu, isiXhosa and Afrikaans, respectively.

White Witches Practicing Wicca 

In most cultures, witches are associated with either good or evil.  They can be healers and conduits to the ancestors or they can be sorcerers who practice the dark arts.  In the western world, contemporary witches are predominantly white witches who follow a recognised religion known as Wicca.  They are either initiates who belong to a coven overseen by a high priesthood.  Or they are standalone practitioners who heal people physically and emotionally with spells, incantations and potions.  With friends like that by your side just think how much more money you could make playing witch-themed slots at the #1 Kiwi online casino?

Witch Hunts and Witchfinders 

It was not that long ago that witches were hated and feared in so-called civilised countries like the USA, UK and Europe.  Popes, kings, cardinals and prophets issued decrees and proclamations that essentially turned witch-hunting into a sport.  In 17th century England there was even an official Witchfinder General.  He and his blood thirsty associates were paid a bounty for each poor soul they hunted down and later executed. 

The methods of identifying witches were cruel and often deadly… so even if you weren’t the conjuring kind, you would end up dead in any event!  Thankfully the Witchcraft Act of 1735 officially banned witch hunting in England but that did not stop the British parliament from banning lipstick a few decades later!  In the minds of the all-male parliamentarians, lipstick was really the sorceresses’ spell designed to seduce men against their will!

Pop Culture Drives the Witchy Trend  

Today there are more adherents of witchcraft in America than there are members of the Presbyterian Church!  Quite what is driving the trend is still up for discussion but at Springbok Casino we have got a sneaking suspicion it has got something to do with the entertainment media.  With blockbuster hits like Harry Potter, Bewitched, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Wicked doing the rounds, could we be witnessing the influence of pop culture on real-life decisions?  If that is the case, it is hardly surprising that more and more people are dusting off the spell books and adopting cats, ferrets, toads and bats as friendly familiars.  

As TV shows, novels and movies are depicting witches in a trendy and positive light we have obviously decided to join the throng.  We are after all the first to embrace new trends at Springbok Casino.  That is precisely why we have made sure our players have anytime access to a growing selection of sorceress themed slots.  Bubble Bubble 1 and 2, Wild Wizards and Witch’s Brew slots are a few of the games at our Kiwi online casino that are destined to enchant and entertain you!

Fast Facts About Witches   

In the West, witchcraft and Wicca may be totally acceptable but it has not always been the case.  Even today, there are some places on earth where ‘witches’ get a really raw deal.  Here are a handful of interesting facts that refer to the title characters in our high hit-rate RTG slots: 

  1. In Saudi Arabia the practice of divination, witchcraft and sorcery is considered a capital crime, punishable by death.
  2. Each year across Africa, hundreds of elderly women are suspected of being witches and murdered as a result.
  3. In 15th century Europe, people believed witches could morph into black cats on-demand in order to avoid persecution.
  4. Witches’ brews that supposedly contained the body parts of animals were actually healing potions made from plants and herbs like bird’s foot, cat’s claw and maiden’s hair.
  5. A series of witchcraft trials were held in the UK as recently as 1944.
  6. In Medieval Europe, Jewish people and first-time offenders of sorcery had to wear cone-shaped hats - hence the reference to witches and pointy black hats!   

Coming Soon to the Best Kiwi Online Casino: Witchy Wins Slot 

At Springbok Casino we are committed to offering our players fresh and exciting content… and this month it is all systems go.  Although September is associated with sunshine and spring flowers, there is a brand-new witch themed slot on the horizon - and it’s a seriously good one too.  The Witchy Wins slot can essentially be summed up in one word, and that word is ‘wild’.  What are the key features of the Witchy Wins slot?

  1. Random wild reels
  2. Morphing wilds with multipliers up to 4 x
  3. 8 re-triggerable free games with wild reels
  4. Witches pay from two matching symbols and up

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