Play Achilles Deluxe slot now at Springbok Casino and see what the mythological online gambling gods have planned for you!

With the release of Achilles Deluxe slot at Springbok Casino, online gambling has been given an historic boost.   The question is; who is the personality behind the game?  Is he a deity, war hero or star-crossed lover with an axe to grind?  In the context of online gambling one thing is for sure - Achilles Deluxe slot has the built-in game mechanics to deliver hefty cash returns.

Who is Achilles in the Achilles Deluxe Slot? 

Convention has it that Achilles was the bravest and fiercest warrior in the Trojan Wars… but was he?  According to the myths swirling around the ancient mythological character, the young Achilles may have been the first-ever draft dodger.  Rumour has it he was disguised as a lass called Pyrrha and hidden among the women of the court of Scyros in an effort to avoid the call up.  That did not end well as he was tricked into revealing his masculinity by none other than Odysseus, the great king of Ithaca. 

Whether Achilles was a conscientious objector or a mummy’s boy, he pays out a pretty penny right here at Springbok Casino.  In fact, in online gambling terms he is one of the most lucrative money makers after the wild and scatter.  How so?  Well, the helmeted warrior delivers 5,000 x the payline bet for five of a kind!

Mummy’s Boy with a Chink in the Armour? 

The fact that Achilles was a bit of a mummy’s boy is largely uncontested.  He was after all dipped into the River Styx by his mother and resident sea nymph, Thetis with one aim in mind - to make him immortal.  That did not end well either. 

Thetis held onto her infant son by his heel and that of course meant there was a chink in the armour, one that was expertly exploited by Paris who shot an arrow into the very same heel, killing Achilles instantly.  Paris is a key figure in the reel-based online gambling journey that you can take right now at Springbok Casino.  Along with his brother, Hector he pays up to 800 x the line bet!

Successful Soldier and Mythological Killing Machine? 

There is no doubt Achilles did grow into his role as soldier and commander.  He fought endless battles over the extended hostilities of the Trojan Wars - which by the way historians reckon really did take place in around 1200 BC.  

During his tenure on the battlefields he racked up an impressive kill rate, slaughtering royalty and celebrities alike - Prince Hector of Troy, Queen Penthesilea of the Amazons and one of the god Apollo’s sons.  You too can make a killing when you open the RTG slot on your online gambling device.  Simply sign up at Springbok Casino, fund your account and hit the ‘slots’ tab at the instant play casino… and away you go!

Two-Time Star-Crossed Lover? 

Achilles’ bloodlust started to taper when he fell in love with Briseis of Lyrnessus, a married woman and a princess whom he had captured during the sacking of the city.  He was so bewitched by her beauty that the Greek general Agamemnon thought it best to take Briseis away, a move that angered Achilles to the point that he refused to fight. 

The upshot of this was the Greeks were soon losing the war… and that simply wouldn’t do.  His friend - and some say lover - Patroclus then disguised himself in Achilles’ armour in an effort to gee-up the troops.  Sadly, Patroclus was killed instead, a tragedy that spurred the legendary Greek warrior back into action… in Homer’s Iliad and right here at our top ranked online gambling platform!

What are the Key Features of Achilles Deluxe Slot? 

You now know more about the title character in Achilles Deluxe slot.  How about the game features?  How do they pan out?  As with many of the slots you can play at Springbok Casino, Achilles Deluxe is billed by Real Time Gaming’s random progressive jackpots

In this online gambling extravaganza, there is a Minor and a Major progressive jackpot up for grabs.  What is more there is a chance - albeit a faint one - that you may just be randomly awarded both pots and when that happens, you will be as rich as Croesus!

Besides the random progressives and the standard play in the base game, there are wild and scatter activated free games.  Three or more wilds on the gameboard unlock a pick me feature concealing 15, 20 or 25 free games.  

During the gratis game time scatters are transformed into wilds or the best paying Achilles symbol and all payouts are automatically trebled.  When the scatter triggers the free games, you are gifted 10 free games with 2x win multipliers.  Both features can be re-triggered but in the case of the scatter activated free games, three or more scatters and/or wilds unlock the magic! 

Five Good Reasons to Play Achilles Deluxe Slot NOW!  

We played Achilles Deluxe slot over a 45-minute period and here are the online gambling highlights:

  1. Frequent low value payline wins
  2. A total of five big wins, four of which were generated by five of a kind
  3. A top payout of R79.40 for three wilds
  4. Wild activated access to 15 free games
  5. Total winnings of R55.20 in the free games

Can we recommend Achilles Deluxe slot at Springbok Casino?  The answer is a resounding ‘yes’.  After 45-minutes of action we walked away with our online gambling bankroll intact.  We also had a clear profit of R37.50 to show for our efforts - and that was playing with a fixed R2 stake!  Is Achilles a money maker?  According to our estimation he sure is!  Why not register an account at Springbok Casino and see what the online gambling gods have in store for you?